About O2TvSeries and Why it is so popular in Nigeria.


Growing up, watching movies series and cartoons were one of my favourite things. Right after chores on Saturday, my siblings and I will sit across the television with our breakfast and catch up on movies and cartoons we’d missed. This is relatable to every Nigerian kid that grew up in the late ’90s to early ’20s should be feeling nostalgic already. Sigh, good times.

As though we aren’t kids anymore, O2TvSeries has been a part of our lives. Right from when all we had small screens and 2GB SD cards. Operating in the shadows and enabling us to keep up with our favourite series from Vampire dairies, Supernatural to The Originals. Offering a plethora of movie catalogues to choose from and the satisfaction of knowing our favourite shows were just one click away.

O2TvSeries I’m sure reading this, you all agree that O2TvSeries is that gift that keeps on giving in terms of free quality downloads for all your movie series. Little advice, If you are searching for any movie series, old or new, there’s a decent chance it’s on O2TvSeries.

With the world’s situation, What better way is there than to relax and binge watch some of your favourite shows. Streaming services like Netflix and Showmax lack one thing that O2TvSeries thrives on: it is 100% free, and nobody likes the word free like Nigerians. That’s why it is prevalent in Nigeria

What is O2TvSeries

Its domain was created in 2014 which suggests this was the time the website was created but I refuse to believe that. O2TvSeries has been a part of my childhood for as long as I remember so I think there’s a mistake somewhere and I’m going to need hard evidence that proves otherwise. It has an estimated net worth of $261,598.55

o2tvseries logo About O2TvSeries and Why it is so popular in Nigeria.

This simple logo with blue, white and green accent colours has been a source of joy to so many Nigerians, enabling them to download and watch some of their favourite shows without any extra cost asides from data. It offers a list of downloadable video formats varying from MP4, HD and 3GP, compatible with all phone types. This gives you the option to pick what format you’d what to download.

Since its creation, it has stuck to its simple and straightforward web-page design. This puts locating and downloading your desired movie a fingertip away.

O2TvSeries: The WalkThrough

Let me hold your hand as we guide you to your next movie down on O2TvSeries. Do not worry it’s our pleasure. I will be your Senpai guiding you through this journey of free movie downloads while bestowing my knowledge onto thee.

Step 1

Landing Page About O2TvSeries and Why it is so popular in Nigeria.
Landing page of O2Tvseries

Here we have the landing page of O2TvSeries. Its simple and minimalist design takes you straight into the business of downloading with no annoying ads to distract you from the download your favourite movie series.

Right below you have the search bar that allows you to search for whatever movie you want. It is also enhanced by Goggle which means you will take advantage of Google’s sophisticated search engine to locate your fav movies at top speeds.

On O2TvSeries, you are not just restricted to Hollywood movies alone. You have the luxury of Bollywood movies too.

In the recently added column, you have the latest releases in case you are looking to catch-up or start a new cinematic experience.

Step 2

Selection list of TV Series

Chose what you want to catch-up on by selecting from O2TvSeries’ A-Z TV series list. You’ll be in awe how many TV series both old and new are available on here. Before people knew what Netflix was in Nigeria O2TvSeries was our Netflix.

For those who what to peruse instead of searching directly this part of the website is for you. With this first character search, you can search for what you want while looking at what you’d come back to or what you want. It’s like a buffet of all your favourite movies.

Step 3

Annotation 2021 01 25 150450 About O2TvSeries and Why it is so popular in Nigeria.
About O2TvSeries and Why it is so popular in Nigeria. 8

Right after you’ve decided on what you want to watch you’ll proceed to the selection of what episode you’d like to watch.

Step 4

Annotation 2021 01 25 150258 About O2TvSeries and Why it is so popular in Nigeria.
About O2TvSeries and Why it is so popular in Nigeria. 9
Annotation 2021 01 25 151844 About O2TvSeries and Why it is so popular in Nigeria.
About O2TvSeries and Why it is so popular in Nigeria. 10

With all that done, you’d have gotten to the last part of this journey which is the download page. Here you choose what video format you want the video to be downloaded in. From there you’ll have to take the “Are you human” Captcha test and voila!

With these simple and easy steps, you too can start downloading and watching your favourite TV series for free in no time.

O2TvSeries: Pros & Cons


Simple and easy navigation across all web-pages.

It works across all mobile devices

Unlimited download

Server rarely crashes

It is absolutely free and does not require payment and signup

They have an app for added flexibility

All videos are compressed and does not take up too much storage

Supports all screen resolutions

Movies are downloadable in different formats

Remote recording and playback of programs provided by the website on the homepage of the site.

Goggle powered search bar for easier location of Tv series.


Pesky pop-up adds that put you at risk if you are downloading or watching with a laptop

Constant redirection and aggressive advertisments.

It’s a Bootleg site that is it breaks copyright laws in certain countries.

Some of the Most Downloaded Series on O2TvSeries in 2020

  • Power (5-star rated)
  • Charmed
  • See
  • Flash (This series should end already)
  • Legacies
  • Queen Sono
  • The Witcher (Top tier show)
  • Batwoman (Marvel forever)
  • Money Heist (Still haven’t seen this show )
  • Elite
  • Crisis On Infinite Earths
  • Gangs of London (Elite Series)
  • The Originals
  • Magic for Humans
  • How To Get Away With Murder
  • Riverdale
  • Empire (Started off Nice now I don’t know whats going on anymore)
  • Insecure (Decent)
  • Peaky Blinders (Elite too)
  • Orzak
  • Blacklist (Repetitive but interesting)
  • On my Block (4-star rated)
  • Billions( Top class)
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