Date Ideas in Nigeria 2023: Top Romantic Spots & Activities

date ideas in Nigeria 2023

Romantic dates are a way to show love and affection. They help us make special memories with that special someone. They are the small yet important moments where two hearts connect, exploring their shared interests, passions, and dreams.

When it comes to planning the perfect date in Nigeria, the options are as diverse as the country itself. Whether you’re a local looking to impress your partner or a tourist seeking a memorable experience, Nigeria offers a wealth of romantic opportunities for different tastes and preferences.

You can go for a peaceful walk on the beach under the starlit sky or have a candlelit dinner with a beautiful view. Each date is like a chapter in your own love story. After all, love isn’t just about finding the right person; it’s also about creating the right moments with them.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the top date ideas in Nigeria that will spark the flames of romance and create lasting memories.

1. Sunset Beach Picnic at Tarkwa Bay, Lagos

Imagine you and your partner, with the gentle waves touching your toes, as you watch the sun go down in warm colors while sharing a tasty picnic on Tarkwa Bay’s sandy shores. This peaceful spot in Lagos lets you both relax and connect in a stunning natural setting.

Tarkwa Bay in Lagos is far from the city’s busy streets and is perfect for a romantic escape. The soft sound of the waves, the gentle sea breeze, and the golden sand beneath your feet make you feel like time has stopped. 

Date ideas in Nigeria: An idyllic sunset beach picnic scene at Tarkwa Bay, Lagos, with a warm orange and pink sky reflecting on the calm waters, setting a romantic atmosphere.
Experience the magic of a sunset beach picnic at Tarkwa Bay, Lagos. As the sun sets, the sky comes alive with warm hues, creating a romantic ambiance for an unforgettable evening by the water’s edge.

Here’s the picture: as the sun sets, painting the sky in red and orange, you and your partner spread out a picnic blanket and enjoy a variety of snacks. The peaceful vibe of Tarkwa Bay sets the stage for heartfelt conversations, just like the waves nearby.

A visit to Tarkwa Bay isn’t just one of the date ideas in Nigeria; it’s a special chapter in your love story that is set against Nigeria’s natural beauty.

2. Evening Walk at Lufasi Nature Park, Lagos

Imagine a romantic date at Lufasi Nature Park in Lagos, surrounded by beautiful greenery. You can walk together, hand in hand, away from the noisy city, listening to the leaves rustling and birds singing. 

Date ideas in Nigeria: Couple enjoying a peaceful evening walk amidst lush greenery at Lufasi Nature Park, Lagos.
Finding tranquility in nature: An evening stroll through the picturesque Lufasi Nature Park in Lagos, Nigeria.

The best part is the treetop canopy walkway, giving you amazing views. If you both love birds, it’s a perfect place. Bring binoculars and spot colorful birds together. As the evening comes, find a spot and enjoy quiet moments amidst the park’s serene beauty, and create your own romantic story, one walk at a time.

3. Romantic Boat Ride at Jabi Lake, Abuja

Imagine your romantic moment on a boat ride at Jabi Lake, one of the most memorable date ideas in Nigeria. With the calm water surrounding you, yet revealing the beauty of nature, this experience is truly special. 

Date ideas in Nigeria: Romantic Boat Ride at Jabi Lake, Abuja.
Experience romance on the tranquil waters of Jabi Lake, Abuja – one of the top date ideas in Nigeria.

With each paddle, the magic you both feel grows stronger as you see green landscapes under the blue sky. It’s like a concert for your senses: the boat gently moving, nature making soothing sounds, and the birds singing. Every look, laugh, and word you share deepens your connection and creates your unique love story. Remember to take pictures to capture these moments, preserving them in your love scrapbook. Each ride is a special journey through time.

4. Wine Tasting at The Wine Cellar, Abuja

The Wine Cellar in Abuja offers a wonderful wine-tasting experience that’s all about elegance and romance. Imagine being in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere under a starry sky – it’s the perfect place for a special date. They have many different wines to try, like rich reds, crisp whites, and sweet rosés. 

A couple enjoying a wine-tasting experience at The Wine Cellar in Abuja - Perfect Date Ideas in Nigeria
Indulge in a romantic wine-tasting experience at The Wine Cellar in Abuja. Discover the finest wines and create lasting memories with your loved one.

Each sip tells a story of dedication and love from the winemakers. The soft, candlelit atmosphere makes it great for romantic moments and even proposals. The Wine Cellar is more than just a place; it’s where love stories are made. So, make unforgettable memories on your special days with a wine-tasting experience here, because love and wine both get better over time.

5. Romantic Dip at Gurara Waterfalls, Niger

Imagine Gurara Waterfalls, a stunning natural wonder that’s perfect for a romantic getaway. The water flows gently, forming calm pools, creating a soothing natural melody. The lush paths provide a peaceful setting, with leaves rustling and a gentle forest breeze setting the mood. Share a picnic by the water, laugh together, and enjoy some delicious bites. 

Romantic couple enjoying a dip at Gurara Waterfalls in Niger - Perfect Date Ideas in Nigeria.
Escape to the serene Gurara Waterfalls in Niger for a romantic dip with your loved one. Discover the perfect date ideas in Nigeria and create lasting memories amidst nature’s beauty.

