Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2021

Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2020

This year, It dawned on me as well as others I presume that we took our freedom for granted. Putting it simply the saying “You know what have till it’s gone” made mad sense. With the mandatory lock-down protocols put in place across all countries, a lot of people spent the whole year behind close doors (if you exempt essential workers) trapped with our parents and nothing more to do than stare at screens all-day

Well today, I will be taking a look at the Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2021 in no particular order.

1. Google

Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2021

The Sensi of search engines (Ain’t no search engine badder than) and the first in the Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2021

I can’t count how many times I’ve said “Hey, Google” today and the day has just begun. Google has become as become an essential part of my every day as well the billions of people scattered across the world. That is as a result of its large library of information.

So much so that the words ‘Ask Google’ became a clap back used amongst Nigerians when asked an obvious but stupid question. It also the settler of all arguments as people believe everything on Google is correct and accurate. In as much as things on Google are relatable, they are not always 100% correct.

Google is a web directory of anything and everything. An online phone-book for people and business. The ability to collate possible results to an inquiry at insane speeds is one of the reasons why Google is light years ahead of others.

In recent years, Google has allowed people to peek behind the curtains to understand the technical side of how the search engine works with tools like Search Engine Optimisation and Goggle Analytics.

Visitors of Google use Google 13.68 times daily and spend 9:55mins during each visit. 0.5% of its traffic comes from itself and other search engines, and Google currently has 2,155,753 backlinks online.


Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2020

You could almost bet on the odds of this site being on this list. Talk about correct 2-Odds. At Number 2 on the Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2021 is the reputable BetNaija.

Everyone reading this is all too familiar with that voice of reason that tells you to quit while you are still ahead but do we listen? No. And, we end up burning our school fees on sure 2 odds.

Sigh. Moving on, Premier sports betting platform, Bet9ja is currently the second most visited website in Nigeria and the most visited indigenous website.

The sum of ₦2 Billion spent on sports betting daily and with a little maths puts the annual number at around ₦700 Billion which is just insane. So it’s no surprise that the second most visited website is a betting site.

In some neighborhoods, there are more sport betting outlets than schools or hospitals, and more sports betting outlets are being opened in some destitute areas of the country further making gambling addicts out of unemployed youths.

Due to high demand, most betting agencies have shifted to online betting which has engulfed the country. Stats show that in 2017 84% of Nigerians had smartphones. Fast forward to 2021 and that number will have quadrupled.

An average Bet9ja user visits the website 4.02 times daily and spends 11:31mins on the site on each visit. The currently has 28,780 backlinks and just 4.50% of its traffic comes from search.

With that said and done, anyone with sure 2-odds should not hesitate to reach out in the comment section. God no go shame us

3. Youtube

Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2020

“Hey Goggle, How to make party Jollof” redirects to YouTube

The Queen of video content makes it to the list of Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2021 for the second time running.

With physical contact restricted and theatres closed during the pandemic YouTube also recorded an increase in users as which is just bizarre because a lot of people naturally use YouTube. I guess more Nigerian mums have realized they can watch full Yoruba movies on YouTube.

Speaking of increases, a high amount of new YouTube channels were recorded. A lot of people had something to say during the pandemic which was nice. Still, on YouTube, one “YouTuber” also recorded a decrease in subscribers after trying to use Nigeria’s #ENDSARS protest as aesthetic.

An average human (I don’t mean short Nigerian girls) spends 9:24 mins on each visit to the site and visits 5.88 times daily. Only 13.20% of Youtube traffic comes from search and the site boasts of 1,675,295 backlinks.

4. Twitter

Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2020

Undertaker beat plays in the background

Making it into the list of Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2021 is Uncle Jack’s Twitter simply because of the significant role it played during Nigeria’s #ENDSARS protest. So three gbosa for the one person that birthed you.

Twitter played an important role in broadcasting and creating awareness for Nigerians at a time when its country and government had failed. It was instrumental in educating the world about the harassment, extortion, and extrajudicial killings carried out by a corrupt unit of the police called SARS.

With the pandemic still looming, the citizens of Nigeria took the streets in peaceful protest. Simultaneously, those who couldn’t be there showed support on Twitter by retweeting and tweeting the hashtag END SARS, making it trend worldwide on Twitter and attracting support from CNN, the BBC, and Jack.

Jack also showed his support by giving the hashtag its own emoji. In other news Twitter serves as a tool for the citizen to drag the Nigerian government since all the politicians have a Twitter account so why not and it is also a tool for occasional dragging.

In other words, Twitter streets are not safe and no one is above dragging. The voice of 36 million Nigerians and the respecter of none. An average user spends 12:49 minutes daily, 10.6 pages viewed daily 11.60% of traffic from search and, a total of 1,578,393 sites linking in.

