16 Cheapest Places to Hang out in Lagos

Cheapest places to hang out in Lagos
Cheapest places to hang out in Lagos

Lagos is a beautiful and bumbling place. The place contains a lot of side attractions that would put you in awe. However, Lagos has been rumoured to be expensive. Even though some places are expensive in Lagos, you could still hang out in Lagos with a minimal budget. 

Do you want to hang out in Lagos without breaking a bank? Well, you can!

With less than N5000 you can enjoy yourself with your family and loved ones. There are many exciting cheap places that you could have fun and hang out in Lagos.

This guide will show you the top cheapest places to have fun in Lagos. Let’s get started.

Cheapest Places to Hangout in Lagos

University of Suya 

images 30 16 Cheapest Places to Hang out in Lagos
University of Suya

Suya can simply be described as grilled meat. This meat is normally sold by the northerners. Suya is always garnished with pepper, onions, and some other veggies. Oftentimes, this deliciously spiced beef is sold at night. However, you can buy suya any time of the day from the University of Suya. The University of suya is located at Allen Avenue, Ikeja. You could get lots of suya chunks for as low as N2000 here.

Dominos Pizza 

images 29 16 Cheapest Places to Hang out in Lagos

Do you know that at Dominos you can spend roughly N2000 to get a medium-sized pizza? Well, that’s the gist.

You can hang out with friends at any of their outlets, or order the pizza to your apartment. Whichever way you choose, know that Dominos is one of the cheapest places to hang out in Lagos.

Lekki Conservation Centre 

images 6 16 Cheapest Places to Hang out in Lagos
Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation centre is one of the best places you could chill out in Lagos. The centre has the longest canopy walkway in Africa. You could enjoy the adventurous walkway, but pay care to monkeys flying who would not hesitate to snatch your camera. The centre boasts a boulevard lined up with coconut trees. With this, you could go on a romantic stroll with Boo or Bae. Furthermore, the Lekki conservation centre is a perfect place to see nature and wildlife. With just N2000 you could access the Centre and tour the canopy walk. This is the more reason it got to our list of cheapest places to hang out in Lagos.

Lekki Leisure Lake

images 26 16 Cheapest Places to Hang out in Lagos
Boat riding at Lekki Leisure lake

At the leisure lake, you can engage in many water activities. This lake can add extra fun to your weekend. You could play games such as quad biking, jet skiing, boat riding etc. However, to minimize cost, you have to budget the number of games to engage in. The lekki leisure lake, even though located in Lekki, is amongst the cheapest places to hang out with friends. This is because the lake’s entrance fee is priced at N1000.


images 31 16 Cheapest Places to Hang out in Lagos

At the Jazzhole, you can own antiquity for as low as N2000. Amazing, right? The Jazzhole is a good hangout spot for those who love books, and other old stuff. You should visit the Jazzhole if you need to browse through book collections.

Kalakuta Republic Museum 

Cheapest places to hang out in Lagos
Kalakuta Republic museum

This Museum was once the house of the famous African Music King, Fela Kuti. Fela Kuti was a Musician and activist. If you want to learn about the history and life experiences of this famous musician, you need to visit the museum. An added advantage is that the museum is cheap to access. With N1000, you can enter here. 

Oniru Private Beach 

images 35 16 Cheapest Places to Hang out in Lagos
Oniru beach

Lagos is a city filled with many beaches. Oniru Private beach is among the beautiful beaches the state brags of. Even though this beach is private, you could enjoy a thrilling horse ride for a maximum of N1000. In addition, you can also picnic with your friends on the sand, or go swimming. This is also a good place to enjoy a romantic weekend getaway with your partner.

National Arts Theatre 

download 1 16 Cheapest Places to Hang out in Lagos
National Art theatre

The National Arts theatre speaks of the Nigerian culture of art and entertainment. This theatre is located at Iganmu, Lagos. You could come to enjoy this peaceful and large theatre during weekends. It is a good location to hang out for relaxation.

