top 6 most fashionable nigerian male celebrities

most fashionable nigerian male celebrities

This list of the most fashionable Nigerian male celebrities contains the celebrities who have been setting the trend and have greatly influenced men’s fashion sense.

Fashion, they say, is equivalent to comfort. Essentially, fashion is being comfortable in what you wear while maintaining style and class.
Whether you’re wearing simple outfits, bougie or ceremonial clothes, your fashion is incomplete without your confidence to match. After all, confidence is the sexiest piece of clothing anyone could wear and possess.
From the selection of your accessories to your clothes and shoes, it all has to do with making sure they complement one another.

Oftentimes, people allow their outfits and fashion sense to be influenced by their favorite celebrities, which is why the most fashionable ones are always noted and respected. Sometimes, celebrities set the “trend”. For instance, the wearing of gbamu gbamu by 9ce influenced a lot of Nigerians into buying and sewing the outfit.

Let’s not forget how heavily influenced we got when Wizkid came up with the style of baseball caps. I cannot forget how much excited many boys were then to rock this baseball caps even though it was twice the size of their heads.
Omawumi is one of the major reasons I am in love with afro hair and voluminous hair. I love how the hair does most of the talking sometimes, and I feel like it compliments her music well.

Let us not forget about when we almost all went blonde because of our celebrities then. It is no doubt that our celebrities’ fashion choices influence their followers greatly.

We have many Nigerian male celebrities that are fashionable, but this list is the most fashionable Nigerian male celebrities to me. If you agree with this list, let me know in the comment section. If you do not, also let me know if there is something or someone I am leaving out. Then maybe you and I could sit over coffee and discuss it (lol).

6 most fashionable nigerian male celebrities

1. Ebuka Obi Uchendu

ebuka top 6 most fashionable nigerian male celebrities

The number one person on my list of the most fashionable Nigerian celebrities is none other than the iconic Ebuka Obi Uchendu. I can hear you agreeing to this and smiling already.

Ebuka Obi Uchendu is a media personality and award-winning TV presenter. He was born in the Nigerian town of Okija, in the state of Anambra. Ebuka is a lawyer who eventually develops a passion for television production. He hosts Big Brother Naija, Rubin Minds Talk, and all of the spots for men. Ebuka is one of the most fashionable Nigerian male celebrities, with admirers eagerly anticipating his next fashion showcase. But he never fails to impress, as he is usually dressed to the nines, making him one of the most fashionable Nigerian male celebrities.

If you are familiar with Big Brother Naija (BBN), then you would know and be a strong witness to Ebuka’s fashion sense. Ebuka had many Nigerian tailors taking master classes to improve their sewing abilities.
Ebuka does not only have good fashion taste, he also has the perfect body to complement his clothing. So, sometimes it comes down to making the right choices for YOU, your style, and finding something that complements and suits you.

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2. Denola Grey

denola top 6 most fashionable nigerian male celebrities

There is no discussion about the most fashionable Nigerian male celebrities without Denola Grey. 
Denola Grey is a fashion lover, actor, and influencer who rose to prominence in the fashion world in 2014 and has since been revolutionizing men’s fashion in Nigeria.

Denola has a basic way of getting ready that doesn’t take much time, and I love his retro style. He makes looking trendy and classy look effortless. Denola has been nominated for the 2020 Africa Movies Viewers’ Choice Awards as one of the top three best-dressed male celebs. At whatever event he attends, he is famous for flaunting the best outfits on the red carpet, and he always has me anticipating his red carpet moments.

3. davido

davido top 6 most fashionable nigerian male celebrities

This list of the most fashionable Nigerian male celebrities is incomplete without Davido.
David Adeleke, also known as Davido, is an American-born Nigerian musician, songwriter, record producer, influencer, and actor.

Davido made it to the spotlight with his song “Ema Dami Duro,” which had even the young and old singing and vibing to his music. Since then, Davido has remained one of Nigeria’s greatest artists, earning the title of “GOAT.”
I will put aside his really cute smile and dimples and talk about how he makes fashion look simple yet stylish and classy.
Davido never fails to wow when it comes to fashion. His approach to urban clothing is admirable.

In several breathtaking and sophisticated costumes, he covered L’Officiel Australia, Billboard Magazine, and Flaunt.
It’s clear that Davido realises how essential those small details are to one’s overall appearance. Maybe that is why he never misses accessorizing his clothing with hats, glasses, jewelry, and other accessories.
Besides that, OBO appears to have a distinctive feature, which you may have observed when browsing his photos on this page.
His gold chains and rings are the culprits. Davido’s jewellery adorns his physique even when he is shirtless. As a result, his sense of style becomes more trustworthy.

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4. wizkid

wizkid 1 top 6 most fashionable nigerian male celebrities

My list of most fashionable Nigerian celebrities is definitely invalid if wizkid is not on it.
Wizkid, whose real name is Ayo Balogun, often referred to as Starboy, is one of Nigeria’s most famous exports. Wizkid has built himself a style that is a delightful blend of luxury brands and enhanced streetwear, having written some of our generation’s most classic songs and working with international artists like Drake and Diplo.

The star has become a fashion icon in his own right, wearing Gucci, Off-White, Moschino, BAPE, Palm Angels, and Dolce & Gabbana. Wizkid has always been known for his image. He collaborated with celebrity stylist Ugo Mozie, who is accountable for several of his most well-known appearances, including that shimmering Gucci jumper that was evocative of Michael Jackson.

Wizkid has established his style credentials when he released his debut album.
When he graced the runway for global fashion house Dolce & Gabbana with supermodel Naomi Campbell and Nigerian international artist Tinie Tempah, he cemented his style qualities.

5. kiss daniel

kiss daniel top 6 most fashionable nigerian male celebrities

Kiss Daniel makes this list of the most fashionable Nigerian male celebrities. He is the second guy with dimples that I have put on this list. You could say I have a thing for guys with dimples. I agree. Though it is not the reason I am putting these people on the list, it is just a coincidence.

Kiss Daniel has had me hooked on both his style, smile, and music since his first song that brought him to the spotlight, Woju. 
His all white outfit in the video is everything that could make your day better. We could say he knows the hang of fashion due to the fact that he is a fashion designer. Kiss Daniel never disappoints when it comes to style.

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6. richard mofe damijo (RMD)

rmd top 6 most fashionable nigerian male celebrities

 I’ll be closing my list of the most fashionable Nigerian male celebrities officially with the 60+ year old RMD, who has maintained class and style all through.

Richard Mofe-Damijo is described by four words: rich, refined, stylish, and fashionable. This Nollywood actor is known for his traditional costume, which he wears with a neatly trimmed kinky grey beard. Let’s not even discuss his sculpted form, which can be adorned in anything from snipped suits to traditional clothes. He is deserving of recognition for his slim physique.

RMD continues to be that fun dad and is sugar-daddy goal material. RMD is frequently spotted in contemporary and urban fashion trends at the age of 60 without appearing out of date. That’s a challenging thing to accomplish, despite how effortless he tends to make it look.

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