9 Amazing Google Features Most People Don’t Know About

FLip a coin google
There are so many interesting features of Google search most people don’t know about, how many of these interesting and underutilized Google features do you know about ?

It is widely known that if something is not on Google, then it is something that does not exist- which is not true when you read this amazing article on the dark web. Nevertheless the Mountain View company, which was founded in 1998 has evolved from the bare directory-based search engine it was when it was first developed to a more complex system that has been the base of the Surface Web.

Over years a lot of new features has been added to the Google search system but most of us don’t even know about them.

Some of the “awesomely cool” stuffs you can do with Google include:

1. Calorie Comparison

google calorie comparision

“Shey you are watching your weight? ” then try Google’s Calorie Comparison tool. This instrument allows for you to quickly view the differences among various foods and fruits. To use this tool, include the first option “vs” the second one and hit ENTER. Google will populate a comprehensive tab including a picture of each option, along with the nutritional values to help you decide.



Are you in great need of the time and you don’t have access to a watch around? -maybe you are in the Sahara desert with good internet but no wristwatch  right? Just, type “Stopwatch” in Google, and see a clock placed above the results immediately.

3) Calculator (Normal & scientific)

Google calculator

Most of us have an abundance of calculator-options around, from smartphones, PC and other gadgets- they got calculators in ’em’ , but who knows sometimes our phones might be far away and we need to do some real quick calculations. Just type “Calc” Google will display above results a calculator, even it also works if you enter the concrete operation in the search field like “84/2”.

4) Google in 1998

Google in 1998

This trick allows you to make a quick time travel back to the past and see how Google looks in 1998.  Awesome right? Just type “Google in 1998” and then you will be able to see how Google actually look like in 1998.

5) Rolling a die:

Google roll a die

This one of is for the game players. If you need to make a quick bet but can’t find a die, just use Google’s 100% fair die instead of those that have been tampered with.  All you have to do is type “roll dice” and have a six virtual faces ready to use.

6) Fun Facts


Fun facts are very interesting ways to test our knowledge of our society. Google shows you in a special format whenever you enter “fun facts” in the search field one random fact. For example, “The statue of liberty arrived in New York Harbor on June 19, 1885….” as seen in the image above.

7) Flipping a coin:

FLip a coin google

Am pretty sure you would have been expecting to see this feature after we talked about the “roll a die ” feature.

Heads or tails? If you can’t find a coin to decide something crucial as quick as possible. Google can assist you with a virtual coin. Type “flip a coin” in the search, and you will have a virtual currency available to use it for heads or tails. Simple right?

8) Football results


Football has become a very popular sport in the world over the few years and Google also recognize it that built a feature that will help simplify activities of fans around the world when checking for the scores of their favorite EPL or Champions league matches  Write “results” followed by the name of the sports in the search bar and have all the information right there.

9) Currency conversions

google currenciy conversion

The is coming last because most of us (Nigerians) are tired of converting our local currencies this days due to the recession the country is experiencing.

But if you are not tired of  knowing the conversion rate of your currencies just head up to Google and type your currency with the amount . For example, “20 naira to dollar ” as i did in the image above. You can also use the abbreviation of the currency bank ( “250 NGN  in EUR”).


If you have any new features not listed here kindly let us know them via the comment section 🙂

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