Comprehensive list of all mTN Nigeria data plans and prices In 2022


New Year; Better Internet Plans!

Bet none of your resolutions this year is going through the internet hassle you experienced in the previous year! If any, it would be on avoiding that experience for a seamless and even more affordable data plan.

We have a couple of internet providers in Nigeria; all of them with their geographical advantages. Regardless, a couple of network providers do well across all locations. One of which is MTN.

We would be providing you with a comprehensive list of all MTN data plans available in Nigeria.

MTN Mobile Data Bundle Plan

MTN Data Bundles are split into packages based on the duration of the data usage

MTN Always-On Data bundle

Before we proceed; It’d be quite important that we elaborate on some rather exclusive lingual used for MTN data bundle. Which is the MTN Always-On Data bundle

The Always-On daily and weekly plans allow you to use the day data element any time of the day while the night data element can only be used from 11pm to 6am daily. The Always-On monthly plan is gradually credited into your balance by 12midnight on daily basis for 30 days.

The Daily Plan

Well, the daily plan data bundle might appear to be much with what can be done with it; but you can surely make a great deal out of a 24-hour data plan. From WhatsApp messages to browsing. MTN offers a 40 MB plan for as low as N50, which expires after 24 hours of its activation. On the daily plan bundle you can get:

  • 40 MB at N50
  • 100 MB at N100
  • 200 MB at N60
  • 1 Gb at N300

The 2-Day Plan

The 2-day plan run for 48 hours. And sure, also makes a great deal for online courses and other browsing activities you’d like to engage on, with just N500.

  • 2 GB at N500
  • 2.5 GB at N500

The 3-Day Plan

The 3- day plan is another substitute for a small change data bundle you can activate if you need an emergency recharge.

  • 200 MB at N200

The Weekly Plan

 The weekly data plan available on MTN comprises a number of offers ranging from N120 to N1, 500.

  • 450 MB at N120 (Always-on Data)
  • 750 MB + 1 hour YouTube Daily at N500
  • 750 MB + 1 GB for YouTube at N500
  • 1 GB + 1 GB for YouTube at N500
  • 2 GB + 2 GB for YouTube at N1000
  • 6 GB at N1500

Monthly Plan

The monthly plans are the most activated data bundles. Hence, its multiple plans and offers from as low as N1000 to N5000.

  • 1.5 GB + 2 GB for YouTube at N1000
  • 2 GB + 4 GB for YouTube at N1200
  • 3 GB + 4 GB for YouTube at N1500
  • 4.5 GB + 4 GB for YouTube at N2000
  • 6 GB + 4 GB for YouTube at N2500
  • 10 GB + 4 GB for YouTube at N3000
  • Always-on Data 15 GB at N3000
  • 12 GB + 4 GB for YouTube at N3500
  • 20 GB + 4 GB for YouTube at N5000
  • 25 GB at N6000
  • Always-on Data at 45 GB for N6000
  • 40 GB for N10000
  • 75 GB at N15000
  • 120GB at N20000
  • 200GB at N30000

Bi-Monthly Plan

This sure looks like a great deal with the bi-annual offer from as low as N8000 to N30000.

– 30 GB at N8000

– 100GB at N20000

– 160GB at N30000

3-Monthly Plan

400GB for 3 months? That seems like a lot. If anything, MTN plans are long lasting and are not superficial or incomplete. From as low as N50000

  • 400GB at N50000
  • 600GB at N75000

6-Monthly Plan

  • 800GB at N90000

Yearly Plan

  • 1 TB at N100000
  • 2.5TB at N250000
  • 4.5TB at N450000

MTN HyNetflex (MiFi) Data Plan

MTN HyNetflex Data Plan is one of the most suitable data plans for large families to Small and Medium Enterprises. We all love awoof, swift internet speed and at affordable prices; MTN HyNetflex promises that!

The first promise is a guaranteed 120GB data bonus and 100% data bonus on every subscription for the first 90days. Others are; High-speed broadband internet for superfast downloads, up to 64 multiple users at the same time from a single subscription, convenient renewal options and prompt customer service. The batteries of the MiFi dongles are also inbuilt and can be gotten at N25, 000 at any MTN store.

MTN HyNetFlex Capped Data Bundle Plan for MiFi Dongles

MTN MiFi bundles are categorized into 2: the capped and unlimited packages. As the names imply- the capped plans are limited data within a constrained period of time. Here you may have 30GB for 30 days. However, the unlimited data plan is a fixed data given with an unlimited clause for a period of time. As you rightfully guessed, the unlimited data plan has a clause. Under the unlimited plan- if you subscribe for a 20GB for 7 days- you can use more than 20Gb within the 7 days. However, after the seventh day, the internet speed reduces. The table below shows the available plans.

HyNetflex Capped Data Plans
Description Price (N) Previous Bundles Revamp Bundles Validity
New Router Bundle Plans 25,000 Router+120GB Router+120GB 30 Days
Capped Data Plans 8,000 25GB 30GB 30 Days
11,000 45GB 45GB 30 Days
18,000 100GB 100GB 30 Days
25,000 160GB 200GB 30 Days
36,000 280GB 300GB 30 Days
45,000 360GB 400GB 30 Days
90,000 800GB 1TB 30 Days
150,000 1.5TB 2TB 30 Days

MTN HyNetFlex Unlimited Data Bundle Plan for MiFi Dongles

Unlike the capped data bundles, the unlimited plan allows unlimited browsing within the stated duration. Even when the allotted data is expired, you still have the leeway to brows but with a slow internet speed.

HyNetflex Unlimited Data Plan
Plan Name Price Previous Bundles Revamped Bundles Validity
Bronze 5,000 After 30GB, speed may reduce to 512kbps After 30GB, speed may reduce to 512kbps 7 Days
Silver 20,000 After 130GB, speed may reduce to 512kbps After 130GB, speed may reduce to 512kbps 30 Days
Ruby 30,000 After 210GB, speed may reduce to 512kbps After 250GB, speed may reduce to 512kbps 30 Days
Gold 45,000 N/A After 500GB, speed may reduce to 512kbps 30 Days
Diamond 60,000 After 550GB, speed may reduce to 512kbps After 800GB, speed may reduce to 512kbps 30 Days
Platinum 165,000 N/A After 2.5TB, speed may reduce to 512kbps 180 Days


MTN data plans covers the spectrum of all income earners! Check here for tips on how to link you newly bought SIM cards

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