Best AirPods and Earbuds in 2022 and their prices in Nigeria

Earbuds and Airpods

Wireless earbuds and Apple AirPods are the real deal now. You can cancel background noise, listen to audio, and jump on calls without hassles with an amazing earbud. Even though an earbud can guarantee those, as mentioned earlier, the brand of earbuds matters.

There are different earbuds products available in Nigeria, and these products come with various features that determine the functionality of the earbuds. For instance, not all earbuds have active noise cancellation (ANC). Also, the degree to which an earbud also cancels environmental and mechanical noise matters. On features, some earbuds have a mic while others don’t, so look at the features and compare them with your individual needs before purchasing an earbud.

To help you make the right purchase, we will be highlighting the best earbuds available in Nigeria. Our product review would be segmented based on;

  • Overall best Earbuds
  • Best Apple earbuds
  • Best Android earbuds
  • Cheapest earbuds

Overall Best Earbuds

Sony wf-1000xm4 wireless earbuds – N185,000

1 25 Best AirPods and Earbuds in 2022 and their prices in Nigeria
Wf 1000XM4

The Sony wf-1000xm series features powerful technology that will grant a fabulous listening experience. The king of this series is the sony wf-1000xm4 true wireless noise-canceling earbuds. The V1 processor powers the device. This processor senses more noise in the background and effectively blocks it. The processor integrated with the beamforming microphones works well to pick only noise directly from your mouth and ignore the rest. The two microphones at the back and front of the earbuds cancel all-natural noise like wind, rain, etc.

Sony has built this powerful earbud with LDAC. LDAC works better than the conventional Bluetooth software as it produces high-quality audio. With this earbud, you can stay connected and receive quality sounds all day long. The device is supported with Qi technology, which grants 8hours battery life on the earbuds and 16hours in the case. Sony tops these great earbuds with an IPX4 water resistance rating protecting them from splashes and sweats.


  • Noise cancellation with V1 processor
  • High-resolution sound quality
  • IPX4 water resistance
  • 8-hours earbuds battery, 16hours case
  • Alexa enabled

Sony wf c500 – N42,000

1 24 Best AirPods and Earbuds in 2022 and their prices in Nigeria
WF c500

The Sony wf c500 is not as expensive as the 1000xm4. Even though the price is less, it competes well with many earbuds in the market. The device features a Digital sound enhancement Engine (DSEE) which collates all the high frequency and fine-tune the sounds for better audio quality. Like the 1000xmf, this earbud also has an IPX4 that protects it from water drops.

Another crucial feature is the design. Sony designs this earbud so well that it fits perfectly in earlobes. Users can stream songs and take on calls for up to 20hours, as the earbuds are powered with batteries that last up to 10hours, and the case extra 10hours. Worry less, this device is available in Nigeria, and you can buy it from jumia stores.


  • DSEE enables high-frequency sound
  • IPX4 water-resistant
  • 10hours battery life + 10hrs charging case
  • Made to fit ergonomic design

One plus buds pro – N120,000

1 23 Best AirPods and Earbuds in 2022 and their prices in Nigeria
One plus buds pro

The one plus buds pro is built with 3 ENC microphones and an AI-powered noise reduction algorithm. These technologies enable users to make clear calls and stream sounds. The one plus buds pro filters background noise and provides high audio quality with intelligent noise cancellation technology. The audio quality is further enhanced with a low latency LHDC. One plus buds pro allows users to charge for 10minutes and enjoy audio for up to 10hours. As a plus, the earbuds are supported with IP5512, and the charging case with IPX4 water resistance is rated 13.


  • Water-resistance charging case and earbuds
  • Environmental noise cancellation
  • Fast charging. 10mins charge, 10hours battery life

Best Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods (3rd Gen) – N121,999

1 30 Best AirPods and Earbuds in 2022 and their prices in Nigeria
Best AirPods and Earbuds in 2022 and their prices in Nigeria 13

The Apple AirPods 3rd generation is more expensive than the AirPods 2, but it works much better. This earbud has more improved specifications and technology, producing better audio output than its predecessor. This device is not built with noise cancellation technology, so expect to hear background noise.

The earbuds are made with spatial audio and Adaptive EQ, so be prepared to get a hypnotic audio experience. On the downside, these earbuds are well integrated with the Apple ecosystem, so android users may not enjoy all the features of the apple AirPods 3rd generation.

