The Fabulous Cossy Orjiakor: 4 Things You Should Know

Cossy Orjiakor

In the last ten years, Nollywood has seen the rise of some of the most talented movie stars. However, not many have been as controversial as Cossy Orjiakor. She has had an astonishing career, and is best known for her enormous bosoms, which she frequently displays.

From featuring in music videos, to having her film, and even announcing her engagement last year, it seems like she has made a name for herself.

Cossy Orjiakor
The Fabulous Cossy Orjiakor: 4 Things You Should Know 4

Orjiakor’s Life Prior

The controversial actress was born in Anambra state, on October 1984. She was a bright student in school, graduating with a 2:1 in accounting and management from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She then went on to obtain her master’s degree from Lagos State University. Orjiakor is proud of her academic background, which shows that she excelled in school all the way.

Amusingly enough, she rose to stardom through her large breasts, which she is very proud of.  She flaunts them at every chance she gets. She says “they are a great gift from God.”

Cossy Orjiakor’s Career Since Then

Cossy Orjiakor has been in multiple videos, granted numerous interviews, and even has an album to her name “Nutty Queen” which she released eight years ago. The movie star produced her first movie “Power girls” back in 2015. The movie was made by her production company “Playgirl pictures.”  The “Power Girls” producer has gone on to star in many films, including Anini, Amobi, Itohan, Ara Saraphina, and so on.

Cossy Orjiakor has been backlashed and criticized on social media on numerous occasions for the way she dresses. She is known for wearing clothing that highlights her bosoms. She has also been attacked by a blogger for her flashy lifestyles, creating a negative perception on Igbo girls, and Nigerian girls in general. She replied by saying that the accusation was an act of “joblessness.” She further said that she knows her “fabulous” lifestyle has put Nigeria on the map.

She has been featured in many magazines and newspapers, with Daily Post describing her as the “boob star” of Nollywood. Vanguard describes her to be a “boobs toting” actress and singer.

In the interviews that she graced, she was asked severally if she would ever go naked in a movie role, but her answer always remained the same. She always said no. However, she did say that she would not stop flaunting her body, as it is part of her trademark.

cossy 2 The Fabulous Cossy Orjiakor: 4 Things You Should Know
The Fabulous Cossy Orjiakor: 4 Things You Should Know 5

Orjiakor’s Personal Life

In an interview with Encomium Magazine, the controversial movie star said that she sees having kids as more of a priority than getting hitched. Although she does not plan on doing any, she sees getting married as a setback.

Considering she said that, it came as a shock when she announced on August 2020 that she was engaged to Abel Jurgen Willhelm, who has a Nigerian-German heritage. It was all rosy for four months. in December 2020, the fashion supermodel called it quits with Orjiakor. He called it off because he stated that he had been physically abused by the “boobs toting” actress.

Cossy Orjiakor’s Net Worth

Several sources say that Cossy Orjiakor is worth $1,000,000.

What She’s Up To Now

Since December 2020, the “Power Girl” actress has been quiet on her career plans, partly due to Covid-19 regulations. However, she frequently posts on social media, flaunting her boobs with all the confidence of the world.

Her fans love her confidence and elegance she has, with many social media users appraising her. However, as you would expect, some other Nigerians constantly criticize her way of life, and her “immorality.” We are not sure what to expect from Cossy Orjiakor next, but you should expect it to be filled with further controversy.

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