9 best dog breeds in nigeria

best dog breeds in Nigeria

Selecting the best dog breeds in Nigeria today is a real hassle to a number of people. If we’re being honest, as lovely as having a dog is, it becomes a stress when we don’t learn firsthand about the dog, how to relate with them especially when they’re pets. When it comes to choosing the appropriate dog breed for you, you must consider your surroundings, climate, and culture. People may prefer some dog breeds over others, especially in certain nations. In Nigeria, for example, some dog breeds may be more common in households and in the streets than others. Specific dog breeds have increased in popularity among Nigerian households and individuals over time.

When getting ready to purchase a dog, whether pet or for security purposes, it’s important to know firsthand the features of the dog, what to feed them and prices of the dog and most importantly the best dog for you. In this article, you are provided with all the information you need to know about selecting the best dog breeds in Nigeria and their puppy prices.
This list is in no particular order so the numbers doesn’t mean the list is in descending or ascending order.

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caucasian sheepdog 9 best dog breeds in nigeria
9 best dog breeds in nigeria 11

In Nigeria today, the Caucasian dog breed, also known as the Caucasian sheepdog, is among the top best dog breeds in Nigeria. It’s a large dog that lives for 10 to 11 years before dying.
It’s one of the most gorgeous dog breeds in the planet, with a high level of intelligence. This Caucasian dog is one of the few dog breeds you can dependably on on for security, since they are extremely territorial and will attack anybody or anything they perceive to be a threat to their owner or family member.
What a wonderful addition to your family you will make when you get one of these lovely pets.

The dog can readily adapt and become more responsive to strangers with correct training. Are you looking to buy a pet dog in Nigeria? You might have the best chance with a Caucasian breed.

German shepherd

german shepherd 9 best dog breeds in nigeria
9 best dog breeds in nigeria 12

A German Shepherd is one of the best dog breeds in Nigeria among families and individuals seeking protection and security from their pets. The German Shepherd, which originated in Germany, is a working dog with enough power and energy to enjoy fun and assist around the house. They have short coats that are usually black or tan in color. Their huge, pointed ears aid in keeping them aware of their environment, and their wagging tail signals that they’re attempting to connect with you. Their size gives them a leg up in terms of quickness and agility.

It has a lifespan of 10 to 12 years and an extremely high IQ. This dog breed has the ability to be extremely nimble, fearless, friendly, and protective of its master and family members.They weigh between 50 and 88 pounds and stand between 22 and 26 inches tall when measured at the shoulders. Their demeanor makes them extremely important canines, particularly for security purposes. German Shepherds are clever dogs who are simple to train after the owner has established authority. They are also extremely dependable and submissive. When it comes to guarding their owners, they are brave and confident dogs who are always ready to help.


boerboel 9 best dog breeds in nigeria
9 best dog breeds in nigeria 13

This dog breed originated in South Africa and, like other dogs in Nigeria, can live for up to 12 years. It is classified as a giant dog since a fully grown adult can weigh up to 90 kilograms. The short coat is available in a variety of colors, including tan, cream, and brown with black. Their faces are emphasized by the blackness of their noses and mouths. The size of the Boerboel, like that of the German Shepherd, has advantages in terms of protection and security. These dogs are large, weighing 130-170 pounds for males and 120-160 pounds for females.

For a variety of reasons, the Boerboel breed is one of the best dog breeds in Nigeria. The fact that it obeys commands well and can memorize instructions after five attempts is the first of them.

Above all, this dog breed is an excellent security agent, as it is exceedingly swift, tough, and wary of anyone it perceives as an intruder. To get the most out of this dog breed, you must properly train it, as this is when its full potential may be realized.


Lahsa Apso 1 9 best dog breeds in nigeria
9 best dog breeds in nigeria 14

Despite its differences from breeds such as the Boerboel and German Shepherd, the little Lhasa Apso has found a home in Nigeria by being one of the best dog breeds in Nigeria. These Tibetan non-sporting dogs are famed for keeping things peaceful and safe inside. The Lhasa Apsos’ coat is long and flowing, frequently tan, white, or gray mixed with black when not clipped in a puppy cut. They don’t shed much, despite their long coats, making them an ideal choice for allergy sufferers.

