Innoson Motors: Specifications And 2022 vehicle Price List

Innoson motors
Innoson motors

This blog post will update you on the recent collection and prices of Innoson motors.

It is a known fact that Nigerians prefer used cars –Tokunbo cars- to new vehicles. The widespread belief is that Tokunbo cars are of higher quality than their new counterpart. In contrast, these types of vehicles are less expensive compared to their newly manufactured variants. This belief is similar to the Nigerian-held ideology that thrift clothes –Okrika or bend down boutique– are better than new clothes.

On another angle, we can also note that before Innoson motors, there was no known car manufacturer in Nigeria. Yet Nigerians buy all types of car brands for personal and business purposes. For this reason, you’ll find numerous foreign car brands over Nigeria. Car brands such as Toyota, Hilux, Benz, General Motors, Kia, and many more. Due to the importation rate of foreign cars, it would be safe to say that Nigeria has served as a dumping site for all type of foreign vehicles.

The founder of Innoson motors –Innocent Chukwuma– saw all of these and decided to offer a solution. To do this, he started a car manufacturing and assembling factory. He made products of this factory cheap –compared to foreign cars–, used local materials and made to suit Nigeria’s roads. As a plus, many of his cars come with a large fuel tank, and they are built to run even on bad roads.

So you’ve just read a quick background of Innoson motors, now let’s get to business!

Price List of Innoson Motors

Do you know that?

Aside from Innoson motors selling affordable vehicles, they also allow instalment payments.

Innoson motors offer their buyers an instalment payment option that can be spread across three years. So, Nigerians who want to own cars can buy a less expensive vehicle and pay in smaller bits.

You must be wondering, ” How much do these Innoson Vehicles cost?”. Well, keep reading to know the prices.

Let’s start with;

1. IVM Caris: N4.50 million

Innoson motors
IVM caris

The newly introduced IVM caris is a futuristic car with a sleek design and up-to-date technology that suits your needs. This automobile is sophisticated, well-built, and is a high performer.


  • 4500X1600X1570MM LXWXH
  • Front Airbags
  • 10m Dashboard displaying unit
  • 2.0L Engine Capacity
  • 205/50R17 Tire
  • Dual Suspension System
  • Multimedia System


  • Rear Camera for Reverse
  • Fuel Economy
  • Reinforced Shock Absorber
  • Smartphone Integration
  • Newly Improved Double Exhaust


  • Air conditioner
  • Leather Adjustable seats
  • Smartphone Integration
  • Standard LED with lights

2.  Innoson G20 smart

Innoson motors
Innoson G20 smart

With intelligent technology, Innoson G20 smart vehicle is designed to give a smooth riding experience –even on bumpy roads– to drivers. 


  • 4495X1636X1912MM LXWXH
  • 5 seats
  • 4X2 – 1.5L Engine capacity
  • 1225kg curb weight
  • 83Kw Calibration power
  • 15.9Km/L fuel efficiency


  • 6.5-inch HD LED Touch screen
  • 6 channel Theater system
  • Front and back overhead reading light
  • Interior lighting system
  • Multimedia control system

3. INNOSON Ikenga N8 million – N10 million

Innoson motors
Innoson Ikenga

This uniquely designed 7-seater vehicle is the perfect automobile for a family commute. With the bold and robust design, this vehicle is sure to deliver an African driving experience.


  • 1.8L Turbocharged Mitsubishi Engine
  • Fuel Economy with 10-15% Fuel saving
  • Exquisite Bodywork


  • Power windows and Steering
  • 4700/1600/1760 LXWXH
  • 7-inch Dashboard display screen
  • Dual Suspension
  • Multimedia system
  • 255/55R17 Tyres


  • 12 inches digital display screen for entertainment purposes
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Anti-Pinch Power windows
  • Interior lighting system
  • Remote control lock

4. IVM Capa

Innoson motors
IVM Capa

With its large engine capacity, drivers would enjoy sensational up-country travel. The comfortable and well-spaced seaters add up to give a fantastic travel experience.


  • Amplified Spacing
  • Comfortable leather seats
  • Ideal LED front lights
  • Improved Multimedia feature
  • Computerised Folding Side Mirrors 


  • Easy seat adjusting
  • Automatic transmission 
  • Rearview camera and display
  • Remote control open 
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Fuel-saving and economy engines


  • 4700X1600X1760 L*W*H
  • Dual Suspension
  • Power windows and steering
  • 2.4L Mitsubishi Petrol Engine
  • Front and Rear Air conditioner
  • Leather seats
  • Rear Lunch Table with a 15-inch television
  • Multimedia system

5. INNOSON Granite 

Innoson motors
Innoson Granite


  • 2.5L 4*4 Engine Capacity
  • 5341*1845*1885mm L*H*W
  • 3230 Wheelbase
  • 5 seats
  • 100Kw Calibration Power
  • 4WD Front engine drive train
  • 6 gears
  • Disc and Drum brakes available
  • Petrol fuel

