Pokemon GO: New App Lets You Receive Notifications When Pokemons Are Nearby

Pokemon Go

Android Pokemon Go fans who are sick of staring at their phones may now have a better option.

If you’re an Android user determined to be the very best Pokemon Go master but find yourself burdened by the need to constantly look at your phone’s screen, then you may like to know that there’s now an app for that.

It’s called PokeDetector and, before we go any further, it must be said that is an unofficial Pokemon Go app that may negatively impact your game or can even place you at risk of losing your account privileges should the developer determine that your use of it is in violation of the game’s policies. As such, download discretion is advised.

For those who do choose to take the risk, though, you’ll find that PokeDetector adds several features to Pokemon Go that perhaps should have been in place from the start. »

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