Twitter Just Made Its Verified Badge Easier to Get!

Verified Badge

It is well known that only the Celebrities and Famous personalities have the Verified Badge on their profile on Twitter, But now it is easier to get the identification symbol, yes, the blue verified tick in your respective Twitter accounts

Verified Badge

On Tuesday 19th July 2016, Twitter announced that it is restructuring the process for creating verified accounts, a proposal to stimulate the increase in the number of users with the blue icon (verified blue tick).

The social network Twitter said that it will launch an online application to check accounts, which allows users to recognize public figures and organizations as authentic. The verification allows proving the involvement of a Twitter account with any person or public institution, such as celebrities or even government organizations.

As it is important to note that while the request is accessible to any user, meanwhile none of this can guarantee that you will get the blue badge. With this initiative, Twitter likely to arise more verified accounts, as many people will take advantage of the process as it is more convenient.

The vice president of Twitter user services, Tina Bhatnagar said that “We want to make it even easier for users to find artists and influential people on Twitter, so it makes sense for us to let people apply for the verification”.

The vice president of Twitter user services, Tina Bhatnagar added that “We hope that the opening of this process will result in more people to find optimal and highly qualified accounts to follow and that these artists or influential people to connect with a wider audience”.


Source : TechViral

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