Everything You Need to Know: How to Win Top internship opportunities in Nigeria (2021)

Top internship opportunities in Nigeria

How are you preparing for life after school? Are you finding it simple and straightforward? Or are you struggling to get the right opportunities.

Whether you went to a polytechnic, a college, or a university, life after school is always difficult for many fresh graduates. This difficulty is as a result of the competitiveness of securing a job and sorting your finances. However, the best route many Nigerian students take-up is to secure an Internship opportunity. An internship opportunity does not only bring you money, but it also improves your work knowledge and experience.

You may ask yourself, “How do I secure Top Internship opportunities in Nigeria?”. 

Like every job opportunity, it is not a straightforward process to land an internship. Nonetheless, this blog post would highlight how you can start building your dream career and be on the path to success.

Stay on this page to learn how to:

  • Get your first Internship without experience
  • Build the right skills, and…..
  • Other important tips you need.

Can I Win Top Internship Opportunities in Nigeria?

Having a lot of internship experience would increase your chances of landing a good job after university. Many students know this fact and they struggle to get hold of top internship opportunities in Nigeria. Many students are actively searching to secure internship roles. This population density has made it more competitive. This experience may be worse if you have no prior experience. 

To raise the likelihood of securing an internship, you have to be deliberate all through the application process. Nonetheless, with the right will and commitment, you can get top internship opportunities in Nigeria. 

Opportunities are far between. So, you have to put lots of  effort into your resume drafting, job search, interviews, cover letters, and follow-ups. If you can stand out from the other applicants, it raises your odds of winning.

Tips for Getting Your First Internship Without Experience.

Your past job experience is IMPORTANT. However, the big question is; how do i win top internship opportunities in Nigeria without any proir job experience? Well, it’s not as difficult as you think. You can use the following tips to get your first internship role.

1. Know What You are Good At.

A quick way to lose the attention of hiring managers and recruiters is to apply without indicating your prerequisite skills. Before, you apply for any job, check if your skills match the job description. If you don’t know what skills you possess, quickly read through the following to understand.

Transferable Skills: These are skills you gain from everyday life such as skills gained from your house chores, your classroom engagements, your church team, and so on. Some these skills include logical thinking, creative thinking, numerical skill, organisational skills, etc. 

Your University Degree: Search through Google. Identify the jobs related to your degree or diploma program. When doing this, pay attention to how your degree would assist your performance in these roles.

Personal Interest: Write a short list of things that catch your interest. Keep your abilities, hobbies, and attractions, in mind. 

Job-related Experience: Are you curious to know how you can get top internship roles without experience? Well, you need more job-related experience. Before you can get a big internship role, you have to start small. You have to prove to your dream company, that you are employable and can succeed in that big role. You prove yourself by volunteering, taking smaller jobs, and working unpaid. 

You can offer to work unpaid to potential employers for a certain timeframe. If you get lucky, you may be offered employment afterwards. Signages that call for volunteers are everywhere, including social media. Check those signages, and volunteer on something you care for.

2. Look in the Right Direction


What you know and who you know, are crucial to getting a good opportunity. The fastest way to get a job is by networking. You can always find someone who needs an intern or can refer you to an internship role. In general, the quality and size of your network contribute to success in your internship search. So, make sure to attend local and online events in your field, join career groups, follow and connect with more people on social media. Doing this will raise your chances of getting an internship opportunity.

Online Search:

The internet has a lot of opportunities waiting for you. All you need to do is explore the right places and you would find them. Finding jobs online can be done in two ways: search job posting sites or a company’s career page –  found on most companies websites.

Websites like Jobberman, HotnigerianJobs, MyJobmag, and so on, post job listings daily. On these websites, you are going to find top internship opportunities in Nigeria. You can also utilize Google Alerts and LinkedIn for your job search. Go to any of these sites, then search for any role you are interested in.

In addition, you can create a list of all companies your interest lies with. After this, check their website’s career page, you will find available jobs. If you don’t find an available opening that fits your skill, you can check for more on social media. Follow the company page including some top employees and you would find a suitable opportunity. 

Pitch Yourself to Companies:

If the above method does not yield any result, you should contact companies. When you have a list of prospective companies, go on LinkedIn, search for either the recruiter or the team lead of the the career field. Get their email address. Connect with them on LinkedIn. Then, send a letter of intent (similar to a cover letter). Your letter should highlight your key skills and qualifications. It should also express your motives for reaching out.

3. Your Application Matters. 

The sure-fire way to win top internship opportunities in Nigeria is to beat your competitors. How can you do this? 

The recruiter has to see that the other applicants are no match for you. You can do this, by highlighting your most valuable skills relevant to the role. When you write your CV and cover letter, you should emphasise the skills you have. These skills should align with the job description. If you secure an interview, do thorough research about the company, the role, and typical interview questions. When you speak, the employer should see how you intend to bring value to their organisation.

You should check out this content on Elevator Pitch for Students.

4. Follow Up

Follow-ups are IMPORTANT. It leaves an impression on the mind of your potential employer.

When you don’t get any update after any stage of your application process, you should send a follow-up message. Your message should remind them that you are the perfect candidate for the role. It is also advisable to send a “Thank you” note after an interview process. Your note should be sent within 24 hours after your interview. 

Look below to, see an example of a Thank you note sent to a HeadHunter.

Follow up: Internship opportunities in Nigeria
Thank you note

You should always follow up, to get a step ahead of the other candidates. 

5. The Right Mindset

Skills? Check.

Job searching? Check.

Application? Check.

Now, you need to be prepared for all the strains that come with applying for internships. How? By maintaining the right mindset throughout the Process.

Every person at the top of their career has gone through this phase. Most times, it can be hard and tiring. You should also put in mind that you can’t win all the roles you apply for. 

Stop worrying! You just need to keep applying for more roles. The more you apply, the higher your chances. In addition, you should, talk to more people, check job pages, improve your social media page professionally. Do this frequently. Don’t forget to circle back to those people and pages you checked before.

Furthermore, you need to be realistic. Drop the idea of not being being good enough for the role. You also need not feel you are too good for an opportunity. Be honest with yourself. Apply for jobs that match your skills – even if it’s not 100%. Keep searching, don’t relent. With this state of mind, you can get top internship opportunities in Nigeria.

What Next?

I trust this blog post has indicated how you can win top internship opportunities in Nigeria. Even with no experience, you can become an intern. 

Now let’s hear from you! What tip would you implement first?

Start volunteering and building a strong network. Have you also managed to develop an optimistic mindset? Or have you got a question for us? You can let us know your opinion in the comment section. 

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