SanDisk’s New 1TB SD Card Has More Memory Than Your PC

SanDisk's New 1TB SD Card

San Disk has just unveiled the biggest SD card in the world, the new memory card  can contain a whopping  1 TB (terabyte) of data. Amazing right?

The SD card is just a prototype for now, there has been no news on its release date or price, but it is an amazing milestone to reach for the information technology industry.

Western Digital- the company that produces the SanDisk SD cards, recently noted that it was only 16 years ago that the company introduced the popular 64 megabyte SD card, fast-forward to two years ago they debuted the 512GB card for $800, which was then the world’s biggest.


Today’s 1TB version offers 16,384 times more storage than it’s first SD card- the 64 megabyte memory card.

Imagine what the new 1TB card can offer, you can just insert it in your smartphones or camera and essentially forget it even has a storage cap at all.

The company- Western Digital has said the new card is necessary to match the high demand for large memory formats for technologies like Virtual reality (VR), 4K and 8K footage , 360-degree video e.t.c. But there is a downside to it, the price we definitely know will be super-expensive, and with the large capacity of the SD card will affect it’s read and write speed and make it to be comparatively slow

Plus, if you working with a 1TB SD card there’s always the danger you’ll have too much space and forget to ever switch cards.

Now imagine the anguish if your 1TB card corrupts and you lose everything on it.


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