Best Data Plans to Stream Netflix in 2022

Data Plans to stream Netflix

This post would focus on the best data plans to stream Netflix. We can say that;

At one point in time, we’ve all heard or used the popular catchphrase, “Netflix and chill”. It goes to show that Netflix is common amongst Nigerians. This platform was not available to Nigeria up until 2016. On its arrival, lots of Nigerians jumped on the platform as they had been in anticipation. It is common knowledge that Netflix is great for unwinding and spending quality time with friends and families. The company went further to captivate Nigerians by creating Netflix Nollywood movies. Hence, Nigerians have access to both international and local movies at their fingertips. 

Even though many are interested in Netflix, we should understand that it is a video platform. Online video platforms consume data heavily. Netflix is not alone, many video platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok consume a lot of data. So, don’t be surprised if you exhaust your data halfway through a movie. For this reason, many network providers are offering binge data plans that allow Netflix lovers to binge on their favourite series. Users can now enjoy long hours of streaming movies with these data subscription plans.

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Before we dive into the data plans to stream Netflix in Nigeria, let’s quickly look at Netflix subscription plans. Mind you, Netflix subscription plans are different from recommended data plans to stream Netflix. While the former is about the type of plans and bouquets available on Netflix, the later is based on your data provider like GLO, MTN, Spectranet, etc.


Currently, Netflix has made available four major plans which Nigerians can opt-in for. These plans include; Mobile-only, Basic, Standard, and premium plan. The features, access, and pricing differentiate these plans.

Netflix Mobile-only plans

As it goes, it is only available on mobile. This plan is perfect for students and people who only need to connect Netflix to their smartphones. The plan was just recently rolled out to Nigerians. The price of the Netflix mobile-only subscription is N1200.

Netflix Basic Plan

Prior to the mobile-only plan, this was the cheapest Netflix plan available in Nigeria. This plan offers slightly better features to users than the mobile-only plan. It also gives users more accessibility and options. With the basic plan, you can stream Netflix on any device, including your mobile phone. The downside of this plan is that you can only stream Netflix on one device at a time. To get this plan, users need to budget $8.99 (N2,900) monthly.

Netflix Standard Plan

As you’ve expected, the standard plan offers more features than the Basic and mobile-only plan. This plan was created to provide users with the best viewing experience, as they can stream movies and series in Higher definition(HD). Nigerians should also know that the plan is not created for one individual. Subscribing to Netflix’s standard plan implies that you can share your login with your foe, friend, or family. Moreover, you should keep in mind that only two devices are allowed. This plan comes at a monthly cost of N3600, equivalent to $13.99.

Netflix Premium Subscription

Would I be wrong to say the premium plan is a family plan? Well, Netflix VP marketing wouldn’t disagree. This plan tops all other plans. First, it allows four people or devices to assess this plan at a time-better than two for a standard plan. In addition, users can also stream clearer movies. Those who love high-quality video content would definitely love the Ultra-HD video display. It costs N4200 monthly to subscribe to this plan.

Whether you choose the mobile-only, basic, standard, or premium plan, you can always download your movies. You should also know that you can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan whenever the need arises.

Even if you choose to stream your movies online or download and watch later, you need a good data plan for smooth navigation and experience. Nigerian Data providers have made available different plans that would suit your needs. Let’s look at the top options.

Cheap Data Plans to Stream Netflix in Nigeria

1. N500 for 2GB MTN Data Plan for Netflix

Without arguments, we would all agree that MTN is the top service provider in Nigeria due to its coverage and reliability across all corners of Nigeria. For those on a small budget, you can opt for the 2Gb for 2days which costs N500.

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All you have to do is preload your line with at least N500 airtime. You can do this by direct top-up from your bank account or buying recharge cards. After you have airtime, dial *131#. 131 is the USSD code to purchase available data plans. 

When you dial, a pop-up will appear, select “data plans”, subsequently, select daily plans. Then you’ll find a list of choices available for you. Scroll down, and select “2.5GB for N500”. After that, you’ll receive a message on completion. Now you can stream and download your preferred movies for two days.

2. N1500 for 7GB GLO Data Plan 

If you use the GLO network, this is arguably one of the best plans for Netflix and other internet activities. You should know that this is a weekly plan, and it runs all through the week. When subscribing to this plan, make sure to turn on the Auto-renew feature. This feature allows you to rollover unused, expired data to your next data subscription. 

To subscribe to this plan, dial *777#. After dialing, a pop-up will appear. Select 1-Data, then send ‘1’ again. After that, choose auto-renew-if you want to renew constantly, choose ‘special data offer’. From the special data offer, choose ‘special plans’. A pop-up will appear with three options; select ‘3’ with N1500 for 7GB. Alternatively, you can pick the daily plan of 1GB for N300 or the N500 for 2GB. 

3. 6GB for N1500 on Airtel NG

This plan works like the N1500 for the 7GB on the GLO network. However, this plan is 1 GB lesser than the amount on GLO. Similarly, this plan works for a week. To subscribe to this data plan, dial *141#, select, binge plan, then choose N1500 for 6GB per week. Like the GLO special plans, you can also select the smaller plans of N300 and N500, which offer 1GB and 2GB, respectively.

4. N500 for 2GB on 9mobile

Unlike Airtel and GLO 2GB for N1500, the 9mobile plan lasts for 3 days. To stream Netflix, simply dial *229*3*4# to hop on the 2GB for 3 days plan. You should have at least N500 preloaded on your sim.

Other Plans to Stream Netflix

For those who frequently use Mifi and routers, there are many data plans for Netflix users. Such plans include;

  1. Spectranet 30GB for 30 days at N7165
  2. Smile 100GB for N18,000 per month
  3. Smile 40GB for N10,000/30 days
  4. at N12,500 per month
  5. Spectranet: 40GB/month at N12,995


There are numerous Data plans to stream Netflix in Nigeria. You can either opt for your regular data plan or use a short-term binge plan for streaming Netflix. We have listed the top cheap data plans across all major networks in Nigeria. You can also choose data providers such as spectranet, smile, wifi, etc.

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