The Lhasa Apso dog breed originated in Tibet, where they were prized watchdogs in their mountainous homeland’s palaces and monasteries. Today’s Lhasa is more of a family companion than a palace guard, loyally protecting the family from harm.

They’re also little, ranging anything from 11 to 18 pounds depending on gender. Despite their diminutive size, these dogs can have a huge personality and a fearless demeanor.

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rottweiler 9 best dog breeds in nigeria
9 best dog breeds in nigeria 15

The Rottweiler is not new to this list of best dog breeds in Nigeria, where it is known for its aggressive and forceful demeanor. It may appear to home guests like a monster, yet it will greet you and your entire family as a friendly and harmless companion. It may appear to home guests like a monster, yet it will greet you and your entire family as a friendly and harmless companion.
This large-to-medium-sized German dog is also hardworking and enjoys being active. The coat of these dogs is mostly black, with brown patterns on their heads, chests, and feet. They can also get rather big, with females weighing between 77 and 110 pounds and males reaching 130 pounds.

They can be tall, too, with females between 22 and 25 inches tall and males reaching up to 27 inches tall when measured at the shoulders. These energetic and active dogs can serve as ideal candidates for guard dogs. They are very obedient when well-trained, but they also are known for being fearless and confident. They have a courageous air about them, and they look like you can trust them.

American pitbull

american pitbull 9 best dog breeds in nigeria
9 best dog breeds in nigeria 16

Another one of the best dog breeds in Nigeria is the American Pitbull, which is adored by many Nigerian households. Under particular care and climatic conditions, this breed can live up to 15 years. The American Pit Bull Terrier is a medium-sized dog breed that is short-haired, lownish, stiff, smart, gentle, obedient, and powerful.

While it is a medium-sized dog, it has none of the ferocity of the larger dogs. The dog is quick, playful, sensitive, and empathetic. It’s amazing how it can tell when you’re happy and when you’re upset on its own. The dog is exceptionally responsive to commands and instructions, and only barks when it perceives danger. It’s a wonderful companion to have about the house at all hours of the day.

American eskimo

american eskimo 9 best dog breeds in nigeria
9 best dog breeds in nigeria 17

The American Eskimo Dog is a companion dog breed that originated in Germany. The American Eskimo Dog belongs to the Spitz breed.

The breed’s ancestors were German Spitz, but it was dubbed “American Eskimo Dog” owing to anti-German feeling during World War I. With its white coat, lovely look, and dark eyes, the American Eskimo Dog, or “Eskie,” is dubbed “the dog beautiful” by lovers. They’re a type of Nordic dog that belongs to the Spitz family.

Eskies are energetic, enthusiastic companion dogs who enjoy entertaining their owners and participating in all family activities. When it comes to family and friends, they’re gregarious and sociable, but reserved towards strangers. Despite being a little dog (weighing 10 to 30 pounds), the Eskie has a big-dog attitude.

British bulldog

english bulldog 9 best dog breeds in nigeria
9 best dog breeds in nigeria 18

The British bulldog is one of the best dog breeds in Nigeria. By any metric, the dog isn’t particularly attractive. However, its other redeeming qualities more than made up for it.

The bulldog is a huge dog with a massive head. However, despite its size, the dog is a peace-loving creature who dislikes tension. While it does not score well on IQ tests, the dog is nevertheless a very intelligent and entertaining companion.

The British bulldog appears menacing at first glance if you’re seeking for a more responsive dog for security reasons. However, when it comes to security threats, it isn’t the most responsive. This can be saved if you take adequate care of it.

Doberman pinscher

doberman pinscher 9 best dog breeds in nigeria
9 best dog breeds in nigeria 19

Dobermans are still one of the best dog breeds in Nigeria and the globe, but they’ve also earned a reputation as devoted family companions.

Dobermans (or “Dobies,” as the breed is fondly known) are bright, active, and adaptable dogs who thrive when they’re with their families. They can be incredibly adaptable pets, able to live in a range of environments and with a variety of family sizes.

Dobermans are a huge dog breed that can grow to be over 2 feet tall, with females reaching roughly 26 inches and male pups reaching closer to 28 inches. They cram a lot of muscle onto those frames, giving them a slim yet deceptively muscular appearance: Males can weigh up to 100 pounds, but most Dobies are between 55 and 90 pounds.

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