10 best movie production companies in Nigeria

best movie production companies in Nigeria

Nollywood has moved from low-budget to professional production. This article contains list of the best movie production companies in Nigeria.

According to Business day, Nollywood has created an estimated one million direct jobs, making it the second-largest employer in Nigeria after agriculture. The industry and its influence contribute almost one billion USD to Nigeria’s economy annually along with its high job creation.

In the Nigeria movie industry, (Nollywood) movie making has become more and more professional, movie production companies in Nigeria are beginning to have global recognition. If you have never known the names of the companies raising the bar in movie production in Nigeria, this article should guide you through.

The Entertainment Network (TEN)

TEN is a distribution and production company based in Lagos, Nigeria. The company works with promising and established producers to make and release movies.

The Entertainment Network is a film/tv production and distribution company founded in 2015 by Chinny Onwugbenu and Genevieve Nnaji. It was set out to tell artisit-driven, authentic African stories. Notable projects include: the Africa Magic Viewers Choice award-winning drama Road to Yesterday, and Netflix’s first original Nigeria Film and the national submission for the 92nd Academy Awards.

The Entertainment Network plans to establish a Television arm, developing high end drama series with international partners and a diverse range of top level talent.

best movie production companies in Nigeria

Operating under TEN Africa, a production and distribution company, TEN Entertainment has released a number of quality Nigerian movies. The company is proving that it can deliver great movies both by making these movies or acquiring them. At the minimum, one movie by TEN always comes out among the highest-grossing each year of release

Movies by rising filmmakers as well as those by established filmmakers are on the list of releases. TEN has been behind a diverse lineup of great movies from Africa, including ‘Lionheart‘ and ‘Road to Yesterday’.


Inkblot Productions is a Nigerian filmmaking company that is based in Lagos, Nigeria. It is a film
production company founded in 2010 by Naz Onuzo, Zulumoke Oyibo, Damola Ademola and
Omotayo Adeola. Inkblot produc9ons has produced and co-produced several notable Nigerian
movies including two highest earning Nollywood movie – The Wedding Party series.

Over the years, they have been credited for creating quality movies such like: The Set Up, Quam’s Money, The Arbitration, Out Of Luck. They are well known for creating high quality films on TVscreens. Their first project was “Knock Knock “ in 2013.

best movie production companies in Nigeria

The Nigerian production company began with the intention to change the standard of movie-making in the region. They made and are still making high quality, commercially viable films and television shows. Inkblot is one of the best movie production companies in Nigeria.

FilmOne Studios

FilmOne Entertainment is an independent entertainment company focused on the distribution and production of film contents, within and outside the Nigerian territory. FilmOne focuses on distributing and producing a wide range of mainstream and commercial pictures, including international and indigenous films, and maintain strategic alliances and relationships with international studios and distributors.

The FilmOne team comprises of West Africa’s most recognized professionals in film distribution, production, marketing, and general consulting, with combined experience spanning over 50 years, gained from the United Kingdom, United States of America and Nigeria.

best movie production companies in Nigeria

FilmOne core objectives are:

-To generate and maximize revenues from film contents through theatrical and non-theatrical channels, for the benefit of studios, producers and exhibitors.

– To continuously produce quality film contents that are worthy of the box office, and positively shapes the narrative of the Nigerian film industry in the global space.

– To inform the public on the value of the Nigerian film industry through transparent quantitative analysis of sales performances of films, within and outside the territory.

FilmOne Studios is the entertainment unit of FilmOne Company. FilmOne studios is one of the best movie production companies in Nigeria. They produced a group of the top 10 highest-grossing movies of 2016,although some of them was also a collaboration with other Nigerian production companies.

ROK Studios

ROK Studio is an African film and television studio and production house based in Lagos. The Stdio is owned by Jason and Mary Remmy Njoku nollywood actress. Mary Remy Njoku is in charge of all TV and film Creative Content production. ROK Studios is popular for works like; Birthmark, The Hitch, Hazeezat, Husbands of Lagos, Losing Control, Cougers, and Festac Town.

ROK Studio is among the most famous Nigerian producers of films and series in Nollywood, the world second most prolific cinematographic industry, which benefits from a huge following in Africa and within the African descents diaspora.

ROK Studio aims to produce annually more than 600 hours of NOLLYWOOD content, representing a total of 300 films and 20 series per year, combining romance, comedy and drama in its storyline. Among ROK STUDIOS latest productions, are movies like Looking for Baami, Memory Lane and the very popular Size 12.

best movie production companies in Nigeria

ROK studios also stands out in the production of animated content, through ROK Animations. Their very first creation, Story Time, focuses on Nigerian tales and legends. ROK Studios is also one of the best movie production companies in Nigeria with presence in other African countries with a TV channel reaching millions of subscribers.

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Golden Effects Pictures

Golden Effects pictures has its headquarters in Lagos. It is owned by nollywood actor, producer, director, Kunle Afolayan. The company specialises in film production, editing, film equipment rentals, and film consulting.