Take a refreshing dip in the pools, laugh, and make memories together. Gurara Waterfalls captures beautiful moments, like snapshots of your unique love story, woven into the magic of nature. A dip at Gurara is easily one of the best date ideas in Nigeria.

The Delaroke Art Gallery in Port Harcourt offers a serene and romantic setting, especially on quiet weekdays. As you stroll hand in hand through the gallery, admiring contemporary and traditional Nigerian art largely from artists within the city, each piece tells its own story and provokes emotions. You can talk about the art that you like the most, and it can lead to deep and meaningful conversations. You can share your thoughts and interpretations, and the art can help you connect on a deeper level. 

A couple exploring vibrant artwork at The Delaroke Art Gallery, a perfect choice for memorable date ideas in Nigeria.
Discovering romance through art at The Delaroke Art Gallery in Port Harcourt – an ideal spot for unforgettable date nights in Nigeria.

Choose a special artwork as a shared keepsake, and capture your moments with photographs. You can also leave little love notes for each other inspired by the art, hidden in surprising places for your partner to find. These small gestures, inspired by the art, turn your date into a fun treasure hunt.

You might also want to pick a piece of art that both of you really like, something that will always remind you of this special day. This artwork, chosen together, becomes a symbol of your shared memories and feelings. And don’t forget to take pictures of these precious moments. Each photo is a snapshot of your unique love story, capturing moments from your romantic adventure at the Delaroke Art Gallery.

7. Sip & Paint, Lagos

This charming place in Nigeria is all about romance and creativity, offering couples a special experience that leaves them with lasting memories. Imagine you and your partner sitting comfortably, each with a paintbrush in hand, and a blank canvas waiting to be turned into art through your shared creativity. As you both embark on this artistic adventure, sipping on your favorite drinks, you bond over the strokes of paint and the laughter filling the air.

Couple enjoying a Sip & Paint session in Lagos - Date Ideas in Nigeria
Unwind and get creative with Sip & Paint in Lagos, one of the top date ideas in Nigeria! Perfect for couples looking for a unique and artistic way to spend quality time together.

The joy of watching your artistic skills improve together is amazing. It’s not just about creating perfect artwork; it’s about the experience you share and the memories you create while painting. The ‘Sip & Paint’ is one of the most delightful date ideas in Nigeria, letting couples explore their creative sides and leading to moments of discovery, fun, and a real connection.

8. Outdoor Movies at Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar

Imagine for a second, you and your date, sitting at Obudu Cattle Ranch under the starry Nigerian sky. It’s a perfect setting for a romantic outdoor movie night. You can snuggle up with cozy blankets and watch all kinds of movies, from sweet romances to exciting adventures. 

Romantic Outdoor Movie Night under the Stars - Perfect Date Idea in Nigeria.
Experience the magic of outdoor movies at Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar, a perfect date idea in Nigeria where you can enjoy films under the open sky with your loved one.

There are comfy seats, and you get to pick the movie genre you both like. As you lose yourselves in a great movie under the sparkling stars, the night feels like pure magic. It’s a date you’ll never forget when you’re in Calabar. 

9. Getaway at Yankari Game Reserve, Bauchi 

A romantic getaway to the calm and beautiful natural springs at Yankari Game Reserve? Perfect idea for your date and you!

Tucked away in the captivating wilderness of Bauchi, these warm springs offer a peaceful getaway for couples seeking relaxation. 

Enjoy a getaway at Yankari Game Reserve, Bauchi - Date Ideas in Nigeria
Escape to the wild beauty of Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi for a perfect romantic date in Nigeria.

The warm waters, heated by the Earth’s core, provide a soothing experience that melts away stress and renews the soul. Picture you and your partner enjoying the revitalizing warmth of the waters while being surrounded by Yankari’s breathtaking nature. It’s not just a date, but a journey into nature’s very own spa.

Fine Dining at The Noir, Lagos

Ever dreamt of Parisian romance but found yourself in Lagos? Don’t worry, Noir Restaurant can bring that Paris charm to you, right here in Lagos. Noir is famous for its enchanting atmosphere, making it the ideal place for a romantic dinner, a special proposal, or an unforgettable first date. 

A romantic table setting at The Noir, Lagos - Perfect Date Ideas in Nigeria
Experience unforgettable romance with fine dining at The Noir, Lagos. Discover more exciting date ideas in Nigeria.

With a wide selection of delicious French dishes and a beautiful setting, you’re in for a memorable experience. If you’re looking for more to do, the bar, café, and the lovely outdoor area are perfect for spending quality time with your special someone.


We’ve explored some memorable romantic date ideas in Nigeria. From the sunset beach at Tarkwa Bay to the starry skies of Obudu Cattle Ranch, and the soothing springs of Yankari Game Reserve. 

Each spot offers a special mix of culture, nature, and adventure perfect for unforgettable romantic moments. And remember, these are just a taste of the hidden treasures Nigeria has to offer. 

As someone who’s personally felt the magic these moments can create, I can say that these connections are truly beautiful. 

To ensure an amazing experience, be sure to plan ahead, make reservations, and prioritize safety. We’d love to hear about your own romantic adventures in Nigeria and any tips you have to share. Stay connected with us for more travel and relationship insights.

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