Futuristic Invisible Television is Panasonic’s Latest New Invention

extra large 1476111677 cover image Futuristic Invisible Television is Panasonic's Latest New Invention
Since flat-screen television came into existence we haven’t heard lot from the world of televisions.

Since the birth of flat screens, we haven’t heard from the television industry. How can you improve a big glass after all? -How about making it invisible?

Japanese multinational company, Panasonic has just added to it’s list of inventions with the release of the new OLED transparent screens. The company showed off the “invisible television” at the annual Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC) in Tokyo, Japan.

The “invisible television” works like normal televisions we use in our respective homes but when you switch on the amazing television, it’s just like a normal TV, but wait till you put it off to see the magic, it’s as transparent as glass, meaning you can see the wall or shelving behind.

As you can see in the image above, the screen is also capable of retaining its transparency while displaying an image at the same time, creating a rather cool live-action cut-out of whatever is on the screen.

The Japanese company has described this invention as “future of display screens” and has refused to release the idea behind it the technology to the public, just in case its competitors are lurking around with similar ideas in their garage.

Panasonic have kept quiet about the technology behind the screen, although Engadget reported that it is made from a fine mesh embedded in a glass panel.

According to Panasonic, OLED screens does not need a backlight, unlike it brother-LCD screens. These amazing features make this material efficient, in fact, this type of display are those which also allowing for manufacturing new prototypes of roller monitors as well.

Despite great progress been made, the company has announced that we would not be able to buy this television just yet till it ready, and that is in three years time.

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