Price list of iPhones in Nigeria (Uk Used and New) – 2022

Prices of iPhones in Nigeria
iPhone 11

Would I be wrong if I said the iPhone is the king of mobile phones in the Nigerian market. Absolutely No! Apple has created a great product and has crafted a great experience for users. That’s why it is now the go-to luxury device in Nigeria.

Many young people want to use an iPhone as there is this sense of belonging it gives. A lot of people claim they love the camera and functionality, but it’s more than that. They want to feel among and be trendy. Suppliers saw this need and they made available different grades of the iPhone. There are new iPhones, UK used, Foreign used, refurbished, renewed, and Nigerian used. 

The iPhone rush and demand is high. Due to this, vendors has seized the opportunity to cheat ignorant Nigerians. Whereby they sell phones with depreciated values for higher prices. You’ll find different prices in the market, with vendors trying to make discrepant gains. That’s why this guide would be providing the correct prices of iPhones in Nigeria. The price list would include UK used and New iPhones prices.

We would be highlighting the prices of iPhones and their key specifications. Before we do that, let’s quickly look at some terminologies used to describe UK used iPhones.

UK used iPhones Terminologies

Factory Unlocked: They imply that the phone comes unlocked even after restoring to factory mode. That means you can set your own password, apple ID, fingerprint, and face ID.

Worldwide Unlocked: Anytime you restore a phone to factory settings, it will get locked without solution. So it’s best you don’t flash these iPhone devices or restore to factory settings. A better alternative is buying worldwide unlocked.

No Face ID: On these iPhone devices, you can’t lock and unlock your phone with your face. The sensor is bad and can’t be repaired.

Refurbished: These are iPhones modified and retouched by the Chinese. Usually, vendors purchase these variants of iPhones to resell in Nigeria.

WiFi Only: It implies that you can only use WiFi to connect to the internet. These iPhones come with faulty sim slots. 

Fingerprint not working: Simply, the fingerprint scanner is bad and can’t be fixed. It is often common in older iPhone models like the 6,7, and 8 series.

The working condition of the phone determines the price. For instance an iPhone that is worldwide unlock will cost less than a factory unlocked.

Another price determinant is the storage capacity. While some iPhones are 64GB, some are 128GB, and others 256GB. Without much ado, let’s dive into the recent price range of iPhones across Nigeria.

iPhone Models and their Prices in Nigeria.

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is outdated and is rare to find. However, people still inquire about their prices. Moreover, I would not advise you to buy an iPhone 5. Why? The technology is outdated, and any used iPhone 5 you buy would surely come with a lot of issues. You don’t want to spend your money on repairs. Do you? Anyways, you can find the price list below.

Model and StoragePrice
UK used iPhone 5 16GBN25,000
UK used iPhone 5 32GBN28,000
UK used iPhone 5 64GBN32,000
UK used iPhone 5s 16GBN27,000
UK used iPhone 5s 32GBN30,000
UK used iPhone 5s 64GBN35,000

Price of iPhone 6 in Nigeria

Price of iPhones in Nigeria
iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 series is slightly better than iPhone 5. Although people still purchase this phone, it is outdated. Moreso, it doesn’t signify class and luxury. However if you are seeking a phone with a fair enough camera, you can hop on the iPhone train with an iPhone 6. 

Price of UK Used iPhone 6 in Nigeria

iPhone 6 16GBN45,000
iPhone 6 64GBN50,000
iPhone 6plus 16GBN60,000
iPhone 6plus 64GBN65,000
iPhone 6plus 128GBN75,000
iPhone 6s 16GBN55,000
iPhone 6s 32GBN58,000
iPhone 6s 64GBN63,000
iPhone 6s 128GBN74,000
iPhone 6s plus 16GBN70,000
iPhone 6s plus 64GBN75,000
iPhone 6s plus 128GBN80,000

Price of New iPhone 6 in Nigeria

iPhone 6s1715mAh, 16/64/128GB ROMN70,000 – N90,000
iPhone 6s plus2750mAh, 3GB RAM, 12MP cameraN95,000 – N116,000

Price of iPhone 7 in Nigeria

Price of iPhones in Nigeria
iPhone 7

For those who want to join the iPhone gang but are on a low budget, the iPhone 7 is a great device to use. It is a much better device compared to its predecessors. There are two phones in the 7 series. We have an ordinary iPhone 7 which is built with 2GB RAM and a battery capacity of 1960mAh. Then there is the iPhone 7plus with 3GB RAM and a 2900mAh battery. These devices have varying storage capacity of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

Price of UK used iPhone 7 in Nigeria

iPhone 7 32GBN75,000
iPhone 7 64GBN80,000
iPhone 7 128GBN85,000
iPhone 7 plus 32GBN120,000
iPhone 7 plus 128GBN130,000
iPhone 7 plus 256GBN140,000

Price of New iPhone 7 in Nigeria

iPhone 72GB RAM, 1960mAh, 32/64/128GB storageN150,000 – N183,000
iPhone 7 plus3GB RAM, 2900mAh, 32/128/256GB storage, 5.5-inch touch screenN160,000 – N178,000

Price of iPhone 8 in Nigeria

The iPhone 8 is not much different from the iPhone 7. In fact, it has a lesser battery capacity. The iPhone 8 and 8 plus, comes with 1821mAh and 2691mAh battery respectively. They are also built with 2/3GB RAM. 

