Facebook is renaming Whatsapp and Instagram to show you who’s in charge.

Facebook wants to rename Instagram WhatsApp to assert more control 10 Facebook is renaming Whatsapp and Instagram to show you who's in charge.

Facebook  which owns both Instagram and WhatsApp, has announced that it would be adding ‘Facebook’ into the names of the apps it purchased in 2014 and 2012 respectively.

In 2014 Facebook acquired Whatsapp for $16 billion, two years before she purchased trending app Instagram for $1 billion. The popular app has also acquired 78 other companies till date. Now it seems Mark Zuckerberg is about to let everyone know who is in charge. The two social media platfroms are to be known as “WhatsApp from Facebook” and “Instagram from Facebook“.

Since the both apps were bought, they have operated independently and it seems this move is to let it be clear that Facebook owns them both, something which isn’t obvious with the branding of both apps.

Ever since Facebook bought both WhatsApp and Instagram, it has largely left the apps to run independently. There isn’t a clear report on how the names would appear but sources claim the names would change on Google Play and App Store. This new change comes in a period where Facebook is seeking to merge the three social media apps together using the same basic facilities. Earlier this year it was reported that Facebook is working on a new update that allows users operate a cross-platform messaging system, sending messages  between messengers, Instagram and Whatsapp


This didn’t come as a surprise as there is enough reasons to believe Facebook employees are fully aware that this would happen soon, in June Facebook also announced that employees of Whatsapp and Instagram would switch to   the “@fb.com” emails soon, this is another move that shows Facebook is in charge of these platforms.

Should we be scared?

jan koum whatsapp founder leaves facebook Facebook is renaming Whatsapp and Instagram to show you who's in charge.

This update by Facebook comes in a period wherein the founders of both Instagram and Whatsapp have all left the company, which now gives Facebook more power to do things as they wish. According to reports, this change in name came as Mark Zuckerberg feels Facebook hasn’t received enough credit for the rise in both platforms. This could also backfire as Facebook has already gotten some bad PR based on its privacy scandals, and it could make users withdraw from those apps due to privacy and security concerns.




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