Peace to the families affected by the 20-10-20 massacre it the Lekki Toll Gate Plaza.

5. Jumia

Jumia Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2021

Search for the latest iPhone 13 in our gardening products category

Also making it nunu onto the Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2021 is Jumia the online store where anything and everything is sold ranging from household appliances to baby foods.

They are also known for their phantom treasure hunts that will have you fed up honestly. With valentine around the corner you can also get your loved ones gifts but bear in mind they might not receive these gifts until after valentine because you’ll have to battle with their dispatch riders over the phone. Hope you are up for it?

An average shopper peruses the site for 9:27 minutes daily, 6.53 pages viewed daily, 21.00% of the traffic from search, and a total of 488 sites linking in yet money no dey Lagos.

6. Netflix

Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2020

Debuting on the Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2021 is Netflix whose role was instrumental in getting a lot of people through the pandemic.

As expected Netflix experienced a 16.0% increase in daily traffic. More people turned to the streaming service for entertainment to help deal with all forms of social gathering canceled

Isolation was good for Netflix this year. Their shares soared, adding more than 15 million new subscribers so far this year. The phrase “Netflix and Chill” slowly became extinct in Nigerian men’s mouths, and “Netflix and Isolate” quickly became the weapon wielded by Nigerian women during the lock-down. Used to deter strong-headed boys who wanted to violate curfew rules and “chill.”

Now with the ease of the lock-down and universities resuming will “Netflix and Chill” make its meteoric rise into dms? We will never know.

It takes an average user spends 4:27 minutes daily deciding on what to watch, 3.25 pages viewed daily, 9.60% of the traffic from search and 10,865 sites linking in.

7. Facebook

facebook Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2021

With a ban was placed on social gatherings for the better part of 2021 people turned to social media more than normal. What social media platform was the recipient of all this traffic if not the number one social media platform in the world Facebook.

As expected Mark Zukerberg’s Facebook recorded increased daily traffic. Most users turned all that isolating energy into scrolling aggressively through their feed, poking, and liking.

I’m shocked I know some of the Facebook terminologies and I apologize to my generation e be things. Anyways retaining its title on the Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2021.

Facebook has a whopping 4,247,005 backlinks and only 7.90% of its traffic comes from search. An average user visits Facebook 6.69 times daily spending 14:33 mins during each visit.

8. Nairaland

nairaland logo edited 1 Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2021

Holding it down on the Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2021 is Nairaland.

Nigeria’s number 1 news forum. I don’t use it and hold have nothing against the people that use it just let me know in the comment section so I’ll start the opening sentence with Sir or Ma before addressing you.

Only 14.50% of Nairaland traffic come from search engine and the forum currently has 3,202 backlinks. Nairaland can be so addictive that an average visitor spends 12:43mins on each visit which is usually 8.28 times daily.

9. Yahoo


Where The Nigerian prince got its title

Still on this years Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2021 is Yahoo Yahoo sorry Yahoo.

Yahoo popular amongst Nigerians for obvious reasons is service provider and internet portal. It provides services such as chatrooms, pager, free e-mail, search results and customizable content.

Averagely, users spend 4:07 mins on the site visiting it 4.20 times daily. Yahoo currently has 438,478 back-links and only 7.90% of its traffic come from search.

10. Legit(formerly known as

Legit is a new era digital news platform, Know for its news delivery it is the destination site for all forms of news. Formally know as in 2012 it got rebranded to we have today in 2019.

.Legit currently has a total of 6,523 online backlinks and 41.70% of its traffic comes from search. An average reader spends 4:34 mins on the site visiting 2.19 times daily.

Honorary Mention

Kicking off the list of Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2021 is one website that personally I feel should top this list because of the important role it played during the crisis we found ourselves but due to the circumstances of things it makes it does not.


Pornhub coronavirus WBUR 1 Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2021
Image: Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Just like garri doesn’t need advertisement this website needs no introduction. Self-isolation was given a whole new meaning during the lock-down with the adult film production PornHub reported a surge in daily traffic from March.

Personally, I’m not surprised. Boredom was a common feeling shared during the lock-down. In as much as people spent the period doing huge things like; becoming online sensations, binge-watching Peaky Blinders on Netflix(this category is where I lie) or became voices for the country in a time of oppression.

I’d like to think that at a point in time we were all bored and with that came the need for a more hands-on approach to self-isolation. And, In as much as we hate to admit, it the stats are there to back it up.

pornhub insights corona virus world Pornhub Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2021

In the light of this huge surge in traffic, PornHub did their part to help people around the world deal with a hard time with free premium service worldwide on the 24th of March 2020 which lasted up until the 24th of April. (Wahala for who no know)

That brings an end to the Top 10 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria 2021 tell us in the comment section what website you’d have loved to see

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