Insider’s Guide on Top 10 Restaurant in Ikeja

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Restaurant in Ikeja

Have you visited a restaurant and the experience was terrible? You are not alone. A lot of new people in any city always struggle with choosing a good restaurant. However, the first thing to put in mind when deciding on a good eat-out is the quality of service. You can find restaurants with quality customer service in Ikeja.

Ikeja is the capital city of Lagos. You would find nice restaurants in Ikeja, where you could enjoy sumptuous local and international meals. Asides from that, you will also find shopping malls, cinemas, live music auditoriums and also an international airport in Ikeja. All of these attractions would grant you an amazing experience in Ikeja.

This guide would reveal tips you can use to find quality restaurants in Ikeja – with or without recommendations. Keep scrolling to discover the top 10 best restaurants in Ikeja. 

How to Identify a Good Restaurant 

Can you spot a good restaurant just by looking at it? Even though finding a quality restaurant can be bone-wrecking, it is not that hard. You can find a good place to eat, without seeing any review or recommendation. When you need fast food, use the following tips to find a good spot.

1. A crowded restaurant is a sign of tasty food

If you don’t mind waiting, one good sign to look for is the number of people. When the restaurant is a little crowded, it signifies that their food’s taste is fair enough. You should also check the expression of people leaving the place. If they are smiling, and not rushing to leave the place, this means they were satisfied. 

2. The Restaurant’s Decoration 

When choosing a restaurant, you should consider the way it is fashioned. A place that looks modern and fancy is a safer bet to an outdated one – except you want a traditional taste.  Moreover, the way a food spot is decorated creates a lasting impression. So, there is a high likelihood that you will enjoy the food if you like the restaurant’s set-up.

3. No Signage

Sometimes, you may not need signage to spot a good restaurant. Restaurants with great tasting meals are now neglecting street-side signage. No signage is an actual sign of a good restaurant. If the restaurant’s services are good, you will surely get referred to their spot; with or without signage

The above-mentioned tips would serve as a basic guide in picking nice restaurants without any recommendations. If you need top restaurants in Ikeja with quality food and service, the list below will highlight them for you. Keep reading to find out juicy details.

Jevinik place

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The Jevinik Place serves you great-tasting and affordable African meals. If you happen to visit Jevenik, you should try out the Seafood Okra. You would also enjoy the warm and relaxing setting. This setting is perfect for couples on a date. Although the food is quite pricey, the quality of their service compensates for it. In addition, they offer home delivery services.

Location: 21 Isaac John Street, G.R.A, Ikeja, Lagos.


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Opening hours: 8:00 am – 12 am daily.

Browns Café and restaurant is one of the exquisite restaurants in Ikeja that you should eat at. They offer nice cappuccino and coffee drinks you will enjoy. You can also order snacks together with your drink. To put, the Restaurant has a diverse menu of both local and intercontinental meals. Their menu has meals such as lamb chops, Afang soup, French toast, and so on. At the Browns Cafe, you can get food as low as ₦600.

Location: 15B Sasegbon street, Ikeja G.R.A

La mango Restaurant and lounge

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American Burger

Whenever you are hungry, you can swiftly get food from La Mango. The restaurant’s doors are open 24-hours every day. Moreover, La mango is very stylish and offers its customers delicious and great tasting country-wide food. You can also get intercontinental foods, such as American burgers and Thai curries. This is one of the best restaurants in Ikeja you should try out.

Location: No.3A, Adekunle Fajuyi way Ikeja GRA. Lagos

The Orchid Bistro

Orchid Bistro Restaurant in ikeja
Orchid Bistro Restaurant in ikeja

This is a top-rated restaurant in Ikeja. The Orchid Bistro restaurant is surrounded by a beautiful Orchid Garden. This garden gives the restaurant a welcoming and peaceful feel. The restaurant serves excellent food, even though it is small. You will get an amazing experience from this restaurant in Ikeja.

Location: 58A, Isaac John street, G.R.A, Ikeja, Lagos

Ocean Basket

Ocean basket Insider's Guide on Top 10 Restaurant in Ikeja
Ocean Basket

The quality of a product is important but customer service is more crucial. Ocean basket restaurant in Ikeja amazingly treats its customers. You will be well received by their staff. Like the name Ocean Basket, you will get access to diverse seafood Mediterranean diets. You can choose to eat here or order takeout.

Location: No.58C Isaac John street, G.R.A, Ikeja, Lagos

Spur family Restaurant

This is a recommended restaurant in Ikeja where you could enjoy a day out with your family. Spur family restaurants allow you to spend quality time with your loved ones. The restaurant’s food would make your family time more memorable. 

Location: 56B, Isaac John street, G.R.A, Ikeja, Lagos

The Place Restaurant & Bar

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The place

The Place Restaurant & Bar is a top spot for most people. The Place has its restaurant in Ikeja, as well as other places in Lagos. Customers are attracted to their savoury Asian and Jambalaya Rice. The restaurant also serves grilled chicken and many rice dishes. The Bar and Lounge is also a great attraction, as musicians and DJs are available to spark your evenings. You should check out this fancy restaurant during your next trip to Ikeja. 

Location: No. 45 Isaac John Street, G.R.A, Ikeja, Lagos


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Like we mentioned above, one way to know a great restaurant is the restaurant decor. Rhapsody has a classy look and design. This glamorous restaurant in Ikeja serves nice goodies to satisfy your taste bud. With a budget of about N5000, you would eat to your fill. Here, you’ll enjoy nice treats such as steaks, pizzas, burgers, etc.

Location: Ikeja City Mall, Alausa

Yellow Chilli Restaurant & Bar

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Yellow Chilli

Yellow Chilli is one of the top restaurants in Ikeja. Even though it is not located at the G.R.A, it is a restaurant you will find delightful. A visit to this restaurant in Ikeja would leave you with a wide choice range of African meals. You can also get a good meal with at least N3000. The restaurant serves meals such as Stewed snail, Jollof rice, pepper soup, and so on. Yellow Chilli Restaurant is open from 10:00 am up until 10:30 pm.

Location: 35 Joel Ogunnaike Street, Ikeja, Lagos.

Crockpot Restaurant

Sheraton Hotel is a renowned hotel in Lagos. The crockpot restaurant in Ikeja is also a part of the Sheraton Hotel. Like many other restaurants in Ikeja, their meals are very pricey. Their meals are categorised into breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet. Their buffet is priced at ₦6,500, ₦7,500, and ₦8,500, respectively.

The restaurant also organises themed nights. During these special nights, intercontinental meals such as Indian meals, Mediterranean, or even American are being offered to customers.

Location: Sheraton Lagos Hotel, 30 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja


We have come to the close of this guide. At this point, you can effortlessly choose a good restaurant without your friend’s suggestions. This guide has also shown you the top 10 best restaurants in Ikeja. 

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