Top 10 Most Visited Websites in Nigeria 2020

  • Top 10 Most visited websites in Nigeria
  • How do Nigerian websites compete with foreign websites in term of usage?
  • Which websites do Nigerians spend their time most?
Internet usage in Nigeria is at an all-time high. Look around and you would see that most heads are bowed, doing one thing or the other on their devices.
While some users spend more time on their favourite apps, others are busier on the web.
So, which websites do Nigerians spend their time most? How do Nigerian websites compete with foreign websites in term of usage? What are the top 10 most visited websites in Nigeria?

1. Google

Google No 1 most visited website in Nigeria
The one and only Google remains the most visited site in Nigeria for obvious reasons. Number one search engine in the world remains the destination for all queries and enquiries, hence the massive traffic.
Except the unexpected happens, no website may be able to beat Google to this in the next 10 years from now.
Average Google users (which is virtually everybody online) visit Google 13.68 times daily and spend 9:55mins during each visit.
Only 0.5% of its traffic come from itself and other search engines, and Google currently has 2,155,753 backlinks online.

2. Bet9ja

bet9ja, second most visited website in Nigeria
Premier sports betting platform, Bet9ja is currently the second most visited website in Nigeria and the most visited indigenous website.
This is proof the sports betting is here to stay and Bet9ja still leads the way. Their recent online popularity may also be connected to the ongoing Big Brother Naija as they are the official sponsor of the reality TV show.
An average Bet9ja user visits the website 4.02 times daily and spends 11:31mins on the site on each visit.
The currently has 28,780 backlinks and just 4.50% of its traffic come from search.

3. Youtube

Youtube, 3rd most visited website in Nigeria
This definitely comes at no surprise. Video is the future of content and so it’s safe to say Youtube is already in the future.
Youtube is the No.1 video-sharing platform in the world and guess what? Nigeria is part of the world!
Well, there are some people who avoid using Youtube for fear of internet data consumption. This still did not stop Youtube from being the 3rd most visited website in Nigeria. This is most likely because there are several others whose days are not complete without viewing Youtube videos.
An average “Youtuber” spends 9:24mins on each visit to the site and visits 5.88 times daily.
Only 13.20% of Youtube traffic come from search and the site boasts of 1,675,295 backlinks.

4. Yahoo

yahoo, 4th most visited website in Nigeria
Yahoo is a major service provider and internet portal. It provides services such as chatrooms, pager, free e-mail, search results and customizable content.
By the way, Internet fraud/fraudsters in Nigeria are known as yahoo yahoo. This is not unconnected to the almighty yahoo. Being the first platform to provide electronic mail service, the site still enjoys high popularity among Nigerians today.
Averagely, users spend 4:07mins on the site visiting it 4.20 times daily. Yahoo currently has 438,478 backlinks and only 7.90% of its traffic come from search.
nairaland, 5th most visited website in Nigeria
Nigeria’s Number one forum, Nairaland is the 5th most visited site in the country. This comes at no surprise considering how popular the forum is.
Earlier this week, Nairaland took over Twitter. Many talked about the role the platform played in grooming the current crop of Twitter influencers data-offset-key=”e5co7-2-0″>.

Many believe the site is long overdue for massive improvement. Yet, the traffic it continues to enjoy shows its users are not complaining.

Only 14.50% of Nairaland traffic come from search engine and the forum currently has 3,202 backlinks.
Nairaland can be so addictive that an average visitor spends 12:43mins on each visit which is usually 8.28 times daily.
daily post
Daily Post is another digitally driven news platform in Nigeria. They share news, sports and entertainment contents.
Daily Post is mostly popular for political contents and always serve breaking news from that beat.
With 3,775 backlinks, Daily Post gets 25.60% of its traffic from search. On the average, a user visits the site 3.18 times daily and spend 5:05mins during each visit.
Facebook, 7th most visited website in Nigeria
The number one social media platform on earth, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is the 7th most visited website in Nigeria.
Of course, this position does not do justice to the high usage of Facebook in Nigeria. Though its popularity may have reduced among some young people, many still troop to the platform daily via its mobile app data-offset-key=”3mcun-2-0″>.

Facebook has a whopping 4,247,005 backlinks and only 7.90% of its traffic come from search.

An average user visits Facebook 6.69 times daily spending 14:33mins during each visit.

8. Legit(formerly known as, 8th most visited website in Nigeria
One of the new generation digital news platforms, Legit is clearly a top destination for news. The platform came into the game as in 2012 before rebranding to in 2019.
The website prides itself on being the destination for reliable, fast and most engaging news since 2012.
Legit currently has a total of 6,523 backlinks online and 41.70% of its traffic comes from search.
An average visitor spends 4:34mins on the site visiting 2.19 times daily.
punch newspaper
Punch is acclaimed the most widely read Nigerian newspaper and this ranking solidifies that status.
While they continue to distribute hard copies of their newspapers, their online platform supplies contents for their readers here.
An average visitor visits Punch 3.23 times daily spending an average of 8 minutes each time.
Punch currently has a total of 1,573 backlinks from other sites with 20.50% of its traffic coming from search.
Nigerians seem to enjoy getting information about personalities and events. This explains why Wikipedia is one Nigerians’ favourite stops online.
According to Alexa’s data, each visitor spends an average of 4.01minutes on the Also, each visitor checks the site 3.04 times per day with 62.60% of traffic coming from search. currently has 1,196,390 backlinks from other sites.
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