Lufasi National Park 

images 37 16 Cheapest Places to Hang out in Lagos
Lufasi National park

This park is located along the lekki-epe expressway. This park is filled with adventures you could explore. You could tour with a group of friends in the Ekki iron treehouse, or enjoy the forest woods. There are loads of exciting things you can enjoy in this park. This includes; Children playing park, an animal garden, access to a lake view, and so many others. With an access fee of N1000, this brings it to our list of the cheapest places to hang out in Lagos. This should be on your list because it is cheap and thrilling.

Ikeja City Mall 

images 33 16 Cheapest Places to Hang out in Lagos
Ikeja City Mall

Ikeja City Mall is popularly called ICM – an acronym of the name. The mall is located in the capital city of Lagos. It has several retail outlets and malls within it (example: Shoprite). Even though it is a shopping mall you can decide not to shop for costly items. For hangout purposes, you can go around the mall window shopping and take beautiful pictures. Although, with the wide variety of goods displayed, you may be tempted to make a purchase. However, you can decide to have a good time at one of the cinemas or grab a snack at any of the restaurants situated in the mall. 

Elegushi Beach  

images 36 16 Cheapest Places to Hang out in Lagos
Elegushi Private Beach

This beach is owned by the elegushi royal family. It is also a popular beach in Lagos. On weekends and festive periods, the beach is usually crowded. The beach attracts tons of people with its beach huts and horses. These huts can be used to host parties, picnics, and hangouts. You can visit the beach during the weekday if you want to enjoy alone time. To enter, you need to pay a gate fee of N1000.

Tafawa Balewa Square 

images 28 16 Cheapest Places to Hang out in Lagos
Tafawa Balewa Square

This square was built to remember the people that died during the Nigerian Civil war. The square has a large capacity space majorly used for political and religious gatherings. However, at TBS you can find a BRT(bus rapid terminal) station, eateries, and numerous businesses. Aside from this, it is a good place to chill around and snap photos.

Jaekel House Museum 

images 27 16 Cheapest Places to Hang out in Lagos
Jaekel House

The Jaekel house museum is also known as the Legacy railway museum. It is a British colonial mansion situated at Ebute metta, Lagos. It was built to preserve the antiquities of the Nigeria railway corporation. The name Jaekel is that of a former superintendent of the Corporation. This Museum is filled with photographic pictures of Historic Nigeria. You could learn about Nigeria’s history from this museum. In addition, this museum offers good scenery for Fairy Tale photoshoots.

Muri Okunola Park 

lekki urban forest and 16 Cheapest Places to Hang out in Lagos

Muri okunola Park is amongst the many parks of Lagos. It is free to access. This park has amazing infrastructures that you can use for leisure. This is a perfect location to hang out with a friend. You could snap cute selfies and access free wifi here too.

Iga Idunganran

images 38 16 Cheapest Places to Hang out in Lagos
Oba of Lagos Palace

Iga Idunganran is home to the Oba of Lagos. The Oba of Lagos is the customary ruler of Lagos state. The Iga Idunganran palace is located at Isale Eko, Lagos Island. You can visit this place for free to experience Yoruba culture. However, you need permission to enter the premises.

images 34 16 Cheapest Places to Hang out in Lagos
Terra kulture

Are you an art lover? If yes, then this is recommended for you. Terra art gallery is a place you can hang out without cash. You could lounge around, use free wifi, and browse through inspiring art pieces. Although, you would pay to get your food. This place also has a tranquil terrace where creatives can lounge around for inspiration. If you are looking for the cheapest places to hang out, this should be on your bucket list.


If you want to explore Lagos, it can be fun and also cheap. This list post has shown you the top cheapest places to hang out in Lagos. However, you need to take your time to choose a scene that matches your interest. 

Now, let’s hear from you.

which of the listed places are you visiting first? Did we skip any cheap place you know?

Kindly share your views in the comment section.

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