As Seen on Twitter: Independence Day Edition

Google Celebrates Nigeria @59

Nigerians at home and in the diaspora join the entire world today to celebrate the “Giant of Africa” on the occasion of its Independence.

You probably already know that Nigeria got her independence from Great Britain on October 1st, 1960. Today makes it exactly 59 years since that independence, and that means Nigeria has existed as an Independent nation for 59 solid years.

We found some interesting tweets that show how Nigerians are “celebrating”.

Google Celebrates Nigeria @59

Google Celebrates Nigeria @59

Yeah, this is supposed to be about Twitter, but we couldn’t help but notice Google’s special doodle to celebrate Nigeria on this special occasion. Now, let’s go back to Twitter.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s Independence Day Speech

Of course this was followed by reactions – some applauding the president, others criticising him and hoping DSS don’t come after them. Refer to the President’s official Twitter handle for the entire speech and reactions.

Hopelessness Vs Optimism

As it is usually the case on occasions like this, Nigerians divide on the best way to react to the occasion.

Some expressed their anger and frustration at the state of the nation, posing the question “what exactly are we celebrating?”

Did it rain at yours too?

He is angry and it’s quite understandable, true?

However, there are many who, though not happy with the situation of things, still found reasons to celebrate.

And Arsenal came through with the sauce!


Our wish for Nigeria on this day is for a better Police Force, where hardworking young Nigerians are not mistaken for criminals simply because they adorn their heads with dreads, wear tattoos on their body or carry back-packs with laptops and other smart devices.

We wish for a country where there is truly Freedom of Expression (and freedom after expression), where opposition and critics are not intimidated by the “security agencies”.

We wish for a country where Government consults widely with stakeholders before making policies, as most of the recent policies under current administration appear to be lacking just that.

We wish for a country where there is the sincerity of purpose in the fight against corruption, and where technology is used as a tool to drive that.

God Bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Happy Independence!

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