6. INNOSON Carrier 4WD: N6.9million

Innoson motors
Innoson carrier 4WD


  • Two-wheel drive
  • ABS+ EBD Technology
  • Dual airbag
  • Low fuel consumption
  • 4G69S4N 2.7L Gasoline Engine
  • 4*4 Variant
  • Manual Transmission
  • 100/5250kW calibrator
  • In-line Four-cylinder structures, four-stroke
  • 140km/h maximum speed
  • 70L Fuel tank storage quantity
  • Revolving lights and security gadget
  • Air Conditioned
  • Power window

7. INNOSON G80: N30 Million

Innoson motors
Innoson Motors: Specifications And 2022 vehicle Price List 36


  • 4765*1890*2005mm L*W*H
  • 5-seater
  • 80L Fuel tank volume
  • 4WD Front engine drivetrain
  • 184kW Calibration
  • 4*4 Variant/ 2.4L engine capacity
  • 2285-2295kg curb weight
  • 3.0L Turbocharged capacity
  • 215 Ground Clearance

8. INNOSON G40: N20.5million

Innoson motors
Innoson Motors: Specifications And 2022 vehicle Price List 37


  • 5 well-spaced seats
  • 4350*1843*1837mm size
  • 4*4—2.4L Engine capacity
  • Front(independent) and rear(non-independent) suspension, coil spring
  • 1830kg Curb weight
  • 150km/h maximum speed
  • 2.378L capacity
  • 210 Ground clearance
  • 4WD Front engine drivetrain
  • 105/4800 calibration power
  • 217/4000 N.m/rpm Torque
  • 80L Fuel Capacity

9. INNOSON G5T: N22 million

download 9 Innoson Motors: Specifications And 2022 vehicle Price List
Innoson G5T


  • Backdrop lighting
  • Leather sports seats
  • Power sunroof
  • Daytime, front fog, and projection lamp
  • Aluminium alloy wheel hub
  • Rear side privacy window


  • Front airbags—dual, side, and rear
  • Electronic stability program
  • Reverse image
  • Lane departure warning
  • Front collision warning
  • Intelligent headlight warning
  • Accurate reversing radar sensors
  • Driver seat Reminder


  • 5 seats
  • Automatic transmission
  • 2.7L petrol engine
  • 185km/h maximum speed
  • 61L Gasoline Fuel Tank
  • 1261/5875 km/rpm full power
  • 4 cylinders
  • 9.5 – 8.7L/100km
  • 18-inch wheel

10. INNOSON G6T: N32 million

MG 6986 1000x667 1 Innoson Motors: Specifications And 2022 vehicle Price List
Innoson G6T


  • 565L Trunk Volume
  • 7-seater
  • 1590kg Curb weight
  • 61L Fuel tank
  • Gasoline Fuel
  • The petrol engine of 2.7L
  • 18 inches wheel
  • Automatic car
  • 1850*1727*2712mm overall size
  • 190m Ground clearance
  • 9.7-8.5L/100km

11. INNOSON Seriki

56A0296 Innoson Motors: Specifications And 2022 vehicle Price List
IVM Seriki


  • 5995*1880*2885mm in size
  • 3720mm wheel
  • 16°/17° angle of approach
  • DK5/3TZ Gasoline Engine Model
  • ABS+EBD Brake type
  • 4 Doors
  • 15-seaters
  • Disc/drum brakes system
  • 5 manual transmission
  • 70L Fuel tank Capacity
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • 5 Gearbox

12. INNOSON 6540

Innoson motors 6540
Innoson 6540


  • 5380*1880*2285mm
  • 17+21 sweater
  • 2.7L Japan Technology engine
  • 110kW calibration power
  • Petrol fuel
  • ABS EBD brakes
  • Exhaust standard Euro III with catalyser
  • Front disc/rear drum brakes system
  • Power steering

13. INNOSON 5000: N9.4million

46231054 E3AB 43C5 9D29 00F0DADDA743 Innoson Motors: Specifications And 2022 vehicle Price List
Innoson 5000


  • Dimension: 5000*1700*2066mm
  • 14+1 total seats
  • 2.4.L 3RZ Japan technology engine
  • 110kW calibration power
  • 70L full fuel capacity
  • Manual transmission
  • Gear 5 speed MT
  • Power steering

14. INNOSON 6601: N23 million

IVM 6601 4 of 14 Innoson Motors: Specifications And 2022 vehicle Price List
IVM 6601


  • 6000*2050*2680mm
  • 23-seats
  • Petrol engine
  • 2.7L 3RZ Japan technology engine
  • 85L fuel holding
  • 110/4800 kW Calibration power
  • ABS+EBD Brake types
  • Manual transmission
  • 5 gears

