Exclusive Longrich Store, Longrich Mart Launches in Nigeria

longrich mart
  • Longrich Mart online store launches in Nigeria
  • Sign up, follow on social media and win free products in the Christmas promo


Online store selling exclusively Longrich products, Longrich Mart has announced its launch in Nigeria. Nigerians can now order their favourite Longrich health and wellness products at highly affordable prices from the comfort of their homes.

Customers can simply visit the site, create an account, browse through the varieties of products available, place an order and have it delivered to their doorsteps.

Longrich is a trusted brand worldwide in the health and wellness industry. Since its entrance into Nigerian market in 2012, it has grown to become a household name in the country with products like Longrich Toothpaste, Longrich Mouth Freshener, Longrich Panty Liner, Longrich Bamboo Charcoal Soap among others.

However, there has always been the challenge of easy access to the products due to high demand. Similarly, many have concluded that Longrich is only for the rich since the products are only sold in bulk, making them expensive for a section of the society.

Longrich Mart is out to solve all of these as products are sold in both wholesale and retail quantities, so customers can buy just the exact quantity they need or can afford.


What’s More?

Longrich Mart wants to make shopping experience smooth, convenient and secured for their customers. Here are some additional benefits buyers stand to gain from shopping on Longrich Mart:

  • Free Shipping

Orders above N30,000 in Lagos and N50,000 outside Lagos are delivered free of charge to customers.

  • 7 Days Return Policy

Perhaps there is any issue with an order, customers have the opportunity to return it within 7 days to have it changed. This completely removes the risk of “What I ordered vs What I got”.

  • 100% Secured Payment

Due to many dubious activities happening online these days, many people are scared to “put their cards online”. A very necessary caution. Longrich Mart is aware of this, hence the decision to use renowned secured payment processor, Paystack.

  • 24/7 Support

Longrich Mart has a standby 24/7 customer support to provide all forms of assistance to customers. Whether via phone call (08022227009), email, Instagram or Twitter, there is always someone at the other end to respond and help resolve issues.


Sign up and win Free Products in the Christmas Promo

Longrich Mart is giving out free products to 50 customers this Christmas season. To win, simply sign up on Longrich Mart, follow them on Twitter and Instagram, take a screenshot of success message after sign up and send as DM to any of their social media accounts. All winners will be contacted via the same DM.

Some of the products to be won include Longrich toothpaste, Longrich Mouth Freshener, Longrich Panty Liner and a host of others.

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