The Top 6 Most Expensive Video Games Ever Developed

GTA 5 , The Top 6 Most Expensive Video Games Ever Developed
When you hear about “large budget” in the entertainment industry it is always about the movies section, most people forget to see how fast and quick the video games section is closing the gap in recent years.

Rather than focus on how much video games made in recent years, we decided we would make a list about the video games that were the most expensive to make in history of the planet we call ‘home’.

It is easier to talk and write about the big money that has been spent in movie industry when creating movies, from capital spent on gadget and costumes to expensive cars, but most times the video game industry is over-looked even with the large capital investment it has gotten in recent years.

So here we have

The Top 6 Most Expensive Video Games  Ever Developed.

In other words, the games that cost even more than what some Hollywood big budgets are for major movies.

Keep in mind, various lists tend to have different price tags regarding these games, so we counted them all together and averaged them. Deal with it.

Star Citizen: $116 Million

Seems OFF right? -Not what you expected ? For the list of the most expensive video games of all time to start with a game one out of ten people have never heard of before. Well a lot was spent on this ambitious video game, and and ambition is often matched with high production costs. In this case, you are talking about almost $12o million, which, when compared to the rest of this list, is pretty much chump change.

Wait until you see the kind of money getting tossed around by entry number one later down the list.

Star Wars: The Older Republic: $210 Million

The Star Wars MMORPG was developed by more than 800 people over six years and cost $200 million.

This is one example where the end game did NOT live up to the budget put into it and many people ended up losing their jobs. Just shows you, the business truly is a gamble. Expensive doesn’t always mean people will eat it up. But when done right you get games like….

Final Fantasy 7: $214 Million

The most amazing thing about this one is that most video games in this list came out within the last decade at least. Final Fantasy 7 came out almost 20 years ago WOW! Putting $214 million into a single video game was such a gamble at that time, but eventually it was a gamble that paid off, changing the lives of most of the geeks who played it.

Grand Theft Auto 5: $ 269 Million

Honestly we all thought Grand Theft Auto V should be top of the list. The details in this game was top-class and it has so few glitches, just seems impossible to make a game so flawlessly, but they did, and did it for under 270 million.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: $274 Million

We all know one of the Call of Duty games should make this list. Activision doesn’t spare any expense for this FPS they seem to remake every year and no expenses were spared when they made the follow up to their MEGA HIT Modern Warfare.

As a person who lives currently in Nigeria, trying to understand what you could do with $274 million is like trying to memorize Pi to the 2000’th digit. Impossible! Possibly maybe, i could bring my country out of it’s current predicament with that huge sum of money.

We talking about how huge the money spent on Call of Duty was…. wait until you see the next…

Destiny: $500 Million

Now try to think about that for a second and don’t pee on yourself. Try to ponder that actual amount. Half a billion if you din’t notice- Dollar not Naira (Nigerian currency) ooooo..

We are talking about a game that, without corrupt officials it budget could be used differently, could’ve FUNDED A SMALL COUNTRY (!=Nigeria). Instead some group of individuals decided to use that money to create the most expensive video game ever, an online game that some people adore and some people think sucks.

Is that kind of indecisiveness between your fan base what you would expect from investing half a billion?

There is God oh….


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