10 Best Online Payment Processors in Nigeria

payment processors in Nigeria

As an entrepreneur or a business person, it is important to make use of the online payment processors in Nigeria for easy transactions. According to data, 84 percent of customers prefer to pay with their credit cards. As a result, it’s safe to assume that 84 percent of your consumers prefer to pay using a credit card.
As a result, you should integrate a payment gateway as quickly as feasible.
We live in the digital age, thus you may expect more of your consumers to pay you through digital channels. You must have also renewed your subscription, scheduled a paid consultation, or placed an online order.

As a result, everyone, including your clients, prefers to pay online.
Having stated that, the purpose of this article is to outline the top 10 best online payment processors in Nigeria. You can think about these choices for a creamé de la creamé payment gateway.

Choosing the ideal payment gateway for your eCommerce website is a time-consuming task. When making a decision, make sure that the customer’s payment experience is smooth, quick, and secure. Customers will be more likely to return to acquire additional items or services as a result of this.


remita logo 10 Best Online Payment Processors in Nigeria
10 Best Online Payment Processors in Nigeria 32

Remita is one of the major payment processors in Nigeria that enables you to accept and process payments on your mobile app and website. They provide plug-ins, SDKs, and APIs that are ready to use, making integration a simple.

Differentiating Features
Receiving Payments: This allows your consumers to pay you in a variety of methods, including: Recurring Payments, Inline Payments, eCommerce Plugins, Mobile SDKs
Pay your bills: Pay a single or multiple beneficiaries from Remita-registered bank accounts. Funds Transfer Plugin, Single Debit Single Credit, Single Debit Multiple Credit
On a single screen, you may see all of your balances: Remita allows you to see all of your bank account balances on one screen, from any bank.
Make Getting Paid Easier: Simply generate and share payment requests (or e-Invoices) with family, friends, and customers to get paid quickly.
Obtain True Work-Life Harmony: Enjoy the ease of moving between your personal and corporate accounts, and vice versa, whenever you need to.
All Businesses Can Benefit from Easier Payroll: Remita can assist you with your payroll and HR management needs, whether you have two employees or 200,000.

Fees for setup and support: Free
Receiving Local Payments: 2% (minimum $100, maximum $2500)
4% for international payments

Interswitch Webpay

interswitch logo 10 Best Online Payment Processors in Nigeria
10 Best Online Payment Processors in Nigeria 33

You’ve probably used Interswitch Webpay at some point. They are one of the major online payment processors in Nigeria and Africa.
Interswitch’s name means “swapping and preserving diversity,” which is exactly what they do in the Nigerian and African financial markets. What distinguishes them is the manner they facilitate financial transactions using a range of card schemes, including MasterCard, Payoneer Card, Verve, Visa, Diners, JCB, American Express, and Discover.
To look at it another way, your clients have a variety of card payment options.
Because their card isn’t one of the possibilities offered, some Nigerian clients leave online stores or deny payments because their card isn’t one of them.

As a result, it is sufficient to state that Interswitch Webpay’s financial inclusion is their strength.
First and foremost, Interswitch offers a user interface that will appeal to practically everyone. Not only that, but its UI is easier to navigate and interact with, making for a pleasant user experience. They can process large and fast e-transactions without crashing or malfunctioning because of their Hi-Tech capacity.
All your consumers need to do is enter their credit card information.
It’s vital to note, though, that you’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $150,000 to incorporate an Interswitch payment gateway.

Rave by Flutterwave

rave 10 Best Online Payment Processors in Nigeria
10 Best Online Payment Processors in Nigeria 34

If we didn’t include Flutterwave’s incredible Rave in this list of online payment processors in Nigeria, it would be a major flaw. This is likely one of the world’s largest payment gateways.
Without any hassles or set-up fees, Rave lets you to accept payments locally and worldwide. They make accepting payments online simple, safe, and secure.
They have offices in San Francisco and Lagos, respectively. In other words, they are catering to a wider audience than only Nigerians. Furthermore, they have the support of the YC, making them a worldwide whale in the ecosystem.
To make things easier for you, we recommend Flutter if you’re undecided between the gateways listed above. Their service is outstanding and unrivaled.

But there’s a catch: their customer service is terrible. But you won’t have any cause to approach them in the first place.
Flutter makes it possible for you to receive payments in 150 different currencies. Furthermore, your consumers can pay using any method they like, such as card payments, MPESA, and so on.
As a result, your customers will have a vast range of options to choose from. Additionally, their integration process is one of the quickest — you’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes.
One of the reasons people appreciate Flutter so much is that payments are less likely to bounce or be sluggish.
Their hybrid software solutions accelerate payment processing from one end to the other at near-light speed.

Flutterwave has a few industry-standard certifications in terms of security. As a result, you may rely on their services.
Last but not least, integration is entirely free.

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OPay logo 10 Best Online Payment Processors in Nigeria
10 Best Online Payment Processors in Nigeria 35

Opay is one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing online payment processors. To improve the quality of their service, they’ve teamed with Flutterwave and Interswitch.
They are PCI DSS certified, which means they are well-protected and encrypted against fraud. Furthermore, they conduct daily cryptographic scans to assess their security posture. Opay is a great option for both online merchants and everyday people. They make it simple to add money, make transactions, and pay bills.
Opay is the most convenient way to manage your finances without having to wait in long lines at banks. They have their cards, much as a handful FinTechs in the area.
Opay may be integrated into your mobile app or your website.

