15 Top Places to Take Instagramable Pictures in Lagos

Instagram pictures in Lagos

Instagram is a great place to create memories, grow an audience, and develop meaningful relationships. It’s common knowledge that Instagram has more aesthetics and clear images. Hence, to build your followers, you need to post panoramic pictures and videos proactively.

You’ll agree with me that a great backdrop plays a crucial role in your Instagram pictures and videos. So, it is essential you utilize a scenic location. If you are in Lagos and seek great backgrounds for your shoots and portraits, this post is for you. We will be highlighting the best spots and places to take intelligent and crisp looking photographs in Lagos.

Get a drink, sip, and sit tight.

Places to Take Instagramable Pictures in Lagos

1. Landmark Beach

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Landmark beach is one of the few private beaches on Victoria Island. Enjoy an enthralling experience at the beach as you take a stroll across the beach sand. At this beach, you’ll find various props that will add shine to your portraits. Interestingly, the management keeps adding new props. Landmark beach is always clean, and it is also safe for kids. For a better experience, visit with friends, play games, and capture the moment at Landmark beach.

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2. The Tearoom

Want to get that Disney princess vibe in your portraits? Then the tearoom would make a great backdrop. The tearoom is a restaurant in Lagos where you can enjoy yummy cupcakes and excellent teas. As a plus, visitors can use the tall walls of pink decors, flower walls, and sweetheart wallpaper as backdrops for their pictures.

3. Marcelino’s Pastry

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This pastry shop is located on Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Victoria Island. For an eating spot in Victoria Island, it sure gives a Victorian experience. The flowers, shutter windows, and settings combine well to strike that impression in your images. All-in-all, Marcelino’s pastry is worth a background for your Instagram reels.

4. Mykonos Roof

Ever thought about spending a vacation in Greece? Do you want to relax, experience new culture and take nice pictures? Then it would be best if you visited the Mykonos Roof restaurant in Lagos. At Mykonos, expect a Grecian experience from the food drinks to the settings. Don’t forget to check in here with your friends who would handle the cameras for you?.

5. Lekki Arts and Crafts Market

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Prepare your mind for a beautiful African experience as you stroll the stalls lined up at the Lekki Arts and Crafts Market. This market is located at the Lekki-Epe expressway. Here, you can purchase local crafts, clothing, and jewellery pieces. After your shopping expenditure, take a cute JPEG with the bright-coloured pieces showcased at the market. 

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6. GrandLux Lounge

If you love all things floral, then you have to visit GrandLux Lounge. The aesthetics at this top spot in Lagos is intriguing. The Grandlux has different spots decorated in pink and red roses and flowers. Here, you will find a pink-floral telephone booth, a pink lounge couch with flowers over the top, and an artificial mini rose garden. 

Lest I forget, you’ll find green artificial grass and different forms of flowers aside from pink and red roses. Interestingly, if you’re here for a shoot, you can take many pictures with different backdrops and outfits.

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Picture of Nike art gallery as seen on Instagram

Taking pictures at the Nike art Gallery can create a great impression on your Instagram. Visitors can choose to stroll along the corridors and take photos with the numerous art portraits displayed. You can also visit the cafe, enjoy a yummy lunch, and capture picturesque pictures. As a plus, the lagoon view can make an enthralling setting on Instagram feed.

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8. Orchid House Lagos

Satisfy your taste buds and Instagram page by visiting the Orchid House Lagos. As a top-notch cafe, Orchid House serves delicious snacks, meals, and Thai cuisine to its customers. Visitors will get lost in the moments as they eat and enjoy the natural scenery. Orchid House is well designed with wild ornamental plants, which is comprised more of Orchid flowers.

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9. Wèré House

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Make your gram pictures pop with the different African-inspired backgrounds of Wèré House. What better place to take photographs than this house, considering it was created for creators and photographers to take pictures. Whether you want an intriguing picture for an ordinary day or an inspiring picture for a particular day, Wèré House is a top spot to consider.

10. Epe Mangroves

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Lovers of green, natural sceneries, and adventures would be amazed by the Epe mangroves. More reasons you should hit the waters, make a video, and share as an Instagram reel. Your posts are sure to get tangible impressions with monkeys and alligators in sight.

11. Arabesque

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After Arabesque got mentioned on our list of top restaurants in Lagos for Valentine, it appeared again. That’s a sign for you to visit this place. It is a charming restaurant that gives the middle-east vibe. The lush green gardens, the night settings, and the ambient environment could add an extra spark to your gram pictures. So, visit this spot in Lagos for dope portraits. 

12. Lekki Conservation Centre

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You can’t visit Lekki Conservation Centre without finding a great prop to take striking JPEGs. From the longest canopy walk to the old treehouse. Hence, nature lovers, tourists, photographers, and videographers would be amazed by the natural scenery.

13. Atmosphere Rooftop

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Like Wèré House and Grand Lux lounge, Atmosphere rooftop has put in place different props to inspire their customers’ modelling skills. There are various settings that can enhance your pictures. Hence, you can’t visit the Atmosphere rooftop and not get a perfect shot that will generate those IG likes and comments.

14. Bonny Camp

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If you successfully find your way to enter Bonny Camp, then don’t forget the pictures for the gram. Look out for the Cargoes and Big ships, as they would inspire your photographs. As a plus, the waterfronts would make cute backdrops for your Instagram portraits.

15. Hua Han

Whether or not you are a fan of Korean culture, Hua Han is a great place to eat. Visit Hua Han to experience a new culture, try out the food, and take pictures in the background. The entire setting is Korean inspired so that it may stir lots of reactions from your followers.


A great location for pictures can inspire your creative knack and highlight your beauty. You should also know that an amazing way to get engagement on Instagram is by constantly putting aesthetic content out there. 

We have already established the importance of a cool background for your images, but you should not ignore the importance of a good camera. A good camera will capture all the necessary lighting and even enhance your pictures. 

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