Meet the 2020 top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria

top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria

If I were asked to sum 2020 up in one word, I’d say Omo x 1000! The year saw COVID-19 hold the world by the throat forcing countries to issue a mandatory lockdown to prevent the virus’s spread.

Meanwhile, amidst the lockdown in Nigeria, the youths embarked on a peaceful protest across different states in the country tagged #ENDSARS to address the crimes perpetrated by a corrupt unit of the Nigerian Police Force called SARS. But what started as a peaceful protest quickly deteriorated into a state of anarchy across parts of the country. Innocent lives were lost and properties destroyed as a result.

The 20th of October 2020 will forever linger in every Nigerian’s minds, home, and the diaspora. The day innocent unarmed civilians were shot at and killed by the Nigerian army at the Lekki Toll Gate Plaza in Lagos, Nigeria.

Sigh. Before slip further into the dark hole that is 2020, I’d like to get into why we are here, and that is the top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria 2020, which is an update to the top Twitter influencers in Nigeria 2019 edition.

1.) Feyikemi Abudu (@fkabudu)

top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria
Meet the 2020 top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria 11

At the top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria and making her debut entry into this year’s list, we have the 27-year old I said what I said, podcast presenter, Feyikemi Abudu who’s rise to influencer status was some worth shocking and unorthodox.

This London University College graduate’s rise in fame and notoriety amongst the Twitter community came from her humanitarian action during the #ENDSARS protests. She and a group of other people (some of which I’ll be mentioning) organized lawyers who stood for the wrongfully arrested protesters, ambulances for those protesters who were injured, food, and other essential resources all made possible through crowdfunding.

But, all this came at a price to the British citizen. Her active involvement put a target on her back as she had her phone calls monitored. She had to be stashed in a safe house for up ten days not to talk about her home’s massive government surveillance.

After the dust had settled, FKAbudu’s followers on Twitter had grown from 100,000 to 400,000. Her efforts by her account becoming verified on Twitter all in the space of 8 weeks. A rightly deserved verification from Uncle Jack.

Although this noisemaker, as she often calls herself, does not consider herself an influencer, she touched many lives and significantly impacted 2020. For that, she makes it into the top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria list.

2.) Olorunrinu Oduala (@SavvyRinu)

top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria
Meet the 2020 top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria 12

A Digital Marketer and Media Strategist is what this young Lagos State University student is known for. She looks to add a degree in Chemistry to her list of qualifications. Still, all that does not come close to describing who Olorunrinu Oduala is.

Activism and Bravery are some of the qualities she displayed during the #ENDSARS protests that swept the country in October of 2020.

Rinu was one of the very first individuals to come and stand for justice. With this singular act of Bravery, this media strategist was able to mobilize thousands of youths to take a stand right at the Lagos governor’s office with a common goal, which was for the disbandment of SARS.

She and a thousand other youths camped outside the Lagos government offices for 72 hours before being forcefully dispersed by the police force’s men with tear gas, hot water, and live ammunition. It’s amusing how the government’s response to our cries against police brutality was more brutality and live ammunition. I think it’s high time I go back to my country Canada. Here I come.

The Operation Sanitize movement was also her brainchild. She and her team set to spread the word about the Coronavirus while making freehand sanitizers. Over 20,000 freehand sanitizer were donated and was spread across major cities in Nigeria including Lagos and, the capital Abuja.

Her acts of Bravery and Activism did not go unnoticed by Uncle Jack. She was rewarded with a Twitter verification and made it into the top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria.

3.) Debo Adebayo (@mrmacaronii)

10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria
Meet the 2020 top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria 13

MrMacaronii, as he is popularly known as has become a household name in Nigeria for his satiric skits and catchphrase Join! You are doing well.

Born into a family of 10, Debo Adebayo has been able to stand out in society. It’s not just for his distinctive dark red agbada or his inability to control his actions around freaky freaky but also for his acts of Bravery during the # ENDSARS protests.

He and several other celebrities took to the streets to protest against the injustice and disbandment of SARS. He and thousands of youths slept on the roads leading the governor’s office in Alasua, Lagos, to pass on Nigeria’s hunted youths’ demands.

As he often calls himself in these comedy videos, this father figure uses his platform as a content creator to address the social issues that ail the country while putting a smile on our faces.

With 903,700 followers and a Twitter verification, I’d like to say Mr fantabulous has done well and has made it to the top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria.


top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria
Meet the 2020 top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria 14

BigBrother Naija Season 5 winner Olamilekan Agbeleshe popularly know as Layton is the physical representation of love and light. Loved by many, he set the record for being the first BigBrother Naija housemate to gain 1 million followers while in the house.

On the show, he was able to win the hearts of Nigerians with his intellect, creativity, and musical prowess. A graduate of philosophy from the University of Lagos, Layton worked at the Lagos State Ministry of Information and Strategy as a personal assistant to the Assistant Director (Welfare) of Administration and Human resources.