Price of iPhones in Nigeria
iPhone 8

Price of UK Used iPhone 8 in Nigeria

iPhone 8 32GBN120,000
iPhone 8 64GBN105,000
iPhone 8 128GBN110,000
iPhone 8 256GBN115,00
iPhone 8plus 64GBN159,000
iPhone 8 plus 128GBN170,000
iPhone 8 plus 256GBN175,000

Price of New iPhone 8 in Nigeria

iPhone 8N147,000
iPhone 8 plusN180,000 – N399,000

Price of iPhone X series in Nigeria

You can’t talk about premium phones without including the iPhone X series. They are designed for people with taste and class. There are a couple phone in this series. The series include iPhone X, XR, XS, and XS max. Well, here’s a rundown of the prices of iPhone X devices in Nigeria.

Price of iphones in Nigeria
iPhone X GREY

Prices of UK Used iPhone X in Nigeria

iPhone X 64GBN180,000
iPhone X 256GBN190,000
iPhone XR 64GBN190,000
iPhone XR 128GBN210,000
iPhone XR 256GBN220,000
iPhone XS 64GBN195,000
iPhone XS 256GBN200,000
iPhone XS 512GBN220,000
iPhone XS max 64GBN260,000
iPhone XS max 256GBN275,000
iPhone XS max 512GBN285,000

Prices of New iPhone X in Nigeria

iPhone X2716 mAh, 3GB RAM, 64/256GBN250,000 – N270,000
iPhoneXR3GB RAM, 2942mAh, 64/128/256GB internal storageN250,000 – N280,000
iPhone XS4GB RAM, 2658mAh, 64/256/512GB memoryN300,000
iPhone XS Max4GB, 6.5-inch, 64/256/512 GB storage capacityN350,000 – N500,000

Price of iPhone 11 series in Nigeria

When this phone was launched in the market, it got a lot of attention from Nigerians. Everyone was talking about the luxury phones and the 3 cameras it had. There are three devices in the series, that is the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro, and iPhone 11 pro max.

Prices of iPhones in Nigeria
iPhone 11

Price range of  new iPhone 11 in Nigeria 

iPhone 11N350,000 – N430,000
iPhone 11 proN500,000 – N650,000
iPhone 11 pro maxN550,000 – N650,000

Price of the iPhone 12 series in Nigeria

The iPhone 12 is an upgraded version of the iPhone 11. It comes with better features and better functionality. However, many claim there isn’t really more to this new series. Anyways, it is still a luxury and premium device.

Price of iPhones in Nigeria
iPhone 12 pro

Price of New iPhone 12 in Nigeria

iPhone 12 64GBN470,000
iPhone 12 128GBN500,000
iPhone 12 256GBN580,000
iPhone 12pro 128GBN680,000
iPhone 12pro 256GBN750,000
iPhone 12pro 512GBN850,000

Price of UK used iPhone 12 in Nigeria

ModelsAverage Prices
iPhone 12 64GBN360,000
iPhone 12 128GBN380,000
iPhone 12 256GBN400,000
iPhone 12 pro 128GBN470,000
iPhone 12 pro 256GBN500,000
iPhone 12 pro 512GBN520,000
iPhone 12 pro max 128GBN530,000
iPhone 12 pro max 256GBN560,000
iPhone 12 pro max 512GBN585,000
iPhone 12 mini 64GBN275,000
iPhone 12 mini 128GBN285,000
iPhone 12 mini 254GBN300,000

Price of the iPhone 13 series

iPhone 13 is the highest among the apple phones series. With premium features, this device also comes with a premium price.

iphone 13 og 2021 Price list of iPhones in Nigeria (Uk Used and New) - 2022

Price of New iPhone 13 in Nigeria

ModelsPrice Range
iPhone 13 miniN500,000 – N670,000
iPhone 13N600,000 – N820,000
iPhone 13 proN650,000 – N1,000,000
iPhone 13 pro maxN750,000 – N1,100,000

Prices of UK used iPhone 13 in Nigeria

iPhone 13 miniN350,000 – N550,000
iPhone 13N400,000 – N640,000
iPhone 13 proN500,000 – N850,000
iPhone 13 pro maxN550,000 – N950,000
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