How-to Guide: Lock Your Whatsapp in 2021

Lock your WhatsApp
Lock your WhatsAppp

One great tool used for messaging all over the world is WhatsApp. Whatsapp allows you to chat with a contact, share media and documents, engage in video and voice calls, and even share Broadcast messages. 

If you are a WhatsApp user, you would know that your chats and media are not fully protected. Any person with access to your phone can easily read your private messages. This is because WhatsApp does not provide an authentication system for its users. Authentication can be a password, pin, or any unique lock.

This guide would show you how you can best secure your private messages and media. Now let’s dive deep into how you can lock your WhatsApp from intruders.

Why do you need to lock your WhatsApp? 

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Lock your Apps

Even if you have a lock screen password or pin, it is necessary to safely lock your WhatsApp. This is because Your lock screen password does not lock the apps individually. Anyone close to you who knows your lock screen details can easily access your media and chats. To avoid unpleasant scenarios and leaks of certain information, it is best advised to lock your WhatsApp.

The next section would show you detailed steps on how you can lock your WhatsApp.

How to Lock your Whatsapp?

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Whatsapp fingerprint lock


Before February 2021, you can not lock your WhatsApp without third-party apps. Even though WhatsApp featured an end to end encryption system, it was pointless. This is because someone with your phone can have access to your messages. However, with the recent update, you can now lock your WhatsApp securely. With the new update, you can now lock with biometric authentication. Simply, this is fingerprint access. The following steps would show you how to enable fingerprint lock.

1. Update your WhatsApp

2. Open the WhatsApp app

3. Tap the menu button on the screen (3 vertical bars located at the top right corner of the app)

4. Then tap ‘settings’. A new page will open with prompts.

5. After doing the above, hit ‘Account’, then click on ‘Privacy’.

6. Scroll down to the Page.

7. Hit ‘Fingerprint lock’

8. Now, you have to enable the fingerprint lock. You would need to swipe the toggle bar. After this, verify with your fingerprint.

9. Then, you will need to set how often you want your lock your WhatsApp. Whatsapp provides you with the option of, immediately, 1 minute, or 30 minutes. Choose your preference.

If you followed the above steps promptly, you would have secured your WhatsApp account from intruders. 

Furthermore, you can also block your messages from displaying in the notification panel. To do this, go to ‘Notifications’, then swipe the toggle bar, to disable messages from showing in the notification panel.

In addition to this update, you can also protect yourself from intruders who wish to view your messages through WhatsApp web. Whatsapp now requires biometric authentication – fingerprint – before you can link the App to the web. You can also see connected devices from the Linked Device option.

Can I lock with third-party apps? 

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Whatsapp app lock

Yes, you can lock your WhatsApp with third-party apps. This app is suitable for those who haven’t updated their WhatsApp, use phones without fingerprints, etc. You would have to install the app first before you can integrate the lock. Nevertheless, there are various apps available for download through the play store or app store. Examples of such apps include; Norton app lock and Avast mobile security.


This post has highlighted step by step procedures that you can use to lock your WhatsApp.

Go through it, and make sure to secure your private chat and media.

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