Life and Biography of Peace Itimi, the marketing guru

peace itimi

Peace Itimi, a Nigerian writer, growth marketer, YouTuber, and digital marketer, was born on October 8, 1995. She is known for her work in online marketing, digital advertising, and training. She teaches digital marketing and assists businesses in growing. Seedstars, a Swiss Impact and Tech Investor in technology and entrepreneurship, employs her as a Growth Manager.

In 2019, Peace Itimi was nominated for The Future Awards Africa For Media and in March 2020, she was shortlisted as a finalist for the Young African Leaders Initiative Mandela Washington Fellowship.

Peace Itimi always has something new to teach us. It’s impossible not to be inspired or driven to achieve better in life and business after reading her articles, listening to her speak, or seeing her videos. She uses her skill of teaching to help people improve by simplifying complex topics and breaking them down into actionable actions.

Peace Itimi’s early life

peace itimi 1 Life and Biography of Peace Itimi, the marketing guru

Peace Itimi, the youngest of Engr. and Mrs. E.A Itimi’s two children, was born in 1995 in Benin City, Edo State. Peace is from the Isoko region of Delta State, although being born in Benin. She had her primary and secondary education at The Federal Staff School, Benin, and the University of Benin Demonstration Secondary School, respectively. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Biochemistry from Delta State University Abraka. She was first introduced to digital marketing in university, and in the 2014/2015 academic year, she joined the Google Student Ambassador Program. She was in charge of organizing digital marketing training for students in her position.

Life and career

She began her career in digital marketing after graduating in 2016 by co-founding René Digital Hub with Joyce Imiegha, a Content Strategy and Digital Marketing agency. This young, charming, and calm-spirited beau is a Google Student Ambassador, AdWords Certified Digital Marketer, Social Media Strategist, Branding Expert, and Content Creator. Peace is a “Multi-potentialite” in essence.

Peace Itimi has worked as a Training Manager at Wild Fusion Limited Digital Centre and as the Head of Marketing at Korapay, among other positions. She has also worked for Webcouper as an Account Manager.

As a writer, she released her first e-book in 2019 which she solely authored ‘ADWORDS AND ADSENSE FOR BLOGGERS’ and as an inspirational blogger she runs on her page

She has worked as a digital marketer with a number of well-known brands in Nigeria, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and in a variety of industries.
She teaches for Google Digital Skills, Facebook for Creators, Haptics, and Orange Academy, among other places. So far, she has instructed over 6000 professionals, students, and business owners.

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Personal life

peace Life and Biography of Peace Itimi, the marketing guru

Peace Itimi is a Jesus freak and is passionate about inspiring the future today. She believes it’s never too early to begin pursuing your dreams and that there’s a great world of possibilities out there, you just have to try and leave your comfort zone. Peace has had tough experiences but she says God sees her through it all.


peace itimi Life and Biography of Peace Itimi, the marketing guru

She claims to practice karate at least twice a week.
Every month, she plays soccer at least twice.
She enjoys hanging out with her pals, chatting, eating junk food, and playing games.

She says she considers her superpower teaching and the ability to work under intense pressure.

Work and Training

Peace Itimi is a digital marketer who also teaches digital marketing, branding, and advertising to others. She talks at events and organizations, and she trains through Udemy courses and YouTube videos.

She co-founded Kuwaza Africa, a non-profit focused on training, mentorship, and community development, in January 2020. She aspires to assist, coach, and motivate teenagers to dream big and achieve practically all of their goals, if not all of them.

She is one of just 20 Nigerians accredited as a Digital Marketing Trainer by the Digital Marketing Institute in Ireland, as well as one of the first 50 Africans to become a Facebook certified planner. René is where she consults and conducts campaigns for corporate and individual brands (a company she co-founded in 2016).

Peace Itimi is one of just 20 Nigerians to be qualified by the Digital Marketing Institute in Ireland as a Digital Marketing Trainer, as well as one of the first 50 Africans to be a Facebook certified planner. René is where she consults and conducts campaigns for corporate and individual brands (a company she co-founded in 2016).
She has been a Google trainer since 2015, a Facebook trainer since 2018, and she also teaches at Orange Academy, Wild Fusion Digital Centre, and Haptics NG, three of Nigeria’s most famous digital marketing academies. Peace has trained almost 6000 people thus far, from various levels and sectors. Snr Staff from Business Day, 9mobile, C&I leasing, and Nedcom Oaks have all been trained by her.

She has taught Covenant University students, Airtel employees, Nestle employees, and many more. The British Council commissioned her team to teach 150 creatives in five locations across Nigeria and Ghana in 2018.

Awards and Honours

life of peace Life and Biography of Peace Itimi, the marketing guru
  1. The First Google Student Ambassador from DELSU.
  2. Peace was nominated for 2019 The Future Awards Africa Prize for Media.
  3. Listed on YNaija 2020 New Establishment which highlights young people engaged in various areas of interests.
  4. Finalist for the Young African Leaders Initiative Mandela Washington Fellowship in March 2020.

Her motivation

She claims that growing up in the lower class and witnessing personally the effects of poverty and illiteracy in her neighborhood instilled in her a love for human potential and business growth, with the idea that human and economic productivity are essential for a sustainable future.

Peace Itimi has come to feel that entrepreneurship and inclusive quality education are critical to increasing job creation, eliminating forced labor, and laying the groundwork for humanity’s next industrial revolution. This is why she has focused her efforts on helping people and businesses thrive, from teaching/public speaking to content production to marketing and even creating Kuwaza Africa.

Women Will was inspired by a statistic she came across in 2019 – “closing the gender gap in Sub-Saharan Africa will take 135 years, compared to 61 years in Europe and 74 years in Latin America”; she realized she needed to do more for women in particular and accepted the challenge of becoming a chapter lead for Women Will (Lekki Chapter), thereby doing something specific for women in her community.

Social media Handles

Connect with her

Twitter: Peace Itimi
Instagram: Peace Itimi
Facebook: Peace Itimi
Blog: Peace Itimi’s website
YouTube: Peace Itimi’s channel

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