8 tips to achieve your personal goal (effective success strategies)

tips to achieve your personal goal

Just as science has provided us with a series of steps on how to solve a scientific problem (the scientific method), this article will teach you what goals mean, how to set your goals, and also provide you with eight tips to achieve your personal goal.

It’s often said that he who doesn’t plan, plans to fail. Goal setting is essential as it gives our lives and living a meaning. Don’t underestimate the importance of ambition and goal-setting in shaping who you are. Everything is within your reach, whether you want to run a marathon, create a business, or lose a dress size. It’s only a matter of having the appropriate mindset.

It is one thing to set a goal and an entirely different thing to stick to that goal and achieve it. We often find that we set goals for the year at the beginning of the year, but we might not stick to them, get distracted, or find ourselves doing something else, hence deviating entirely from the initial plan.
This article will break you free from the shackles of this problem, as its purpose is to be your wake-up call. All you have to do is continue reading.

tips to achieve your personal goal

goals 8 tips to achieve your personal goal (effective success strategies)
8 tips to achieve your personal goal (effective success strategies) 11

what is goal setting?

If we had to go out to a place we’ve never been before, we wouldn’t just hit the road without a proper description of the location or a well detailed address. These guidelines make it easier to get to our destination, and if we want to use a map or GPS to navigate our way there, a detailed address helps the map to direct us well. This is the same with goal setting. Setting goals is the first step to achieving them. 

Goal setting is a deliberate and explicit process that begins with identifying a new objective, skill, or project that you wish to complete. Then you devise a strategy for achieving it and work tirelessly to see it through.
We just don’t think of something we want to achieve and go on to do random things without strategic planning and hoping to achieve it. Goal setting involves a series of plans to achieve the goal that we desire.

importance of setting goals

TheImportanceofSettingGoals 8 tips to achieve your personal goal (effective success strategies)
8 tips to achieve your personal goal (effective success strategies) 12
  1. Goal setting helps you stay motivated.
  2. Goal setting helps you conquer procrastination.
  3. Goal setting assists you in determining what you desire from and/or in life.
  4. Goal setting enables you to accomplish more.
  5. Goal setting helps you measure progress.
  6. Goal setting helps you stay focused.
  7. Goal setting helps you stay in control of your life.

8 tips to achieve your personal goal

SMART 1 8 tips to achieve your personal goal (effective success strategies)
8 tips to achieve your personal goal (effective success strategies) 13

Establish an attainable goal (Consider the outcomes you want to see.)

Before you set a goal, consider what you’re attempting to accomplish and ask yourself the following questions:
Is this a goal you truly desire?
Is it significant enough to devote hours of time and effort to it?

It may not be worthwhile to pursue if you are unwilling to put in the time. When setting a goal, make sure it is something you can accomplish. Create goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound to accomplish this (SMART). The SMART method assists you in setting goals that you are more likely to complete. Make clearly defined goals that tell you what you need to do to achieve them rather than vague goals with no direction. The more specific your goal, the easier it will be for you to accomplish.

Formulate a plan

Determine the steps you’ll take to reach your specific goals. Consider breaking down your overarching goal into smaller subgoals. Plan one to three actions you can take each week, for example, to help you get one step closer to completing your goal. Focusing on small actions over time ensures that you’ve been sticking to your plan and that you’re on the right track toward your goal. It also allows you to achieve small victories along the way to your ultimate objective. This also allows you to keep a better track of your progress.

Don’t be afraid to be inventive with your strategy. Reminisce about your elementary school days and get creative. Using crayons, markers, or coloured pencils, for example, write out your goal. According to Forbes, creating an action plan in this manner activates a different part of your brain and helps you remember your goals. Buy a planner notebook for easy writing.

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Make a timetable.

Once you’ve created a plan, create a timeline that reflects how long it will take to complete each of your sub-goals as well as your overall goal. A timeline holds you accountable and keeps you on track to completing your goal. For example, if you miss a deadline you set for yourself for a smaller goal, it tells you that you need to work harder and stay focused in order to complete your larger goal by the original deadline. Setting a timeline can also provide you with the motivation you require to stick to your plan.

A timeline also instils a sense of urgency, which motivates you to stay on track and complete your task.

Consider the challenges.

Depending on your goal, you may encounter roadblocks that prevent you from achieving it or from achieving it in the timeframe you hoped for. Consider the setbacks you may face in achieving your specific goal and devise a strategy to deal with them.

For example, if you want to complete three design projects in a certain amount of time, you may encounter obstacles such as client feedback that requires you to rework certain aspects of a project. If this is the case, you may need to adjust your deadlines to accommodate these changes.

Having a contingency plan for these scenarios gives you an idea of how to deal with them if they occur. Having a plan in place to deal with unexpected problems can reduce stress, boost confidence, and keep you on track. This is a common misconception.

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Change your mindset and visualise your goals.

It is critical to have the right mindset when it comes to achieving goals. Maintain a positive attitude throughout the duration of your project by paying attention to your attitude. Looking at your goal in a positive light can help you stay motivated to achieve it.

Visualize yourself achieving your goals if you need another way to boost your motivation. Consider what it will be like and how you will feel once you have completed your goal. Consider the positive impact your goal will have on you or those around you. This allows you to visualise the benefits that your completed goal could provide. When you can visualise yourself completing your goal, it can help you become more focused and determined to complete it in real life.

Earl Nightingale, an American writer, once said, “Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude toward us,” and he was correct. Negativity will be reflected back to you if you project it into the world. You won’t be able to do it if you tell yourself “you can’t do this” and “you can’t do that.” As cliche as it may sound, having a “can-do attitude,” even if you’re faking it, can really help you achieve your objectives. When doubt enters your mind, swat it away and be a glass half-full kind of person.

Generate positive reinforcement

We tend to want to reward our pets or kids when they do something good, complete a task, or act as instructed. This, however, should not be restricted to them alone. You should learn to reward yourself after completing a task.

If you require additional motivation, give yourself a reward each time you complete a sub-goal. For example, if you complete a sub-goal faster than expected, treat yourself to your favourite dessert or a night out with friends that you would have otherwise spent working toward your goal. This not only motivates you, but it also helps you associate good things with achieving your goal.

If positive reinforcement isn’t working, think about other ways to aid your progress. For example, if you’re working on a novel and you’re stuck on a particular scene, do some research or watch a movie to get some inspiration. This allows you to make progress even if you aren’t physically working on your goal right now.

Tell everyone

Take into account who you surround yourself with. Inform those around you of your objectives. Make certain that they encourage and support you at all times. This promotes accountability. It’s even more beneficial if you can find people who are pursuing their own set of objectives. This is because they can offer you useful advice, feedback, or insight that you may not have considered—especially if their goals are similar to yours.

Tell everyone who will listen about your plans and how you intend to carry them out. The added pressure will encourage you to follow through on your words. Furthermore, it provides opportunities for networking. Long-term business objectives? The more people you talk to, the more likely you are to meet people with whom you can collaborate and exceed your goals.

Keep track of your progress

To complete your goal, you must maintain a high level of motivation. Consider scheduling a weekly evaluation that includes tracking your progress and reviewing your schedule.

Keep track of your progress not only to stay on track, but also to provide extra motivation. If you see that you’re getting close to your goal, it may motivate you to work harder to complete your tasks sooner. If you find yourself falling behind on your progress, use it to motivate yourself to work harder or to restructure the timeline you originally devised.

Consider making a record of what you accomplished at the end of each day. Throughout your goal-setting journey, take photos, keep a journal, and even vlog your experience. Keeping track of your good and bad weeks allows you to address your weaknesses and figure out how to overcome them.

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