This new project will teach you creative skills for free.

WhatsApp Image 2020 05 17 at 1.10.27 PM e1589998761880 This new project will teach you creative skills for free.

It is now going to cost nothing to acquire creative skills taught by leading creative experts in Nigeria and South Africa, thanks to the latest initiative by the Curious Cat Creatives Lab.

The Curious Cat Creatives Lab is a digital school offering tailor-made training sessions, portfolio review and mentorship to young creatives, no matter their skill-level.

Its latest training programme will enable individuals, newbies or professionals, learn and sharpen their skills in creative fields like photography, filmmaking (editing & shooting classes), stop motion, 3D, graphic design and new media content creation.

The digital classes, which are designed to be personal and convenient, will see participants get 2 weeks free training on WhatsApp and other select digital platforms.

After the first 2 weeks, participants can then pay to further continue their learning experience which would last for a 3-month period, allowing the participants to learn at their own pace.

The facilitator, Oluwamuyiwa Logor, who has conducted a series of training for the British Deputy High Commission and the African Artist Foundation (AAF), explained that the Curious Cat Creatives Lab project will enable young creatives accomplish their creative goals faster.

“The “Curious Cat Creatives Lab” model helps entry level and [budding] creatives, especially photographers, achieve the required leap that boosts their enthusiasm as well as achieve their personal creative goals,” Logor said.

“The catalog provides short term and long-term sessions. Short Term includes 1-month digital class on Skype/Zoom and WhatsApp/Telegram; another WhatsApp group for 24-hour consultation. [There will also be] 1 curated digital exhibition and introduction to experienced creative industry leaders for potential collaboration and career focused opportunities.”

The world is fast-changing due to the Coronavirus Disease pandemic that has ravaged the world, the lab said it is committed to prepare African creatives for the next line of global opportunities.

“[We want] to leverage the times, embrace digital transition fully, and also subtly say photography and creativity is fast evolving, be curious to learn the next thing and that is our core message,” he said.

Logor added that corporate organizations can also get discounted coupons when they offer to pay for financially-incapable individuals who want to continue learning after the first free 2-week period.

The Curious Cat Creatives Lab is a teaching project developed by leading photographer, Oluwamuyiwa Logor, whose photography projects have been exhibited in sixteen galleries across the UK, Nigeria, Philippines and Germany. Logor’s multimedia work includes projects for Google (Local Guides and Google VR Film), Blink Media, VICE China and JM Films.

Click here to register ​for the free training.

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