Everything You Need to Know: 6 BEST Investment Apps that help you make more Money (Easy to Use)

BEST Investment apps in Nigeria
BEST Investment apps in Nigeria

Today, I would reveal to you the BEST Investment apps in Nigeria. These apps are beneficial because they help you:

  • Build Financial Wealth
  • Get a Professional Trading Account
  • Manage your financial portfolio easily.

If you need assistance with any of the above listed, then you are in the right place. This article would reveal the top investment apps in Nigeria that act as financial brokers. These apps can be used by experts as well as beginners. Let’s get started… 

What does Investment Apps mean?

Investment apps are digital applications that enable you to earn dividends, interest, and other form of returns from the money you set aside. 

These apps enable you to manage your finances efficiently. Investment platforms in Nigeria have grown over the years. These platforms let anyone into the financial markets through the use of an internet-connected device. 

It is a great innovation for beginners because they are not complex to use. In addition, investment apps are cheaper to use compared to financial advisors. 

How does the BEST Investment Apps work?

Investing is now simpler with many apps on the market. Although these investment apps have similar benefits, they function differently. Majorly, they offer fractional investing to their users.

Fractional investing is not a method used by the financial markets. However, the BEST investment apps still offer fractional investing. These investment apps would buy a share, then segment it into smaller bits for users. This method would benefit those who cannot purchase a single share.

How much money do I need to get started?

Surprisingly, you need little money. Fintech startups have made wealth building and management available to just anyone. You can build your financial portfolio as low as N1000. Investment platforms allow their users to engage in fractional investing. With this feature, startup cost for new investors is now cheaper.

Can I use multiple investment Apps?

It is not a criminal offence to partner with more than one investment broker. You can decide to use multiple investment apps to manage your funds. However, you can choose to keep all your eggs in one basket.

Many times, investors decide to put their funds in different assets. Many times, there are only a small majority of apps that offer diverse categories of assets. This is the major reason people use multiple investment apps.

There are many categories of investment apps available for beginners. These blog posts would highlight the BEST investment apps in Nigeria available under each asset category. Keep reading to learn more…

BEST Investment Apps For Nigerians

Now, it’s time to reveal the BEST investment apps that are also legit. You would use them to INVEST and EARN daily in Nigeria.

This blog post would highlight 4 major categories of investment apps, and also how the BEST investment apps in Nigeria can help you accrue wealth.

Starting with…

Stock Investment Apps 

Do you want to invest in the stock market? Then use the following recommended investment apps. Whether you are a beginner, or just playing stock-picking, you are in the right place. 

Here are the BEST investment apps for the stock market:

Invest Bamboo

Bamboo investment apps

With Invest Bamboo, you can trade stocks listed on both U.S and Nigerian stock exchanges. With this feature, you can access 3000+ stocks from any smartphone. This investment app enables stock gifting – where you can buy stock and send it as a gift. You can enter a trade on the bamboo investment app for $20. This is one of the best investment apps because of its customers’ protection. Your funds are secure till as high as $500,000, concerning that they are insured by Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). The company charges a flat 1.5% fee when you trade stocks.


Stock Investment App
Stock Investment App

If you have N1000 you can invest in Nigerian, Chinese, and U.S assets. You’ll discover a wide option of assets like ETFs (exchange-traded funds), stocks, cryptocurrencies, and bonds. These are the major features that make Trove one of the best investment apps in Nigeria. 

Trove also features a multi-wallet, the Naira and the Dollar wallet. You can utilize these wallets for local and foreign assets respectively. With your debit card or a bank transfer, purchasing publicly traded assets is simple. In addition, selling your equity and withdrawal of funds is simple to process. 

However, Trove charges $2 on every transaction below $200, and 1% on transactions above this amount. The major downside of using Trove is that the app keeps crashing. Asides from that, it is the best investment app for beginners.


RiseVest Stock Investment
Everything You Need to Know: 6 BEST Investment Apps that help you make more Money (Easy to Use) 9

Like Trove, Rise is also one of the best investment apps for beginners. The app has an interface that is simple to navigate, which makes you more confident. With a starting amount of $10, you can start investing in U.S stocks. 

These stocks are suited for investors with a high-risk appetites. RiseVest is an asset manager available that can be used on a mobile device. This investment app allows you to engage in long term investing. This is also one of the best apps suitable for compounding funds.

Risevest provides an amazing Telegram community for its users to discuss finances. They also provide regular advice and guidance for investors. This service empowers you to make smart and confident financial decisions.

Real Estate Investment Apps

BEST Investment Apps
Real Estate Crowdfunding Investment Process

RiseVest for Real Estate

Fractional Investing
Investment Platform

RiseVest is one of the best investment apps that Nigerians use to invest in stock. However, RiseVest also allows its users to invest in Real estate. With Rise, you can build a portfolio that buys US Real estate, and you get your profit from rents. Risevest buys good US building that is below market value, improve on them, then sell the property or rent it out. These properties are divided into 10,000 units and sold at $10 per unit. So, you can own real estate with as low as $10 using RiseVest. In addition, these properties are issued against loss and damages. Therefore, this makes RiseVest a distinguished investment app to use.


images 1 1 Everything You Need to Know: 6 BEST Investment Apps that help you make more Money (Easy to Use)

Coreum, unlike Wealth.ng and Risevest is only focused on real estate investing. With this real estate investment platform in Nigeria, you can invest in a fraction of a property.

Unlike other investment apps mentioned, Coreum offers only real estate investment. Coreum offers fractional investing in real estate properties – Residential or landed properties. 

Coreum divides every property into 100 units. You can accumulate as many units as you can. You can earn as much as 7.1% to 15% on each unit purchased. However, you need a minimum of N50,000 to invest with Coreum.

Agric Investment Apps

Agriculture is one of the major sectors that contribute to the Nigerian Economy. It is an industry where the public constantly demands their output. Food is crucial for survival. So, you can decide to invest in Agriculture and make money from it. 

Like other industries, there are good farming investment apps available for mini-investing. A good one is….


FarmCrowdy Investment Apps

FarmCrowdy is the premier farming investment platform in Nigeria. This fact makes it trusted. With farm crowd, you can be a virtual farm owner with crops such as Rice, Maize, soybeans, Cassava, and so on. 

The investment platform uses a strategy called the crowdfunding to raise capital for farming ventures. So, to use the platform, you contribute your capital alongside other investors, and you share the returns of the profit after a certain period. The return on investment is around 6% to 25%.


Thrive Agric Investment Apps
Everything You Need to Know: 6 BEST Investment Apps that help you make more Money (Easy to Use) 10

ThriveAgric commenced its operation in 2016. Like FarmCrowdy, it also uses crowdfunding as an investment strategy for farmers. Thrive Agric ROI is within the range of 6% – 25%. With this investment app, you can invest in many food products such as poultry, sorghum, soybeans, etc.

Other Investment Apps You can Use

  1. Piggyvest
  2. Cowrywise
  3. Wealth.ng
  4. Accrue
  5. AfrInvestor
  6. I-Invest
  7. Carbon
  8. Grows
  9. E-farms
  10.  recourse

What did I Miss?

Now, it’s your turn!

Which of the investment apps would you try out first?

Or was there an app that was not mentioned?

Dive right to the comment section. Let’s hear from you.

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