Cultivation of Medical Marijuana, Legalized in Australia

Cultivation of Medical Marijuana, Legalized in Australia
Australia has legalized the cultivation of marijuana for medical or scientific purposes.

After passing legislation in February, Australians can now apply for a license to produce marijuana legally for medicinal purposes under the Narcotics Drugs Amendment Act 2016, which was released this Sunday.

Many Australian states have been committed to beginning new trials for it cultivation for medical and research purposes but the former laws forbid the growing of the plant, with the new law in place Researchers can use cannabis to save lives.

The marijuana plant contains over 700 different chemicals, and it effects on the brain has baffled scientist and researchers alike due to many mysteries surrounding it. Vast majorities of research have examined the potential damaging harm the plant can cause rather than the potential benefits we can derive from it.

Cultivation of Medical Marijuana, Legalized in Australia
A marijuana leaf is displayed at Canna Pi medical marijuana dispensary in Seattle, Washington, November 27, 2012. Picture taken November 27, 2012. REUTERS/Anthony Bolante

You might be wondering, how do you get hold of such a wonderful license? Don’t get too excited yet cause the Office of Drug Control will accept applications for marijuana cultivation from people who they see “fit and proper.”.

Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley said the new law will provide patients and doctors around the country with legal options to access safe and reliable medicinal cannabis for treatments.

“Until now, it has been difficult for patients to access medicinal cannabis products from overseas sources,” Ley said in a statement released on Sunday.

“These new laws change that situation by providing for a domestic supply of medicinal cannabis products that are not readily available for import.”

In the statement, Ley also stressed that the changes do not decriminalize recreational cannabis use.

“It is important that doctors have a wider range of options for treating their patients,” she said.

“However, I want to emphasize that the changes to the Narcotic Drugs Act do not decriminalize cannabis for recreational use.”


According to the ABC, many people and businesses both local and international, have registered their interest in getting a license.

Getting a license will also mean organizations are free to conduct cannabis-related research in the state. All cannabis products will be provided on prescription from only registered medical practitioners.

Each Australian state still has its own individual regulations around medicinal cannabis, meaning applicants will have to meet the guidelines set by their individual state or territory too. Victoria is the first state to have successfully legalized the plant for medical use and other states are not far behind.

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