10 best online investment platforms in Nigeria

10 online investment platforms in nigeria

This article contains all you need to know about the best online investment platforms in Nigeria if you’re looking to manage your funds, get a profitable ROI (Return On Investment), and invest wisely and legitly.

Deciding to invest your money is a big decision as it not only saves money, but also helps you increase the initial amount put in it. The bigger decision is choosing the best online investment platform in Nigeria or beyond, as the wrong decision could cost you almost all your life’s savings.

Some of the issues we have with investing are that we always look for those that promise us very high ROI, and when we find those that promise us that, we quickly invest in them without properly determining whether they are legit or not, falling for scams and/or losing our investment(s).

As a Nigerian, you already know that keeping/saving your money in the bank reduces it rather than increases it, even if you use a savings account. We’re in a world of technology now where most of our things are gradually being moved online, so why don’t you join the moving train by investing online?

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what is an investment platform?

Investment platforms are web platforms that enable you to invest for the long term stocks, bonds, and mutual funds all in one place. These services could include making it simple to invest in stocks and shares via ISAs or mutual funds.

Many of the platforms allow investors to select a pre-made portfolio that matches their investment goals.

Over the last decade, traditional stockbrokers have been challenged by a new generation of investment platforms. This is due to platforms’ emphasis on providing low-cost and simple access to investing for people with little or no experience.

Some platforms provide automated guidance on which options might be best for you, which is sometimes referred to as robo-advice. This is not financial advice; it is simply assistance in making the best decision for your circumstances.

However, for an additional fee, some of these platforms provide access to personal financial advisers.

Traditional investment platforms allow you to pick and choose what you want to invest in. They are also known as DIY operating systems or investment platforms for share trading. However, the majority of these now provide pre-made portfolio options as well.

10 online investment platforms in nigeria 10 best online investment platforms in Nigeria

major types of investments

  • Cash
  • Property
  • Shares
  • Investment trusts
  • Bonds
  • Actively managed funds
  • Stocks
  • Insurance
  • Retirement
  • Real estate
  • Index tracking funds

10 legit online investment platforms in Nigeria


cowrywise2 10 best online investment platforms in Nigeria

Cowrywise is a fintech startup that is revolutionising access to savings and investment solutions for Africa’s growing middle class and younger generation.

It was founded in 2017 by Razaq Ahmed and Edward Popoola. It is one of the best online investment platforms in Nigeria. Cowrywise, one of the well-known genuine investment platforms in Nigeria, is said to have partnered with companies such as Afrivest, United Capitel, Merstem, and others. In contrast to Piggyvest, which has six options, the Cowrywise investment platform has only about three major categories:

  1. Plan
  2. Save
  3. Invest

With over 350,000 clients, they are developing an online savings and investing lifestyle for the next generation of wealthy Africans.

Cowrywise is a Y Combinator company and the first Nigerian startup.


piggyvest 10 best online investment platforms in Nigeria

PiggyVest is the leading digital “savings and investment” platform in West Africa. When they first launched in 2016 as “Piggybank.ng,” they were merely a savings tool.

They only gave discounts to loyal customers for three years. Then, in April 2021, they changed their name to “PiggyVest” and began offering direct investment options to customers in addition to savings.

They have continued to provide exceptional service to their 1,000,000+ users for the past 5 years, assisting them in managing their finances with ease and integrity. Every month, their users collectively save and invest billions of Naira that they would otherwise spend.

PiggyVest is one of the best online investment platforms in Nigeria, allowing you to easily invest in pre-vetted low-to-medium-risk primary and secondary investment opportunities with any amount you have.

Piggyvest provides a variety of investment opportunities such as fixed income instruments, agriculture, transportation, real estate, and so on.

You can start investing with Piggyvest with 5,000 Naira and earn up to 25% per year.


carbon 10 best online investment platforms in Nigeria

Carbon is one of the most reputable online investment platforms in Nigeria, offering a wide range of digital finance solutions. Although Carbon began in the digital lending market, the company now provides a variety of services ranging from savings to payment solutions and investment. The firm provides one of the best returns on investment in the country.

You can start investing in carbon for as little as 100 Naira and earn up to 16% annually. You can also select the investment period, which ranges from 3 to 12 months.

To invest with Carbon, first choose your investment plan (Cash Vault, Goals, or Flexsure), then enter the amount you want to invest, the duration, and fund via your bank account or debit card.

Carbon’s funds are secure. All funds are managed by One Finance and Investment Ltd., which is licenced and regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

When investing, you have the option of investing for three, six, or twelve months at an interest rate of up to sixteen percent.

With any of their plans, savers and investors can set automated daily, weekly, or monthly savings goals.

Carbon’s registered physical address is Plot 642C, Akin Adesola Street, Lagos, Nigeria.


kolopay edited 10 best online investment platforms in Nigeria

The KolоPау is one of the online investment platforms in Nigeria allows you to save money for any particular goal for any period of time.

Additionally, you can share your savings plan with loved ones (friends, friends and family). This will enable them to contribute to the realization of your savings goal.

