Best Ways for Freelancers to Make Money Online

ways freelancers make money online

The Internet became a phenomenon in the 90s and then kept becoming bigger and bigger so much so that it has encompassed almost every aspect of daily life especially in the developed world.

This has also created opportunities, including financial ones, that enable you to make money online through mediums like E-Commerce, Freelancing, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging and Web Development. Below we will discuss some of the main methods of making money online.

1. E-Commerce

Electronic Commerce or E-Commerce is an online shopping method where buyers and sellers interact and deal online on Web platforms. You can set up an online shop of a particular kind or various types of products on platforms like Amazon. 

When your online shop gets popular, various online merchants would ask you to put their shops’ ads on your page in return for payment.

2. Freelancing

Freelancing refers to the type of work that does not require freelancers to work full time in offices. Freelancers provide services to different businesses without being a full-time employee to any one of them and without being obliged to work for only one business.

Freelancing in the online world is one of the most popular professions among the generation of millennials who are well used to the Internet. These people, mostly young, work from home and provide various services online for payment like graphic designing, writing, logo making, app development, market research etc.

3. Blogging

Blogging refers to creating a Blog Niche on a specific subject and writing articles about it. If the content is quality and other SEO techniques are well executed then your blog would eventually but certainly get good enough traffic for you to be able to make money out of it.

You can either write blog yourself or hire writers to do the job. Either way, people make money through this method.

You can also sign up for affiliate marketing in your blogs by promoting products or services of different businesses who’d pay you a commission from all the sales of their product or service through your blog.

On the other hand, when your blog gets good enough traffic, different advertisers and marketers to display certain ads on your blog niche in return for money’s contact you.

Google AdSense

As has been discussed above, people primarily make money on the Internet through Ad promotions and Affiliate Marketing. However, these processes require Google AdSense, which connects the Web Publisher and advertiser for digital marketing.

It is a famous advertising platform on the internet. Anyone who owns a website or a blog can earn a lucrative earning through AdSense.

It displays ads on locations allocated by the online publishers on their sites or blogs. These ad placement locations are known as banners.

An online publisher can allocate as much space as he sees fit without disturbing the display of web content. It also gives guidelines to follow for the publishers for ad placement.

Bloggers and site owners work hard to publish quality content. This high-quality content gets traffic to a site. On the other hand, some sites and blog niches use their platforms to display and sell products and services.

Ad placement at a different location is the best way to increase sales. However, what about the publishers whose prime purpose is to inform and entertain the audience? Google introduced AdSense to monetize the hard-earned internet traffic by the domain and blog owners. Let us have a look at the working mechanics of Google AdSense.

However, entry-level publishers have no idea how much revenue they can earn by Google. For this purpose, there are online web tools they can employ like AdSense calculator at Prepostseo. These tools give you an idea about the expected income.

New publishers find themselves in uncertain situations because they have no estimate about the payback rate. It is because Google AdSense determines the paying rate of a blog or site on different factors.

Bloggers and site owners work hard to publish good quality content. This high-quality content brings organic traffic to a site: the term organic in this context meaning “Natural”.

Some websites/blogs use their platforms to sell their products and services. Placing Ads at different locations on a website is the best way to increase sales.

However, this particular way of making money leaves people whose primary objective is to inform and entertain the audience out of the equation.

Don’t worry though, Google has you covered! It introduced its AdSense to allow domain and blog owners to monetize the organic internet traffic who work hard to get it.

Estimating expected online earnings

Earning online is one thing, estimating the amount of potential earnings is another.

You’d need to estimate the amount you can earn online with your blog or website to give you a better insight. It would help in determining how much traffic you should target and what SEO approaches can take you there.

Calm yourself though, this is no biggie! You will not have to manually go through all the math yourself. This is what the internet is for, right! Well, there are online tools available on the web that can help you with this. Tools like Prepostseo AdSense Calculator that do the calculations for you.

You can use these tools to find out the expected revenue your blog or website with a certain amount of traffic and certain number of advertisements will generate.

How to use it

AdSense Calculators are not hard to use, particularly the one at Prepostseo. All you have to do is input the number of page impressions, Cost per Click and Click-through Rate (CTR) Percentage and it will tell you the estimated revenue at a given time with the given conditions.

In case you are confused as to what these terms really, mean. We have outlined them below for you to understand.

Page Impressions

If you have placed ads on your page, then every time someone loads your webpage and sees the ad placed on it, it will count as a page impression.

Cost per Click

As the name also suggests, it is the rate that AdSense pays for each click on an Ad made by a visitor on your webpage.

Click-through Rate

It is the ratio, which shows the estimated number of clicks on the Ad.

Final Thoughts

Making money on the internet is exceptionally easier. Especially for the millennial generation, which is well versed in the Internet use but are, facing the scourge of unemployment due to lack of opportunities in the physical market.

The cyberspace, however, is quite different; it is where millennials are abundant in presence while the preceding generation is left far behind due to focus on the physical domain. Online Markets, Jobs and Businesses are the future and the future is now.

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