The company has been re-positioned as a cutting edge and fully integrated film Production Company with two units – (1) Film content development unit that is into film production, TV production, documentary filmmaking, TV Commercials etc. This arm of the company, in its 12yrs of existence has gone to produce six successful and widely acclaimed feature films, While the other unit (2) is the post-production and equipment rental unit, which currently rents out film cameras to independent producers, advertising agencies, music video directors and a modern film editing studio.

Golden Effects has produced popular films among which are Irapada (Redemption), The Figurine- Araromire, “Phone Swap”, October 1, the chart-topping blockbuster film “THE C.E.O.” and the Africa Magic commissioned trio OMUGWO. Kunle Afolayan is among the most successful names in the Nollywood industry and this is reflecting on his production studio.

best movie production companies in Nigeria

Golden Effects Pictures from its track record as proven to be one of the best movie production companies in Nigeria. With a C.E.O like Kunle Afolayan with a depth in wealth of experience, the company is sure to to strive to attain global recognition and relevance.

Mainframe Pictures

Mainframe Pictures is a brand associated top quality and entertaining movies which promote Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage and moral values. It is owned by ace cinematographer, Tunde Kilani. It is fondly called Opomulero.

The company is known for giving technical support to other production houses both within and outside Nigeria. Among the movies associated with this production house are The Narrow Path, Abeni, Ti Oluwa Nile, Thunderbolt and the recent Dazzling Mirage.

With a seasoned movie director and producer like the Veteran Tunde Kilani, Mainframe Pictures is unarguably one of the best movie production companies in Nigeria.

Jungle Filmworks

Jungle Films is a video production team dedicated to producing extraordinary content. The team is made up of seasoned marketing and creative professionals that are committed to producing with purpose. More than just beautiful images, Jungle film cares about marketing effectively.

Jungle Filmworks Chief Executive Officer is Seyi Siwoku. They have a very good track record in the industry. They have produced challenging works particularly in the production of Reality TV shows, Live Concerts and Commercials. They collaborated with writers, directors, producers and other production houses some of which are with Golden Effects pictures on the production of Figurine and Scene one production for Jenifa’s Dairy.

best movie production companies in Nigeria

Production ranging from television commercial, documentary, sales training, client testimonial, instructional video, or ministry promo, we can make your idea come to life, from start to finish. No matter the goal, Jungle film works are very much present with client organization on the storyboarding, planning, and execution of your idea; we’ll be there every step of the way.

Jungle Filmworks have proved to be one of the best production companies in Nigeria.

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Anthill Studios

Anthill Studios also belongs to the group of best movie production companies in Nigeria associated with classic movies. It is owned by nollywood filmmaker, Niyi Akinmolayan. The company has its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

Anthill Studios is a leading media production services company based in the Nigeria. They are proud global collaborators as they have worked around the world and have partnered with top media outlets, filmmakers, and brands. Over the last several years, They have helped create a diverse body of work for their clients, ranging from documentary, TV commercial, Motion Graphics, Animation, Production and Post Production services.

best movie production companies in Nigeria

They offers services in visual media production and post-production with specialty in Graphic Design, Storyboarding, Set extensions, Green Screen Compositing, Visual Effects, Color Grading, Film editing and Mastering. Some of the movies produced by this company are Falling, The arbitration and Out of Luck.

EbonyLife Films

EbonyLife Films is a movie production company owned by Mosunmola Abudu popularly known as Mo Abudu. They are also known for a successful and widely acclaimed feature film, ‘Fifty’ and other award-winning television programmes. This company is a subsidiary of EbonyLife TV, an entertainment and Lifestyle Television. Among their works are classics such as ‘The Governor’, ‘The Wedding Party’, ‘The Royal Hibiscus Hotel’ among others.

The company’s debut film, ’Fifty’ was Nigeria’s highest-grossing drama in 2015 and in 2016 and. ‘The Wedding Party’ became the highest-grossing title of all time in the Nigerian film industry. In 2020, ‘Òlòtūré’, a Netflix Original, about human trafficking was released. Chief Daddy 2: Going For Broke, is EbonyLife Film’s latest movie.

All feature films from EbonyLife Films are currently streaming on Netflix. The company has now gone global on production deals with a selection of international studios, broadcasters and platforms.

No doubt, EbonyLife Films belongs to the category of the best movie production companies in Nigeria.

best movie production companies in Nigeria

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Royal Art Academy Production

Royal Art Academy Production is owned by Popular nollywood actress, Emem Isong. Although it is more of an academy, well known in Nigeria for providing continuing education through training in acting, directing, editing and writing.

Still Royal Art production has done amazing productions among the popular films produced by this company are their blockbusters such as ‘Weekend Getaway’, ‘Kiss & Tell’, ‘Apaye’, ‘Champagne’, ‘Body Language’ among many others. Royal Art productions is unarguably one of the best movie production companies in Nigeria.

best movie production companies in Nigeria

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