A Step By Step Guide To Integrate TikTok Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

A Step By Step Guide To Integrate TikTok Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy


TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform worldwide. It is simple to use, exciting, and above all – highly addicting. TikTok overtook YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook in the App store’s monthly installs in 2018.

TikTok merges with Musical.ly(owned by ByteDance) and the vine(discontinued), creating the spot for many to get trendy video content with handy music or songs.

TikTok contains massive content creators where each has above one million fans. They post entertaining and comedic video content regularly or interact with their audience through live streaming on TikTok.

TikTok’s live feature helps the influencers on the platform to reach over a vast audience at once. The content creators on the platform have the incredible ability to influence their fans to install apps for their mobiles, purchase a new dress, or also listen to a trendy song. Businesses and brands need to get the potential that TikTok offers as a marketing channel.

Business TikTok

TikTok is becoming a new spot for vast businesses to market their services or products. Nowadays, Instagram contains a lot of fake profiles and is saturated. It forces many brands and businesses with a marketing mind to search for a new platform in terms of demographics and budget.

A business that is already using TikTok to gain awareness is music labels. The Influencer marketing factory supports it to bring a particular song or music go viral. 

For instance, the Influencer marketing agency helped Universal Music Denmark introduced a song by the K-Phax, that too using only five influencers, and it results in over one million views on the hashtags, over five million song reach, above 1000 video contents are created, and more than ten million combined user reach.

How To Integrate TikTok Into Your Advertising Campaign

First, it is essential to get that the TikTok platform won’t allow anyone to attach a clickable link to their posts. It simply means no one can use the platform to bring traffic to a landing page or website. But, the primary objective is to increase:

  • Brand awareness
  • New service or product launch
  • App promotion
  • Viral song

The only method to get a clickable link on the TikTok platform is to spend any amount on their ad campaigns. And there are three significant points to grab while making a successful TikTok marketing campaign:

Get the Right Influencers

tiktok influencers
A Step By Step Guide To Integrate TikTok Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy 4

It is essential to select the right influencers and content creators. It can be done by either choosing an influencer agency or on your own, and it’s a time-consuming process. So, grabbing agencies helps reduce time and gains more reply rates.

Don’t pick an influencer by seeing their follower’s count; sometimes, they have inactive users in huge numbers. Engagement rate is the particular metric you need to analyze while picking an influencer. It is an easy calculation – (comments + hearts) / followers count * 100.

Sometimes, an influencer with low followers has a lot of TikTok engagement. So, don’t forget to pick the right influencer for your campaigns from your industry or niche. For example, if you are from the fitness industry, choose the right influencer in the fitness field.

Use The Right Music Or Song

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A Step By Step Guide To Integrate TikTok Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy 5

Music is a vital element in TikTok video content. It would be best if you grabbed the viewer’s attention before they move to the next. Using a handy song helps you bring high engagement and tends to gain the advertising campaign’s overall reach.

You can get the famous and most used TikTok songs below the TikTok’s Discover section. First of all, you want to know that music or song available on TikTok is legal to utilize in your video contents. If you use TikTok’s music library, you will never be subject to any legal actions or requests. 

As the platform becomes more famous, the legal and moral questions on music would be highlighted. Because the platform offers the users to upload short-term video contents, and it is not expensive to stand with rights to the song or music. The platform removed nearly 1400 video contents for copyright complaints in the past six months.

Use The Good Voice Tone

TikTok is a spot for entertainment. So, create the content with an open mind. Teen influencers know what their fans need, so the creator couldn’t be forced to use a marketing or business tone.

Influencers should be allowed their creativity and freedom to show themselves as part of their brand image. The company manager may don’t know the slang, but the user knows it very well. It makes the video content more organic.

TikTok users naturally look for authenticity, and they don’t like to see challenging video content with low engagement. There is no point in uploading several videos and receiving zero engagement. In such cases, you need to get more TikTok likes to improve credibility and increase the chances of more people to watch your videos.

Summing Up

TikTok platform is the growing social media network beating YouTube and Instagram. Many businesses and brands didn’t wish to lose the golden opportunity of acquiring TikTok for their marketing strategy to communicate with the younger generation and to gain brand awareness. It profits more for every business and brand by reducing traditional ads and online banners.

Author Bio

Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoy the opportunity to work with social media influencers.  

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