Best Places to Visit in Ibadan, Nigeria

Places to visit in Ibadan
IITA lake

This post contains a list of the best places to visit in Ibadan.

This is more like a continuation of our articles on top places to check out in Nigeria. I have curated a list of cheap and budget-friendly places worth your time in Lagos and Abuja

Like Lagos and Abuja, Ibadan has a lot of intriguing places for you to visit. Ibadan is renowned as the largest city in West Africa. As a big city, Ibadan has a lot of goodness in store for visitors and residents alike. In this guide, I will be highlighting the top places to visit in Ibadan where you can have fun and enjoy a good time.

Let’s begin with;

1. Agodi Gardens

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Get prepared for a captivating experience at Agodi gardens. The garden is well known in Ibadan and is a great place to engage in different forms of activities. Visitors would get lost in the moments as they stroll the zoo and spot different wild animals. Aside from the gardens, there are a lot of facilities at this beautiful garden where visitors can partake in games and other recreational activities. Don’t be surprised to find a swimming pool, inflatable boats, and a mini-park. There are also game rides for kids to jump on to and enjoy a great time. Agodi Gardens has open spaces beautified with luxuriant green grass, where visitors can spread a mat and enjoy a picnic. 

Location: Parliament Road, Mokola, Ibadan.

2. Trans Amusement Park

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The Trans amusement park is also known as trans wonderland. This amusement park is one of the best places to hang out In Ibadan. Although this amusement park does not match the standards of Disneyworld, it can be likened to it. Trans wonderland has lots of rides, wheels and facilities that visitors can utilise. This mesmerising place in Ibadan is worth visiting as there are lots of activities for the kids. Lest I forget, there is also an ice cream spot that receives many footfalls. The ice cream here is not only yummy and cooling, the customer service is also top range. For first time visitors in Ibadan, Trans park is one of the best to visit visit in Ibadan.

Location: Sango Ojo, Ibadan

3. University of Ibadan, Zoological Gardens

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No one should be in Ibadan without checking out UI zoo. This zoo is a part of the zoology department and was established in 1948 when the school was built. The zoo serves as a significant component of the school, as it attracts a massive number of tourists monthly. The zoo functions as a conservative of wildlife. It also helps educate and increase animal tourism.

The zoo boasts of tens of well-fed wild animals. You’ll find animals like lions, hogs, alligators, giraffes, ostriches, camels, tortoises, etc. Aside from animals spotting, a picnic can also be held here. The zoo environs consist of luxuriant green grass and a calming atmosphere.

4. Cocoa House

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Cocoa House is a skyscraper in Ibadan that is 105 metres tall and has 26 stories. This building was opened in 1965 and owned by Wemabond estates, a subsidiary of odua group companies. This house was built with the returns of western Nigeria commodities, Cocoa, cotton, and rubber. The cocoa house was initially called “Ile agbe”, which translates to “house of farmers’ ‘. This house was formerly renowned as the tallest building in West Africa.

Even though the Cocoa house is now used commercially, tourists can still visit this place. 25 floors at the Cocoa House hold working spaces for top firms in Ibadan. However, the topmost floor is kept as the Odua Museum of hall and fame. Hence, visit this museum in Cocoa House to experience history. 

Location: 5th Cocoa House, Liebu Byepass, Waroaden streets, Dugbe, Ibadan

5. Bowers Towers

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Everyone knows that Ibadan is a hilly city, but Bowers Towers is distinguished as it is 60ft tall and sits on the highest hill in the city. This hill is Oke Ara hill in Agala town. Taffy Jones designed this tower. It was named after Captain Robert Lister Bowers, the first British Resident and the travel commissioner of Yorubaland 1936. 

At the top of bowers towers, visitors can get a hypnotic view of significant places in Ibadan. There are about 47 spiral stairs that people can climb to get to the top. When at the top, you can take beautiful pictures with major buildings in Ibadan, making a great backdrop. It is also a great picnic destination. With N200, people can access this tower once it’s open. It is usually accessible from 9 am to 5 pm.

Location: Oke Are Road, Ibadan

6. National Museum, Ibadan

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With four galleries, the Museum of National Unity is an educational place to visit. Visitors can learn about the history and culture in panorama from the unity gallery, the masquerade gallery, the pottery gallery, and the Yoruba gallery. Whether you are a resident or this is your first time visiting, don’t skip the National museum.

Remember to go with a good camera phone to capture all the beautiful things you’ll discover from the four galleries present here. The unity gallery holds significant pieces from all over Nigeria. The masquerade gallery contains the attires of different Egungun and mmawu in the southwest and east.

7. Old Oyo National Park

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The Old Oyo National park is one intriguing place to visit in Oyo state. Before it became a National park, the Old Oyo was divided into two separate reserves, Upper Ogun and Oyo Ile. However, these places were joined to make the old Oyo game reserve before a National Park in 1952. A visit to Old Oyo national park would immerse you into the history and culture of the western Nigerians. The Ikere gorge dam runs through the park. This national park also boasts of 4 other rivers, including Tessi, Owu, Owe, and Ogun rivers. While the Tessi river flows through the northern part of the forest reserve, Owu, Owe, and Ogun runs can be found in the southern region. 

This National park plays host to various wildlife, so visitors should come prepared. You’ll find animals like Buffalo, bushbuck, duiker, patas monkey, etc. There are also a lot of water species and birds to see, so bring your cameras along for some nice pictures with other earth habitats. So, the old oyo national is amongst the best places to visit in Ibadan.

8. IITA Forest Reserve

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Established in 1967, IITA remains the #1 protected urban forest in southwestern Nigeria. IITA stands for International Institute of Tropical Agriculture. The main aim of the IITA forest reserve is to up the sustainability and quality of tropical food and other earth habitats. The forest reserve occupies a vast area of land, and it does well to protect biological habitatss.

IITA forest reserve serves as a place in Ibadan for education and entertainment. A visit here would expose you to hundreds of butterfly species, plant species, bird species. You’ll also spot over 40 species of mammals and 20 reptile species. 

As mentioned earlier, IITA forest reserve Ibadan is not just a place to get educated, you can also have a fun time here. You can engage in bird watching, hiking, playing golf, biking, and fishing. Visitors can camp here, picnic, and so much more. As a plus, IITA is an aesthetically appealing place in Ibadan, so don’t forget to take pictures when you visit.


Ibadan holds intriguing places for education, entertainment, wildlife, culture, and history. For this reason, we have listed the top places to visit in Ibadan. So, when you visit Ibadan, you can check out a location or two.

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