Nintendo Set Single Day Stock Record With Pokemon Go’s Helps

maxresdefault Nintendo Set Single Day Stock Record With Pokemon Go's Helps

Over the weekend Pokemon Go achieved, it’s most notable financial success to date by helping Nintendo’s stock reach a new single-day trading record for a Japanese company this century.

As reported by Bloomberg, 476 billion yen  of Nintendo stock was traded on the Tokyo stock market.


While this does not represent the most shares Nintendo has ever traded in a single day (that’s an honor that still belongs to the first weekend following Pokemon Go‘s release), the recent rise in the company’s stock price means that the shares they did trade on this day were still enough to help them claim the single-day trade value record.

That Nintendo could beat companies like SoftBank, Mizuho, and Aiful that essentially deal solely in finances and money based largely off of the power of a single mobile app is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

With Pokemon GO just now expanding to additional countries, it’s certainly starting to look like even the most sensational predictions regarding just how much money this game can make are going to be shattered.


Source: DeenOfGeek

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