Battery That Last Forever Invented By Student Accidentally

battery last forever
A good number of gadgets we use these days rely on rechargeable battery, but after sometime the batteries starts to lose their abilities to work efficiently.

Scientist have spent so much time trying to find the perfect battery for millions of devices, that are released in to the world but it seems very difficult to achieve. Then a group of researchers from University of California invented one by mistake.

The battery is a made of nanowire-based battery material which can be recharged hundreds of thousands of times. The researchers where trying to replace liquid lithium batteries with a better and safer option, when they found out the potential of these amazing battery they just created by accident, they noticed that the battery is 400 times more efficient than the ones we use today.

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It’s an amazing discovery, especially when you consider it was discovered by pure chance. UCI doctoral candidate Mya Le Thai made the accidental invention a reality when she coated a set of gold nano-wires in manganese dioxide, then applied a, “Plexiglas-like,” electrolyte gel.

Instead of lithium, they used gold nano-wires to store current, and they later found out that their system is able to far outlast traditional lithium battery construction. The Irvine team’s system cycled through 200,000 recharges without significant corrosion or decline.

To put the battery’s performance in good perspective, the normal laptop that we use in our daily life has an average lifespan of 300 to 500 charge cycles with diminishing capacity at its top efficiency. With 1,000 cycles every two years, a laptop using UCI’s nanobattery would approximately last for 400 years.

We have had similar breakthrough by Stanford researchers in 2007 in which a record of 40,000 charge cycles was made by a nanobattery .


The potential of this invention is so large to the technology industry and i believe it can improve the efficiency of our work and be the perfect trigger to huge revolution for electronics.


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