KoloPay has an impressive yearly interest rate of up to 10% and withdrawal fees of up to 5% if you withdraw before the deadline.

Kolopay helps you easily save little by little towards your goals and you get up to 10% interest, all for free.


bamboo 10 best online investment platforms in Nigeria

If there is one investment platform in Nigeria that should be considered in this list of the best online investment platforms in Nigeria, it is Bamboo.

Bamboo is a top-tier investment firm that provides unrestricted access to over 3,000 stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange from the convenience of your smartphone.

You can fund your bamboo naira or dollar wallet and start investing almost immediately, with no time wasted. You can also choose to diversify your investment by purchasing an ETF, which is a collection of stocks. To begin with Bamboo Investment, you will need at least $20 or the equivalent in Naira.

However, you should be aware that if you deposit in Naira, you can only withdraw to a Naira account, and if you deposit in USD, you can only withdraw to a USD account. When you sign up for a Bamboo account, you will be asked for your BVN, as well as a valid ID and a utility bill. They accept Master and Visa cards, as well as bank transfers, as payment methods.

The Bamboo App has an intuitive design and built-in technology to provide you with a clear picture of your portfolio’s performance over time, allowing you to adjust your position and learn as you go. The app also allows you to track the returns on investment purchases. Securities Investment Protection oversees all Bamboo investments, and the FDIC insures all accounts up to $500,000 in value.

Their physical address is Plot 1 Block 22 Babatunde Anjous Avenue, Lekki Phase 1.


risevest edited 10 best online investment platforms in Nigeria

RiseVest is one of the online investment platforms in Nigeria that makes it easy to invest in assets denominated in various currencies all over the world. Every year, you can invest in any of the well-managed assets and receive a guaranteed return of up to 14 percent and a potential return of up to 41 percent.

Real estate, bonds, and stock are among their most valuable assets. With RiseVest, you can rely on smart wealth management. Your funds are secure because they are overseen and supervised by ARM Trustee Ltd.

The platform has an easy-to-use interface with an integrated tracker that allows you to keep track of your investments and monitor their performance in real-time. You can also use their app to set investment goals. To begin with RiseVest, you’ll need at least $10, after which you’ll choose a plan and specify the length of your investment.

All RiseVest accounts are encrypted with the same technology used by banks. RiseVest is unique in the fact that it provides free professional financial planning for your investment.


thrive agric 10 best online investment platforms in Nigeria

You might have been concerned about agribusiness. Don’t be concerned; Thrive has your back. You’ll love this cell phone investment platform if you’re an agriculturist.
Thrive Agric is an agricultural technology company that provides smallholder farmers with access to finance, premium markets, and data-driven advice.

Its purpose is to ensure that agricultural production can meet the needs of an expanding population. It provides investors with access to agricultural financing in return for a 25 percentage – point change at the end of the planting season.

Payday Investor

payday edited 10 best online investment platforms in Nigeria

Payday investor is one of the online investment platforms in Nigeria that allows you to save money while also growing your earnings by investing in the ARM Money Market Fund.

Payday Investor is a product of ARM Investment Managers, a subsidiary of Assest & Resource Management Holding Company, which is licenced and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. They have an easy-to-use app that can be downloaded from the Apple and Google Play stores. The app also allows you to keep track of your daily interests.

You can expect a 15% return on your investment. As an investor, you have the option of automating your savings on a weekly or monthly basis. To begin, you must have a minimum of 1,000 Naira, then open an account and create an investment plan and funding options.


farmcrowdy 10 best online investment platforms in Nigeria

FarmCrowdy is a one of the best online investment platforms in Nigeria if you’re looking to invest in agriculture. It provides you with the ideal environment and resources for investing in agriculture.

There are numerous opportunities available to you, whether you are interested in aquaculture or animal husbandry.

You don’t have to be involved in the farm’s day-to-day operations because your fund will take care of it. FarmCrowdy uses your money to finance the farm and supply the necessary farm equipment, crops, manure, and other materials.

They offer a mobile app for managing and monitoring your investments. You can also go to the farm to see where your money is going and how far it has gotten.

Wealth NG

wealth ng 10 best online investment platforms in Nigeria

Wealth NG is yet another great investment website where you can invest in government bonds, equities, stock funds, and rental properties. On their user-friendly website, you can instantly track and control your investments, as well as see how much return you’ll receive as your investment grows.

As a member, you can seek advice from professional financial advisers. Wealth NG allows you to invest in short-term commodities such as government bonds for thirty days or long-term commodities such as stocks and real estate holdings.

To begin, you’ll need your BVN and next of kin to verify your identity. Wealth NG makes use of an interactive chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. The chatbot’s goal is to provide personalised investment advice and answer questions.

Wealth also provides savings accounts with yearly interest rates as high as 7%, and you can begin saving with as little as 1,000 Naira.

Bonds start with a minimum investment of 100,000 Naira and can be sold at any time before they mature. All of the funds managed by Wealth NG are managed by Sankore Securities Ltd, which is licenced with the NSE and regulated by the SEC.

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