The Top 9 Credible Online Investment Options for Nigerians

Online investment
Make your money grow

This is the most explanatory guide to online investments for beginners in Nigeria. In this article, you will learn everything about making passive income from your set down capital.

It is common knowledge that investments are a great way to earn passively. Prior to this age, investment options were not readily accessible to every dick and harry. Before investing, you have to have ample capital and be very knowledgeable about the entire industry. Investment options were even limited.

However, things have changed. Young people and people with low financial capability are now investing. All you need is an internet-accessible device and a small capital. In addition, there are lots of tools and resources that can guide beginners on their journey to financial freedom.

With this article, I will be providing adequate information on how beginners can make money online through digital investment and how they can have success at investing.

Let’s dive deep.

Why should I Invest?

It’s always wise to let your money work for you, and investing is a great way to do that. Investing is an alternative source of earning.  Over time, a good investment can help you grow financially, solve your financial issues and increase your purchasing power.

Online investing

You should know that there are potential risks and benefits of investing. So, you should understand the potential risk, lessen the risk, and increase the benefits. You need to put effort into clearing debt, managing money, and saving for emergencies.

There are many investment options available for all. Interestingly, these different types come with different risks. Beginners or experts should understand their risk appetite then check if they can stomach the potential loss of their investment. This also implies choosing other investment options to reduce your risk and have a broad portfolio. 

Without much ado, let’s go through some of the investment options available for Nigerians.

Types of Digital Investment Options For Nigerians

Online investing

Many options are available for Nigerians who want to invest from their smartphones. These investments are now very cheap and simplified. With as low as $10 or N5800, you can invest in Nigeria. In fact, you may not need a financial consultant or pay a financial broker to start building your portfolio and growing your wealth.

You should know that investments are a passive way to earn. Some ignorant Nigerians assume that returns on investment are usually massive, and they fall for Ponzi scams and Pyramid schemes. Let’s show you the best options for online investing in Nigeria.

1. High Yield Savings Account

Online investing

Traditional banks like Zenith, First bank, etc., allow you to save and earn interest on your bank account. However, the interest accrued is usually small and may not give you desired financial growth. 

Unlike traditional banks, online banks and wealth management mobile apps now offer savings and investment options for their users. Commonly, these saving platforms provide 10-15% annual returns on your investments. You also have choices. You can also save dollars with these apps. While some strictly keep in Naira, others in dollars, the rest give their users both options. Examples of these apps are Piggyvest, Cowrywise, Risevest, etc.

These apps tag this type of investment with different names. Rise calls it Fixed Income, while Piggyvest has piggybank, flex naira, and flex dollar. With these options, there is guaranteed 8% to 12% yearly returns. It is much better to save in dollars as the naira may fall against the dollars—so higher profits for you.

2. Government Bonds

In simple terms, bonds are loans you give out. It is like lending money to the government, and after a certain period, you receive interest on your loan. 

Bonds are a safe investment choice for Nigerians and come with little to no risk. Due to the risk level, returns may be small. If you are investing in Nigeria and want to hit long term goals, bonds are not the best investment option. They are just good to balance the whole portfolio. Bonds are not recommended for young people just starting their financial journey.

You can buy and make money from bonds on a few online investment platforms in Nigeria. Trove app and are a great place to buy bonds.

3. Money Market Funds

Online investing

Mutual funds and Money market funds are similar. This type of investment involves buying units of collective investment. In this scenario, a money manager or professional broker researches investment options, and he gathers funds from the public to purchase that asset. Profits made from the funds would then be distributed fairly to the public. For those who want to invest in mutual funds, you can contact a local traditional bank or financial company to get started. The following organisations offer mutual funds to the public: ARM money market fund, United Capital Money market fund, ARM aggressive fund, Cordros Money market fund, etc.

4. Treasury Bills

Treasury bills are similar to Bonds. When you invest in treasury bills, you contribute to the government borrowing requirements. You should also know that treasury bills are short term investments, and the most extended term is a year. The interest you receive on treasury bills is not taxed. You should expect 1.5% interest on a 3-month treasury bill. You can use online apps like to invest in treasury bills. You would also find the exact interest rate disbursed after the term. You should also know that treasury bills interest rates are not volatile, so be rest assured you’ll make a profit.

5. Individual Stocks

Buying stocks simply means owning a part of a company. As a stock owner, you share in the profit and loss of a company. However, you should know that stocks are volatile. There are high returns as well as high losses. So, stocks are suitable for those with a high-risk appetite. You can purchase stocks from Bamboo, Trove,, and Risevest.

6. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

ETFs work like bonds. Unlike bonds, they are sold in small units. Investors buy shares of an ETF like they buy shares of company stock. So, this is a perfect investment for young Nigerians. In addition, you can buy these ETFs with a small amount of money. They are also ideal for long term investing and wealth growth.

7. Cryptocurrency

Online investing
Set of various cryptocurrencies electronic cash symbol vector

Cryptocurrency is the newest form of investment. Cryptocurrencies are a form of digital money. There are various forms of cryptocurrencies springing up. There are NFTs, Blockchains, DAO, DEX, and many others. You should know that crypto is very volatile. So, make sure to conduct extensive research before investing in cryptos. With as little as N2800, you can purchase crypto on many online platforms. You can choose to purchase from global sites. However, it is much easier to use Nigerian apps for crypto purchases ( excluding trading). You can buy crypto in Nigeria with Bundle, useAccrue, and BuyCoins.

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8. Real Estate

Online investing
Flat lay of real estate concept

Investing in real estate is now simple, cheap, and fast. Instead of buying physical properties or flipping properties yourself, you can directly engage in fractional investing. Here, you only have to purchase units of a property. There are online platforms in Nigeria that allows one to invest with as low as N5800 on real estate. Such platforms include RiseVest and Coreum.

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9. Agricultural Products

With investment apps and platforms, you don’t need to own a farm to profit from agriculture. You can either co-own a farm or contribute to the capital. With agriculture, you may earn up to 20% on your money after 9months. Interestingly, the chances of losses are low. Some apps offer agricultural products in Nigeria. Such apps include Thrive Agric, CrowdyVest,  Pay farmer, porkvest, and so many others.

Which Online Investment is Best in Nigeria?

Online investing

There’s no one good investment option. Young Nigerians should consider the investment that aligns with their risk appetite. It is also smart to keep a diversified portfolio that contains different asset types. It is also best to avoid Ponzi schemes and get-rich-quick schemes that fashion high-yield investments.

How can I invest with N5000?

You can invest with N5000 when you download any online investment or savings app available in Nigeria. Many of them require a starting capital of $10 approximately to N5800 currently, while others require $5 or N1000.

What are the best Online Investments that pay daily in Nigeria?

High yield savings accounts provide daily interest on money stacked or accrued. You should consider Piggyvest or Cowrywise for daily returns.

What are the Investments with monthly returns in Nigeria?

Real estate investment, High risk savings account, offer monthly returns. However, to maximise the profit you should consider investing for 3months to 1year. It would help if you also opted for investment with compounding interests.

What are the best online Investment Platforms for Nigerians?

There are so many mobile apps that have made online investing simplified for Nigerians. We have recommended a few above, and others include; 
Thrive Agric

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Investing in Nigeria is now simplified. You can also start investing with a small amount of money. However, you must understand the asset type and the risk involved. 

I hope you’ve learnt about the different online investments you can choose from and where to start purchasing your desired investment plan.

Nonetheless, I’d also want to hear from you. What investment type would you be purchasing? Do you have any questions for me? Let me know in the comment sections.

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