The Suspected iPhone 12 release date, Slow 5G or Fast 5G & Apple’s Uncertainties Surrounding it.

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Back in July 2020, Apple announced the coming of their new flagship phones the iPhone 12 to the market and we’ve all been anxious to see what they have in store but two months since this announcement and we are yet to see the infamous iPhone trailer that would get us all buzzing that’s because the company has said we should come to expect the phones later in the year.

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Apple’s CFO Luca Maestri during the Apple Q3 2020 earning call referred to a new iPhone and clarified that there would be a delay on this year’s release compared to previous years. Based on previous releases we ought to expect the iPhone 12 on Tuesday September 8 and available for pre-order soon after. Maestri said ” As you know, last year we started selling phones in late September. This year, we expect supply to be available a few weeks later”. This means that we might not get to see the new iPhone until later this year.

Certified leaker Jon Prosser who has excellent track record of correct product announcement such as the iPhone SE, iPad Pro and a few other product believes October 12 is the day of the event.

Uncertainties Surrounding the iPhone 12

With the world struggling to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the global supply chain. New information states that Apple is still weighing its options as regards to the inclusion of the LiDAR sensor on it’s new high-end iPhone 12 models.

For those who don’t know what LiDAR is it stands for Light Detection and Ranging. It uses lasers to determine distance and depth. The LiDAR technology can be seen in self-driving cars out in the world today but before then it was what The Apollo 15 used to map the surface of the moon. This isn’t the first time the LiDAR sensor is appearing on a Apple device seen as it was first seen on the iPad pro.

Reliable Apple Leaker Mr White, revealed some iPhone 12 frames with Apple’s triple camera set up and another with the same camera setup but no LiDar sensor which with the same camera setup but o LiDAR sensor which might mean that the iPhone 12 would not come with LiDAR sensor and the iPhone 12 pro with it.

The Suspected iPhone 12 release date, Slow 5G or Fast 5G & Apple's Uncertainties Surrounding it.


Compared to previous years the devices would not be available immediately after its release to help Apple decide if they want to add it or not when production starts fully.

Slow 5G or Fast 5G…

Asides the LiDAR differential there’s also another aspect the customers might be missing out. As much as everyone who gets the iPhone 12 will be getting the 5G a majority of the iPhone 12 phones in the market would be fitted with ‘slow’ 5G. The iPhone 12 Pro Max will be the only high-end Apple phone that would support the faster standard. Mark Sullivan reports:

“”All the phones in the new iPhone 12 line will support the slower but more common Sub-6 type of 5G service, but only the largest, highest-end phone in the line, a 6.5-inch screen device likely called the iPhone Pro Max, will also support millimeter-wave 5G.

“The source says only the largest phone in the line has room inside for the special antenna design required for millimeter wave and larger battery needed to accommodate millimeter wave’s significant power draw. Also, only the U.S., Korea, and Japan versions of the Pro Max will support millimeter-wave 5G.”

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