8 affordable places for date night in lagos and prices

affordable places for date night in Lagos

In this article, you’ll get to know some affordable places for date night in Lagos and their prices.
One of the best romantic gestures is a nice date at a cozy location. There is almost nothing like two people having a good conversation or connecting (more) over a good dinner, tasty wine or drink, and just not minding as the day gets darker.
If you’re the type that wants your love like in the movies or you just love night dates, then this article is for you. 
We all want to have nice experiences without having to break our piggy banks or empty wallets or purses. That’s why I’ve put together a list of affordable places for dates in Lagos and also their estimated price range. 

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affordable date night places in lagos and prices

1. la cibo

la cibo 8 affordable places for date night in lagos and prices

La Cibo is one of the best and affordable places for date night in lagos. This restaurant’s interiors make it a great place to have a good conversation or just stare into each other’s eyes all night.The variety of their affordable and delicious menu would also make you want to come again. Though it is a small place, it is still a very cozy location for a date night. Ten to thirty thousand naira can get you and your date a full-course meal.

This restaurant is located at 59, Ogunlana Drive, Surulere, Lagos.

Check out their menu list

2. ofada boy

ofada boy 8 affordable places for date night in lagos and prices

Ofada Boy, which is located in Surulere is one of the affordable places for date night in Lagos. Ofada Boy has a laid-back, Afrocentric air that makes you feel at ease in its traditional setting.

The traditional nature of the Ofada Boy restaurant can be seen not just in its décor but also in its culinary presentation and menu. You can dress casually yet stylishly for your first date at the Ofada Boy and not feel overdressed.

The food served is definitely up your alley, with a large range of Nigerian dishes to choose from. Ofada rice is their specialty, which they provide in five distinct packages.You can choose from a variety of house cocktails and mocktails, or go old school with a cool cup of palm wine.

The menu items are moderately priced, ranging from 1500 to 3000 Naira, so you won’t have to break the bank to enjoy a satisfying lunch. To see the menu, go HERE.

Address: 1 Mba St, off Adeniran Ogunsanya St, Surulere, Lagos

3. bottles restaurant

bottles restaurant 8 affordable places for date night in lagos and prices

Bottles restaurant and bar, which has been going strong for years, is still filled to the rafters — and as fantastic as it ever was. Bottles is known for its margaritas and chicken wings, but their menu also includes Fajitas and other Mexican delicacies, as well as international fare such as handcrafted burgers, imported steaks, homegrown prawns, club sandwiches, and other delectable foods.

On Wednesdays, everyone comes to Bottles. They guarantee a fun-filled night with like-minded people celebrating the end of the week. After the most amazing Tex-Mex meals and Margaritas in town, dive into the beat of their in-house DJ and a spectacular Cool Ice Band performing LIVE with alternative classics.

Address: 8 Imam Agusto Cl, Victoria Island, Lagos

4. yin yang express

yin yang express 8 affordable places for date night in lagos and prices

Yin Yang Express is a popular Quick Service delivery chain in Lagos that offers delectable and genuine Chinese cuisine at affordable costs.
Almost everything is inexpensive here and therefore should be on your list of affordable places for date night in Lagos. They provide a variety of rice combos with an average price of N2,000 each plate, wings for as little as N850, and more to satisfy your hunger.

Yin Yang offers you affordable and delicious Chinese cuisine that would have you coming back for more. It should definitely top your list of affordable places for date night in Lagos if you’re looking to add a little bit of of chin chun wo vibe to your date night or if you’re just a lover of Chinese cuisine.

Address: Yin Yang has four different locations, check our their site for the one near you.

5. burg co

burg co 8 affordable places for date night in lagos and prices

Yes, there is a restaurant that solely serves burgers, and Burg is it. Burg is a terrific first date option for anyone who wants to have an affordable date night in Lagos, enjoys burgers and is located in Ikeja GRA in the heart of Lagos.

It has both indoor and outdoor areas for setting up. The inside area is very appealing, and the wooden furniture just adds to the magic. If you’re looking for anything other than milkshakes, consider the outdoor seating area. Its white walls also make for a great photo backdrop.

You can order any of Burg’s burgers, which range in price from 250 to 5000 Naira, with a side of fries and a milkshake. Its pleasant ambiance is ideal for a first date because it allows you to get to know each other in a relaxed setting. This place should definitely be on your list of affordable places for date night in Lagos.

Burg is a fantastic pick for a first date around 10,000 Naira, with beverages ranging from 500 to 2500 Naira. If you’re only looking for a few drinks, the outside bar offers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, so you’re covered.

Address: 11B Isaac John St, Ikeja GRA, Ikeja

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6. The place

the place 1 8 affordable places for date night in lagos and prices

This list of the top places to have an affordable places for date night in Lagos would be incomplete without noting the city’s beauty. The Place, which has locations throughout Lagos, is a terrific place to meet for a first date, especially if you’re on a budget.

There is something for everyone at this restaurant, which serves a vast variety of national and foreign food. Try something new by ordering a plate of stir fry spaghetti, or try something Nigerian by ordering their swallow.

Whatever option you choose, the food is delicious and will leave you wanting more. Show up in your best casual attire since the interior asks for it. Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, The Place provides something for everyone. What’s more, they are reasonably priced and great tasting.

The Place has several branches in Lagos, there’s probably one next to you or in your area.

7. purple bistro

purple bistro 8 affordable places for date night in lagos and prices

Purple Bistro is a trendy fusion restaurant in the Lagos neighbourhood of Yaba. The bistro serves a reasonably priced menu and would be an excellent choice for a dating night in Lagos. The ambience is fantastic and is intended to put people in the mood to enjoy their delectable food. The environment is warm and inviting, as well as photogenic.

On the Lagos mainland, Purple Bistro is one of the best eateries. It is popular among students at the University of Lagos because of its proximity. You can have a full three-course meal and much more there. It’s a good idea to arrive early enough to sample their breakfast waffles, toast, or even pancakes.

Purple Bistro is a nice place to meet up with friends and chill out during the day.

Check out their menu list and prices on Instagram

Address: 3 University Rd, opposite FCMB, Yaba, Lagos.

8. truffles restaurant and bar

truffles restaurant 8 affordable places for date night in lagos and prices

Truffles Restaurant and Bar is a stylish location that has attracted the attention of many patrons in the Ikeja axis, bringing something unique to the Mainland. They have endeared themselves to their services and become one of the most sought-after restaurants on the Mainland, thanks to their contemporary style and delectable signature meals ranging from Nigerian favourites to steaks and salads.

Dark furnishings and dim lighting give the area an instant ‘date night’ vibe. It has a mature and seductive vibe to it, and it would be a terrific spot to take a girl out on a date (and it won’t break the bank). We visited during the day, but they allegedly have a live music night and a large crowd on weekends.

Address: 45A Sobo Arobiodu Street, off Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja, Lagos.

NB: Because prices may or may not increase and the wrong information does not want to be passed across, the link to each restaurant’s website and/or official account has been provided as a clickable button in their names in the text body.

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