Here are some steps to follow if you wish to do it:
Obtain a merchant account.
Make a set of credentials for your staging account.
Add your IP address to the whitelist.
Begin to get funds.


paystack 10 Best Online Payment Processors in Nigeria
10 Best Online Payment Processors in Nigeria 36

Paystack is one of the leading online payment processors in Nigeria. You may start receiving payments in 30 minutes using the Paystack online payment gateway. Accept credit and debit card payments from consumers all over the world through your website.
With this Paystack starter account, you can accept payments online even if your business isn’t registered. Paystack offers a service that allows businesses to take payments even if they don’t have a corporate bank account or a company registration document.
While making payments, your users can also save their card information in a secure manner. This means that returning customers will have a quicker checkout process.
The Paystack setup fee is non-refundable. Paystack charges 1.5 percent + 100 for local cards and 3.9 percent + 100 for international cards. Visa, MasterCard, and Verve are all accepted.

On Paystack, a fee of $100 is waived for transactions under $2500. Yes, subscription payments are supported.


voguepay edited 10 Best Online Payment Processors in Nigeria
10 Best Online Payment Processors in Nigeria 37

VoguePay is a payment gateway by Tunbosun Ayinla. The vision of VoguePay as one of the payment processors in Nigeria is to offer buyers and sellers a secure and simple integration along with an effective means of online business transactions.
Merchants who use VoguePay can create a new account for free and integrate the plugin into their eCommerce site. Vogue users can get one-time payments, set up subscriptions, and even receive donations to grow their eCommerce business.

VoguePay has also simplified the transaction process for customers by allowing them to get paid for their goods and services through a variety of channels, including internet banking, wallet transfers, bitcoin payments, and more.
Merchants will be paid in their default currency and several globals will be supported.
VoguePay charges 2.5 percent and 4.5 percent fees for local and international transactions, respectively.

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paypal 10 Best Online Payment Processors in Nigeria
10 Best Online Payment Processors in Nigeria 38

If you’re selling to a broad and diverse worldwide audience, PayPal is a great option. We continually promote PayPal for a variety of reasons.
First and foremost, there is no need to pay an additional integration charge in order to set up your PayPal gateway.
Not only that, but there are no monthly or hidden costs. It’s almost as though it’s free. They only take $0.10 from each transaction. Isn’t that fascinating? You also don’t have to worry about whether or not it will function with your processor.
Paypal is compatible with practically all payment processors in Nigeria and beyond. On that basis, PayPal funds are available in 25 currencies and 202 countries.

Customers can pay with practically any credit or debit card. You’ll also have access to a dashboard that will allow you to keep track of your funds and ensure correct analytics.
You have two PayPal gateway options:
Payflow Link
Payflow Pro is a program that helps you manage your money.
The former is unrestricted, whereas the latter is not.


payu 10 Best Online Payment Processors in Nigeria
10 Best Online Payment Processors in Nigeria 39

PayU is one of the payment processors in Nigeria whose purpose is to give merchants and customers in Nigeria with a fast, simple, and efficient payment system. PayU has created cutting-edge financial services for high-growth sectors around the world, where established players are unable to compete.

Customers will find it so simple to make payments online using a variety of devices, including their computer, tablet, and mobile phone, that merchants can customize their payment page design to ensure a consistent look and feel for their customers, or even change it according to the season if they wish.

Before you start working with PayU, keep in mind that different plans have different features and services. As a result, you should devote some effort to choose the ideal plan for your eCommerce business.


gtpay edited 10 Best Online Payment Processors in Nigeria
10 Best Online Payment Processors in Nigeria 40

GTPay by GTbank is a secure internet payment gateway designed to make it easier for merchants in Nigeria to accept payments online. GTPay can integrate with current websites and act as a link between clients and financial institutions when conducting online transactions.
For all types of clients, GTPay is handy alternative payment method. It allows cardholders to pay for goods and services purchased on the internet with their local debit or credit cards.

Those who have an interest in using GTPay can sign up for a Merchant ID and Hash Key from any nearest bank. It costs N75,000 to set up a GTPay account and charges 1.5% for each Just like Paystack gateway, all payments will be remitted the next day, and for transactions from another country, they will be remitted within the next 48 hours.
Requesting for a GTPay is easy, all you have to do is to complete and send your application form on the GTB website.


global pay edited 10 Best Online Payment Processors in Nigeria
10 Best Online Payment Processors in Nigeria 41

GlobalPay is one of the most popular online payment processors in Nigeria. It’s great for any company that wants to reach a global audience.
Payment acceptance is a lot easier with global pay. It enables your customers to make purchases using Etranzanct, Verve, MasterCard, and Visa, as well as other international and domestic cards.
They accept a wide range of top global currencies as one of Nigeria’s leading international online payment gateways.

In other words, with only one integration, your consumers will be able to pay in multiple currencies and cards.
Due to their 3-D security Hi-Tech facility, which can crack hacking, suspend a suspicious move, and assure a smooth financial guardianship, their security system is one of the best in the business.
GlobalPay is a terrific alternative if you’re looking for the greatest online payment gateways for your business.

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