After three intense and drama-filled months, Layton emerged as the show’s winner and became an instant star. He was later appointed as the Youth Ambassador of Ogun state. Under his record label Fierce Nation, he released a song titled Fierce that sat on MTV Base Top Charts for six months. The song featured musical acts Reminisce and Chinko Ekun.

I digress. I firmly see BigBrother as a quick lunch to fame, that is, if you can get in and stay in till the end and with this little side note, please vote for me to win the upcoming seasons of BigBrother Naija. Thanks and God Bless.

Layton also showed his support during the END SARS protest, where he stood with the youths for a better government and improved police reforms. With 886,300 followers on Twitter and a verification, Layton finds himself on the top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria list.

5.) Dr. Dipo Awojide (@OgbeniDipo)

top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria.
Meet the 2020 top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria 15

For the second year running, Dr. Dipo Awojide retains his spot on the top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria.

In 2019 we all recalled him becoming the first-ever Nigerian to be featured as LinkedIn Top Voice well 2020, and Dipo Awojide is still an important figure In Nigeria and on Twitter as well.

He played his part in making the #ENDSARS trend urging the protesters not to give up the fight and not lose focus.

A Senior Lecturer in Strategy, Nottingham Business School, UK, and the Founder of BTDT Hub and BTDT Home Tutors, he has never been known to keep mute when situations need addressing in Nigeria. He airs his opinions the concern him as a citizen.

He focuses on career growth and personal development; despite not being verified, his 797,100 value his ideas and opinions.

6.) Muhammadu Buhari (@mbuhari)

top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria.
Meet the 2020 top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria 16

Bubu made it on this list for the second term, which does not surprise me in the slightest. Guys, the President of the Federation, being a numero uno (number one) citizen in Nigeria, is undoubtedly the most tagged Nigerian on Twitter.

Twitter is a forum for discussing social, economic, and political conversations also. It’s also a tool for dragging people who are relatively untouchable in real life, as is the President and his administration.

Based on what happened in 2020, you can bet he was not spared by Nigerians who looked forward to seeing what the daddy of all Twitter influencers and his team of low budget video content creators had to say by 7 pm.

So once again, Muhammadu Buhari retains his seat on the top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria.

7.)Segalink (@segalink)

Segalink (@segalink)
Meet the 2020 top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria 17

Segalink. Whenever I hear this name, the thought of Sega MegaDrive peeks its head. I doubt that’s his reason for taking up the name, but unlike MegaDrive, he is still here on this year’s list.

Despite being tagged the leader of the #ENDSARS protest, of which there were no leaders. He played his role as a social media genius to help create awareness of SARS’s problem. Segun Awosanya and the Olorunrinu, as mentioned earlier, Oduala were selected as panelists on the Lagos State Judiciary Panel of Inquiry by the Lagos State Governor.

The realtor, father, and husband also retain his spot on the top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria.

8.) Davido (@davido)

Meet the 2020 top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria 18

Fem, Chee, and most recently Tule! are some of the numerous adlibs David Adeleke is known for and his music.

He is arguably Nigeria’s most prominent artist in recent years and the most controversial, and the year 2020 would be one of his best years in the industry. With some significant highlights like

  • He Bought a house worth $150 million on Banana Island
  • He Bought a Lamborghini Huracan for 120 million Naira
  • Took a break off social media only to return with a song smashed a Youtube previously set by him
  • Broke his ankle
  • Joined the END SARS protests
  • Dropped his A better Time Album

He also holds on to his spot on the top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria.

9.)Four-Eyed Edo Boy (@Alex_Houseof308)

Four-eyed Edo boy
Meet the 2020 top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria 19

There isn’t much to write about this particular influencer aside from the fact that his whimsical tweets can have you laughing and clutching your tummy. I’m sure you know what kind of laughs I am talking about.

This four-eyed influencer is someone worth considering to follow for those looking to join Twitter. The self-acclaimed Ghostwriter holds his spot on this year’s top 10 Twitter Influencers in Nigeria.

10.) BigBrother Naija(@bbnaija)

This year’s Big Brother Naija was one to remember and will remain a topic of conversation with all the tasty drama it served up. There’s bound to be emotions flying around when you lock 30 people in a house for 3months.

Some stand-out moments would be – Dorothy’s entrance, Ozo’s unwavering love for Nengi, Playboy Kiddwaya and Erica’s love, Neo and Vee’s food fights, The cunny Brighto and Wathoni let’s not forget Erica vs. Laycon.

This season saw the usual amount of fan wars. We also got another controversial Erica’s disqualification after her drunken rage towards Laycon, the eventual winner.

That brings an end to the list. These ten individuals were the biggest influencers on Twitter Nigeria in 2020. I’m excited to see who falls off the list and the influencers that rise to the occasion in 2021.

Who were you expecting to see on the list that didn’t make it? Let’s know in the comments.

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