The Meaning of Detty December and Guaranteed ways to celebrate in 2021 (+Low-budget Tips)

Detty December Food Hangout
Detty December Food Hangout

Nigeria’s Detty December

Do you wonder, “What’s all the fuss about detty December?” The short answer is that Christmas falls in December, and Christmas celebrations are a must for many Nigerian homes.

Like America’s Thanksgiving celebration, Christmas is a period of feasting, hangouts, and celebration of love. For this cause, Nigerians put effort into having fun in December. 

What does detty December mean?

Meaning of Detty December

Although Nigeria is one of the poorest countries in the world, yet we still find ways to get over our worries and have fun. Nigerians are known for having a good laugh through bants, jokes, jest on diverse trivial issues. You’ll find people joking about the poverty level, political issues, and the plummeting crime rate in the country. 

Doing this, they have coined different terms to console themselves. Such terms include “Sapa “, “we meeuve”, “e choke”, “cut soap for me”, “werey dey disguise”, and such like. Detty December is a trending term in Nigeria’s vocabulary. This term spikes around November and peaks in January. 

A user on urban dictionary defined detty December as, ” A time in December especially in Lagos, Nigeria when you lose your home training and party with all your might to make up for the hard work you’ve put in from January till November. Themes involve concerts, vacations, parties and bullshit.”

Many people make different plans to make their December detty. The amount of cash people have influences how they spend. That’s why you would find one man making grand plans while another is making conservative plans. From personal observations, detty December is tied to an individual’s budget, taste, and style. 

So, the rich kids, the average pocket, and the low-budget spender have various fun things to do to make their December. Due to this, many events are lined up in major cities for people to have fun this Christmas period. You’ll find professional hangouts, street hangouts, house parties, pool parties, beach events, city tours, and so much more. The restaurants, cinemas, and shopping malls are not left out. 

If you are looking for ways to detty December, the following paragraphs will give you ideas on what to do this Christmas.

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Parties and Festivals this December

Detty December means many things to different people. For some, it is spending nice and quiet times with family and loved ones. While for others, it is being goofy, extravagant, and loud. You’ll find this category of people partying, popping bottles, and turning ups in clubs, lounges, and pools.

As a metropolitan city in Nigeria, Lagos is known for all the parties, youthful vibes, and big ballers. That’s why many Nigerian musicians host their shows and concerts in Lagos. For those who want a detty December in Lagos, here are the top 4 festivals and parties in Lagos;

1 Flytime Music Festival

This festival is an annual multi-day festival set to hold in Lagos. Since Lagos is the prime spot for afrobeat and Afropop music, flytime music promotions company would be bringing your favourites to perform. For those who love to party and enjoy great music in a group, this is the best event for you. 

Detty December at Flytime Music Festival
The Meaning of Detty December and Guaranteed ways to celebrate in 2021 (+Low-budget Tips) 14

This event has been held in Lagos annually since 2004; however, due to covid restrictions, there was no festival last year. So, the festival will be coming back to Lagos, albeit under strict covid regulations. Nonetheless, it promises to be fun and exciting, as top stars like wizkid, davido, A.G baby, Bovi, Flavour, Simi, Chike, Rema, Ruger, Drake’s official DJ, DJ consequence, and many more, are expected to grace the show.

This festival would open with Wizkid on December 21 and close with Davido on December 24.

Date: December 21-24

Location: Eko Convention Centre.

For ticket purchase, visit Flytime Music Festival.

2 Turn Up at Mainland Block Party

The Island region of Lagos is known for its big ballers and rich kids. However, the Mainland block party has brought a recurring party to the mainland. This monthly party brings Lagos mainland youth together for fun, vibes, and connection. Well, this is an excellent place for you to experience a detty December. So, start getting your clothes ready for one of the hip parties on the mainland.

Next Date: January 1st and 2nd 2022

Early birds Ticket Fee: N1500 per day

Get your ticket from the Mainland Block Party Website.

3 Join the Hippy Island Block Party

Detty December at Mainland Block Party
The Meaning of Detty December and Guaranteed ways to celebrate in 2021 (+Low-budget Tips) 15

The Island Block party is brought to you by the same organisers of the Mainland block party. This party has staged celebrities Mayorkun and Omah lay. For those who stay on the Island or want to connect with Island gees, here’s an excellent opportunity to have fun. You should also know that this is not a concert #partynotconcert. So, if you are on a budget and want a detty December, go groove at the Island block party.