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Apple AirPods pro with noise cancellation – N137,999

1 29 Best AirPods and Earbuds in 2022 and their prices in Nigeria
Best AirPods and Earbuds in 2022 and their prices in Nigeria 14

The apple AirPods pro is the best wireless earbuds for apple fans in Nigeria. Even though the price is relatively high, it can compare to some earbuds mentioned earlier. This earbud is much better than the original apple AirPods. The extra microphones attached to this device provide impressive noise cancellation, especially when moving.

Apple AirPods Pro is built with the new HI chip and integrated ios15. Hence, the earbuds are excellent for in-person conversation as there is a switch to transparency mode functions. Compared to other earbuds in the Nigerian market, the apple AirPods pro battery life is not the best.

Best Android earbuds and their prices in Nigeria

KZ BA10 Bass earbuds with Noise cancellation – N46,051

1 28 Best AirPods and Earbuds in 2022 and their prices in Nigeria
Best AirPods and Earbuds in 2022 and their prices in Nigeria 15

Those who love adventures and new looks would love the KZ BA10 bass earbuds. The earbuds are designed with an aluminum alloy metal aesthetics that is genuinely created to add extra cool to your game. The earbuds are designed with 10unit of armature balanced headphones. These earbuds are built with an average noise cancellation of 26dB.

The device is made with five professional armatures to improve audio quality and give a perfect music tone. On the flip side, the earbuds are neither water-resistant nor have a superb active noise-canceling technology.

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Samsung galaxy buds life – N47,000

1 27 Best AirPods and Earbuds in 2022 and their prices in Nigeria
Samsung Galaxy buds life

The galaxy buds life is one cool kid on the block. The earbuds are built with an active noise cancellation technology that cancels up to 97% low frequency. With this technology, you can cancel background noises and hear what matters. Even though the galaxy buds life is built to function well with Samsung Galaxy smartphones, it works fine with other devices. It supports phones android five upwards with at least 1.5GB RAM. It also supports iPhones, iPhone 7, and above.

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Edifier neobuds pro ANC earbuds with LHDC – N49,990

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1 26 Best AirPods and Earbuds in 2022 and their prices in Nigeria
Edifier bass earbuds

Edifier neobuds is a great noise cancellation earbuds as it cancels noise up to 42dB, while standard earbuds merely go as far as 30dB. The device is built with six mics-3 mics has ENC- that guarantees crisp, clear voice in calls and recordings. With the LHDC decoding technology, the neobuds can ensure rich and high-resolution audio reproduction.


  • Hi-resolution audio with LHDC
  • 42dB active noise cancellation
  • 6+18hours listening time. Earbuds + charging case
  • 3 ENC microphones

Anker soundcore Life P3– N60,000

1 32 Best AirPods and Earbuds in 2022 and their prices in Nigeria
Anker soundcore life p3

The Anker soundcore life p3 earbuds allow users to switch from bass mode to normal mode with the mode switch functionality. The bass mode heightens the bass frequency with up to 10mm drivers. The earbuds are built with two microphones that send better audio during calls and recordings. As a plus, users can choose to listen to music with one pair at a time. The device also has an average charge speed. When users charge for 10minutes, they can listen to music for up to an hour.

Cheapest earbuds and their prices in Nigeria

Oraimo sports bud true wireless sport earbud -N13,000

2 9 Best AirPods and Earbuds in 2022 and their prices in Nigeria
Best AirPods and Earbuds in 2022 and their prices in Nigeria 16

The oraimo sportsbud is designed with the sportsman in mind. The earbuds are coated with nano that prevents sweat, water drops, and splashes from damaging them. It also supports Bluetooth 5.0 and transfers audio with low frequency. The battery of the oraimo sportsbud is fair enough as it lasts up to 5.5hours, while the charging case can charge the buds 4X.

Edifier GM3 wireless earbuds with noise cancellation – N12,990

1 31 Best AirPods and Earbuds in 2022 and their prices in Nigeria
Edifier GM3

The edifier GM3 is the perfect budget earbuds for an authentic gaming experience. It is built with the Hecate H+ sound effect and the picXart gaming chipset that heightens all the sounds and immerse users into the game. The 10mm bio-diaphragm balances the audio frequencies and produces good audio quality.

This is one of the best low-budget earbuds designed with IP55 that protects from water splashes and dust. Even though these earbuds don’t actively cancel noise, they are built with an ENC technology that blocks background noise. The edifier GM3 wireless is a genuinely unique cheap earbud for Nigerians, as it is well designed to fit, and it lasts up to 4.5hours after a charge.

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