5 Nollywood Fitness Enthusiasts Who Prove Fitness is Important

smartgeek featured image 5 Nollywood Fitness Enthusiasts Who Prove Fitness is Important

If you’re looking for motivation and inspiration to stay healthy and fit, look no further than these 5 top Nollywood fitness enthusiasts. Although they have a busy schedule, these stars prove that it is possible to stay in shape without sacrificing your lifestyle. They are also a reminder that staying healthy and in good shape is essential to your overall performance in your personal life.

giphy 5 Nollywood Fitness Enthusiasts Who Prove Fitness is Important
5 Nollywood Fitness Enthusiasts Who Prove Fitness is Important 18

From intense yoga sessions to daily gym visits, find out how these stars stay in shape despite the hectic pace of their careers. Get ready to be motivated with health, fitness, and workout tips from some of the most active Nigerian celebrities! Let’s jump right into it.

Kate Henshaw

Kate Henshaw, Nollywood Fitness Enthusiast
Kate Henshaw rocking her glam.

Popularly known as “the Queen of Nollywood,” Kate Henshaw is an award-winning actress and singer who is a huge fitness enthusiast. Think of her as the Poster Child for anything fitness in Nigeria.

She takes her fitness journey seriously, as she often shares pictures and videos on Instagram to document her fitness journey. Kate also indulges in flaunting her amazing body and how she maintains it with regular workout routines. She also shares her fitness tips and motivates her fans to stay healthy on her IG and Youtube channel.

Bolanle Ninalowo

Bolanle Ninalowo, Nollywoo Fitness Enthusiast
Bolanle Ninalowo in his style

Take one look at Bolanle Ninalowo and you can tell that he’s a regular at the gym. Famous for his role as “Oga Rambo” on the Nigerian Netflix Series “Far From Home”, We can’t help but be mesmerized by the actor’s good looks and admirable body transformation. That’s unsurprising as he went from doing a job that required him to sit at a desk all day, to an intense cross-fit regime.

Today, he’s out here on Instagram inspiring his fans and millions of other people to take their physical fitness seriously. I have to admit his dedication and enthusiasm toward fitness is impeccable. But of course, he didn’t merely achieve his bodyguard-like build through his regular exercise. He follows an extremely strict diet and avoids unhealthy snacks between meals.

Nancy Isime

Nancy Isime, Another Nollywood Fitness Enthusiast
Nancy Isime and her epic smile

Nancy Isime is not merely a pretty face and banging body. She’s proven that she’s the real deal when it comes to fitness. In between her busy schedule as a host and actress, Nancy cranks out time to hit the gym to stay fit. She actively shares her yoga journey on social media through creative pictures and videos that capture her at the moment. But that’s not all. Nancy swears by the transformative power of yoga, claiming that it “connects her with her inner peace”.

Her captivating Instagram posts are often accompanied by inspiring quotes about how she overcame struggles to stay fit and take control of her life. She’s taken her dedication to Yoga and fitness a step further by collaborating with fitness entrepreneurs to design an entire workout plan featuring commonly practiced yoga poses for anyone who’s interested in towing that route.

enyinna nwigwe

Eyinna Nwigwe, Nollywood Enthusiast
Enyinna Looking Sharp

Enyinna Nwigwe is another eye-candy Nollywood fitness enthusiast that’s the perfect inspiration for fitness, healthy eating, and wellness. His commitment to living a healthy lifestyle is evident in his posts on social media, where he often shares inspiring photos of his workouts and his love for whipping up great meals with high-quality ingredients.

He actively documents his fitness journey on his social media handles, displaying how he deploys various gym equipment to build his muscles. He also participates occasionally in the Access Bank Marathon race. Enyinna believes that coupling healthy eating with the right fitness routines is crucial to overall well-being.

Omoni Oboli

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Omoni Oboli

Omoni Oboli is another actress and producer that also doubles as a fitness enthusiast. In 2012, she lost 22kg in nine months, which she accomplished by engaging in regular exercise and documenting it on her lifestyle blog. She also has a YouTube channel that focuses on fitness and her Nollywood career.

Her passion for fitness and weight loss moved her to create a brand called “weight loss by Omoni”. Here, she advocates for losing weight the healthy way and shares pictures of people whom she’s actively helped to achieve their weight loss goals. She also has her line of active luxury wear.


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Now that you’ve seen how these Nollywood Celebrities have not only taken their fitness journey seriously but also built a business/ brand from it, hopefully, it’s motivated you to take your fitness journey seriously too.

Frankly speaking, part of the secret to feeling and looking like you’re 30 in your 60s and 70s is to get active physically. You’ll build muscle strength and flexibility that’ll preserve your body while you age. Feel free to follow these stars for daily motivation to stay active. Just…get Active.

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