The 5 Best National Parks in Nigeria You Never Knew existed

sharon stephen SQvClpMjsdU unsplash scaled The 5 Best National Parks in Nigeria You Never Knew existed

If you are seeking an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, then National parks are your best bet. National parks in Nigeria, are great destinations to spend your holidays. These parks are beautiful and they also house fascinating natural terrains.

Just as Nigeria is home to diverse cultures, it also has unique natural reserves. Here, you will find beautiful sights such as mountains, waterfalls, lakes, forestry, and so on. We’ll highlight the best National parks in Nigeria where you can hang out. The national parks listed here will blow you away and also provide stunning backgrounds for Instagram images.

Let’s start with;

Old Oyo National Park

National Parks in Nigeria
Old Oyo National Park

According to Wikipedia, Old Oyo National Park was established in 1991 and is roughly 2500km² large. The park is fashioned to the Old Oyo empire. A visit to this park would immerse you into the rich culture of the Yoruba people. If you are a fan of ancient artefacts, you’ll find cultural antiques such as royal cemeteries, rock shelters, Yoruba shrines, and so on. These artefacts would ignite your interest in the Yoruba culture.

If you get to spend time at this national park in Nigeria, be prepared to see buffalos, elephants, and birds. You should also expect to be awestruck by the Ikere Gorge dam.

Location: Oyo state and Kwara State, Nigeria

Lekki Conservation Centre

National parks in Nigeria
LCC Canopy walkway

This conservation centre is located in Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos is well known for long hours of traffic, noise, and overpopulation. If you visit Lagos, the Lekki conservation centre is a great location to enjoy a relaxing weekend with your family and friends.

You would enjoy walking across the canopy walkway, but be wary of the flying monkeys. The canopy walkway is 1315 feet long – the longest in Africa. Nonetheless, if you are searching for thrills, you could observe rare birds, old tortoises, crocodiles, and other animals. In addition, you can also play floor board games with your friends.

Location: Lagos state, Nigeria

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Yankari National Park 

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National parks in Nigeria

Do you love wildlife? If yes, then you should visit the Yankari National park. This is one of the best national parks in Nigeria to observe nature. This park is popular for having a large number of elephants, buffalo, and baboons. You will find these animals captivating. Get prepared to see more jungle animals such as the hippopotamus, antelopes, monkeys, and many others. All these animals can be sighted at the Gaji River, where they often converge.

Aside from the animals, you can get wet in the warm springs. In addition, the Yankari national park is a lovely place to explore ancient caves and music. With an expedition to the park, you would learn about the nature, history and culture of Nigeria.

Location: Bauchi State, Nigeria

Kainji National Park

National parks in Nigeria
The 5 Best National Parks in Nigeria You Never Knew existed 7

This Kainji national park is about 5000km² large, making it one of the biggest national parks in Nigeria. The park has three segments which are the Kainji Lake, the Borgu game reserve, and the Zugurma game reserve. Here, you’ll find over 350 varieties of birds and 30 varieties of animals and reptiles. The secured area of Kainji national park and Yankari national park, are seen as Lion conservation units.

If you get to visit Kainji Park, don’t forget to visit the museums. At the museum, you will be in awe as you see skins of dead wild animals. You can enjoy the glamour and euphoria of this national park, with as little as N1000.

Location: Kwara state and Niger state

Gashaka Gumti National Park

National Parks in Nigeria

If you are looking for a large park to explore, then the Gashaka Gumti national park is the perfect fit for you. Gashaka is the largest park in Nigeria, and it also houses the tallest mountain in the country.

For a thrilling experience, you could go see the tombs of fallen German soldiers close to the German fort and the Gashaka hill. The German military used this hill as a watchtower before 1918 for their fight against the British.

You could also walk across the wooden bridge at Mayo-Kam to see hippopotamus bathing in the viewing pool. If you enjoy day trips, you should see either the bat forest or the kwano forest, to encounter the jungle. 

Location: Eastern area of Taraba and Adamawa state, Nigeria.


Did you find a park that caught your interest?

National parks in Nigeria are great tourist attractions and a beauty to behold. They are a perfect getaway location to spend alone time with your loved ones. At these parks, you would enjoy bountiful wildlife adventures. However, the season of the year would determine your experience. 

Which park would you visit first?

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