Early Birds Ticket: N1500

Date: December 26, 2021

4 EatDrinkFestival

Detty December at EatDrink Festival
The Meaning of Detty December and Guaranteed ways to celebrate in 2021 (+Low-budget Tips) 16

This event started in 2016, and it was organised by Eatfoodlagos, a Lagos city food guide brand. In 2019, this fantastic event saw the likes of Niniola, BOJ, and so many other acts. Since Christmas is for feasting, you should turn up at this event to have the fun of life. At the EatDrink Festival, different street food vendors, chefs, and restaurants would be on the ground to satisfy your taste buds. 

There are entrance tickets. However, the keys do not cover your food. Well, the organisers have made things simple with their cashless payment wristbands. You’ll need to fund the wristbands, and vendors only need to scan to receive payment. That takes away the stress of no change. 

5N02BayZTrgnTvvpEw0Yi5BjZXpJ uk3R4ivilRl1U4q0CvKdDoiDP8HbwV9eG952F Rwg6Bm5HX up7VS2DeGMDp5JCXOYhWk 71KXkV2tPIWentCEBq6Qi3bw34UqiMZELzVKF The Meaning of Detty December and Guaranteed ways to celebrate in 2021 (+Low-budget Tips)
The Meaning of Detty December and Guaranteed ways to celebrate in 2021 (+Low-budget Tips) 17

Date: 28th and 29th December

Venue: Amore Gardens, Off Freedom Way, Lekki, Lagos.


One day Pass: N2170

Two day Pass: N3205

Purchase tickets here.

Detty December: Other Things To do

Aside from festivals and parties, there are other ways to enjoy a detty December celebration. You could check out the following ideas;

1 See a Movie 

There are many cinemas scattered around major cities in Nigeria. Cinemas are the perfect place to enjoy a romantic outing with your spouse. You could grab a snack, see the latest movies, and enjoy a good time with your loved ones at the cinema.

2 Buy Your Favourites Artist Concert/Show Tickets 

As the year is ending, many Nigerian musicians will be hosting shows, events, and concerts in big cities. So, this period is a great time to catch up with your preferred artist. Have a good time!

3 Enjoy the Waves of the Beach 

For those who love nature, the beach is one of the amazing hangout spots in Lagos to enjoy a detty December. You can enjoy a quiet time with your family at a private beach, or you can hang out with friends. In addition, party organisers would also be setting up beach parties this festive season. An example is the Bloom Night Beach Party by Wehangout.

4 Eat at a restaurant 

You’ll find numerous restaurants and eatery that would interest you. Even though you are not a foodie, you should try out new food, dishes, and cuisines this December. Some restaurants would also be hosting a food feast so that you can check-in at any restaurant close to you. Four Points by Sheraton is organising a Christmas feast on the 26th of December 2021, so you can join.

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5 Visit Parks, Gardens, and Resorts

For adventure buffs, fun seekers, and nature lovers, there are certain places you can celebrate a detty December. Parks, Centres, and Resorts have landscapes, facilities, and equipment for you to have a thrilling experience. This Christmas, you can go on a canopy walk at the Lekki Conservation Centre, Ride a Quad bike at Omu Resort, or see wild animals at any National Park close to you.

Tips for Low Budget Detty December

Although, many people on Twitter argue that N100k is not enough to enjoy a detty December. Does this mean you should lavish your monthly salary within three days? Well, it’s not advisable. Can I celebrate detty December with less than N50,000? Yes, you can!

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There are diverse ways to enjoy the festive period without feeling the heat of the next month, January. Well, here are top tips for implementing:

  • Make a list of things to do within your budget
  • Follow the list strictly
  • Research Places: Check out their entry fee, menu, prices, and the amount you would spend at a location
  • Avoid jumping on every discounted sale: While you would think that this would save cost, you would end up buying irrelevant things.
  • Start shopping early: Well, prices of commodities spike up during the festive period 
  • Save before spending

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Wrapping Up

Nigerians cherish and celebrate Christmas. For this reason, everyone wants a detty December. In a bid to help, we have revealed the meaning of detty December and how you can enjoy this period.

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