Russia Fines Google $6.75 million For Pre-installing Apps On Android

Yandex Google Apps
Yandex filed a complaint last year that Google was abusing its position

Google has been hit by a $6.75 million antitrust fine in Russia, for requiring smartphone manufacturers to preinstall its apps on Android mobile devices.

A great percentage of smartphones sold in Russia run on Android, which made domestic search engine rival Yandex filed a complaint last year that the US company was abusing its position.

The fine itself is small — less than what the company makes in an hour, notes Recode — but the decision shows increasing enmity to Google in Europe.

Unlike the rest of World, Russia has a viable competitor to The search giant — Yandex has about 60 percent of the search market in the country.

With a great shift to mobile in recent years, the company seems worried it’s being out-maneuvered by Gooogle for the future of search.

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