PACIFIC RIM 2 Gets Official Title as Production Begins.

Pacific Rim 2
Yayy!! Production of Pacific Rim 2 begins

Who else is excited about Pacific Rim 2? The first part was a killer and a lot of people really enjoyed it. The movie is nothing short of astonishing.

Pacific Rim 1 was only about to get $101 million from U.S even with a budget of up to $190 million which might seems not fantastic, but the great news was that it was able to make a whooping additional $309 million overseas outperformed most predictions. Fast-forward to 2016( three years later), Pacific Rim 2 production begins again.

We all remember John Boyega from Star Wars: The Force Awakens? He was part of the movie in which he played as the son of Idris Elba’s Stacker Pentecost in Pacific Rim 1. – now you remember right?

He just announced it via an instagram post, that production of Pacific Rim 2 started today and finally confirmed the long-rumored title of the new movie

“First day on Pacific Rim today,” Boyega wrote on Instagram. “Here’s to a great adventure ahead.”

Pacific Rim: Maelstrom

Themovie initially had a problem of finding a director, but it seems they have found not only a director now but also a writer too. But Charlie Hunnam has said that he won’t be appearing in the sequel to take over his role as Raleigh Beckett, due to scheduling conflicts, tho he said he would be very happy to see Pacific Rim 2 when it is released.

Sequel director Steven DeKnight also posted something similar on Twitter. He Tweeted a photo of a clapperboard emblazoned with the subtitle, DeKnight added the caption, “Day 1 of shooting. The adventure begins… #PacificRim2.”

We don’t have an official synopsis yet but the first part was a story when humanity was forced to build gigantic robots known as Jaegers to help fight monsters called kaiju so that they won’t destroy our amazing planet.

It would be directed by Steven S. DeKnight, who is quite popular with Tv Shows, he directed episodes of Daredevil and Smallville. Its script, would be written by Jurassic World writer Derek Connolly.

Pacific Rim 2 arrives in theaters on February 23, 2018.

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