15. INNOSON 6800: N34.6 Million

IVM 6800 4 of 15 Innoson Motors: Specifications And 2022 vehicle Price List
IVM 6800


  • 8045*2480*3356 in size
  • 33-seater
  • Cummins Engine
  • Diesel engine
  • 160L fuel capacity
  • ABS EBD Brake type
  • 133/2500 kW/rpm

16. INNOSON 6857: N27.7 million

Innoson motors
IVM 6857


  • 9895*2480*3435mm in dimension
  • 43-seater
  • Gearbox—6
  • 2.7L Cummins Engine
  • Diesel Engine
  • 256L total fuel capacity
  • 180/2500 kW/rpm
  • Air-conditioned
  • Digital Tv
  • Manual transmission

Contact Details of Innoson Motors

Showroom Address

Edwin Medani Crescent, By St Martins Catholic Church, Back of VIO Office, Mabuchi Abuja

IVM Service Center, Enugu Abakaliki Express Way,
After Mobil Filling Station, Emene, Enugu State

MainLand – IVM Service Center, 39 Alh Tokan Street, Alaka Estate
Island – IVM Service Center, Lekki/ Ajah express Way, After Cosharis Ibeju Lekki

Phone Numbers

08037222939, 09138177285, 08122202053, 09020984374, 08054459560

Innoson Cars Review

The Innoson car is renowned for its high fuel efficiency. Thinking of the fact that petrol is expensive in Nigeria, Innoson makes its car to use less petrol or diesel than other cars by from 10 percent to 15 percent. Thus, its clients or owners keep on providing positive reviews on the cars’ fuel efficiency over other brands.


All cars from Innoso provide a 3-year warranty that covers gear, engine, and axle. What is more, no matter which dealer you purchase the car from, they would offer prompt and quality after-sale service to remote locations. The firm boasts the benefit of locally ready spare components. Innoson customers can access warranty service via:

Innoson IVM Mobile Workshop: Innoson IVM Mobile Workshop offers customers 24/7, high quality repair service is done by the expert and highly qualified technicians and mechanics. They are always available and ready to travel to diverse locations. The services can be performed with quality and promptness.

Innoson IVM Centers: The service centers conduct IVM service as well as other maintenance schedules. You can also purchase parts and components here. All Innoson cars come with a 3-year warranty that covers its gear, axle as well as gear.

Low or No Overheating: Owners of Innoson cars can experience additional essential features, which handle engine overheating. These amazing features take account of the following:

State of the Art Thermostat: The state of the art Innoson thermostat is situated between the engine and the radiator. It takes account of a metal valve with an integrated temperature sensor. The thermostat can open and close automatically. The coolant, when closed, is kept back in its engine. In the event the engine has reached a predetermined temp, the thermostat will open and allow coolant to circulate, thus stopping the engine from overheating.

Two or 3 Fans

This is the second exceptional features of Innoson vehicles that handle overheating. If you look into the country’s hot environment, the carmaker integrates two more fans to the air conditioning condenser in addition to one of the radiators. This superb feature is considered one of the main reasons that cars from Innoson like SUVs, Buses hardly overheat.

Car Financing

Car finance programs in Nigeria do subsist; however, their interest rate and hidden charges stop people from accessing one o them to purchase new autos. To address this issue, the company collaborates with Sterling Bank corresponding monthly amount for their auto within three years.

Eco-Friendly Cars

The industry of automotive keeps on growing. However, it brings unconstructive effects to the environment. So, clients expectation is changing to a more eco-friendly car that makes lots of difficulties to carmakers in general. Today, Innoson can manufacture its car based on the setting, environment, preferences of the consumer as well as local tastes in the African region, and Nigeria. It is obtained through:

Reinforced Shock Absorber: Coping with the terrible Nigerian roads, the company armed its cars with a reinforced shock absorber in order to assimilate shock impulses. This state of the art feature would boost car handling as well as the quality when traveling on rough roads.

Economic Effectiveness: Due to the world-class chassis and super lightweight body design, all vehicles from Innoson lighter, particularly lighter than other cars of the same type and class. It is able to provide high power results while obtaining low consumption of fuel as well as low exhaust emissions at the same time.

IVM can make products, which meet the specific demands of clients in Nigeria at the same time as other cars from other manufacturers. That is a main or key strength of Innoson vehicles. Additionally, this manufacturer car is about exclusive and special inputs at the manufacturing level so as to please and satisfy specific needs.

Why Innoson Motors

Nigeria has been renowned for importing cars of diverse brands and models into the country for a very long time. This has made the country a major importer of cars when opposed to many countries.

This has given popularity to the making of cars locally by the Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Limited or IVM for short.

The car manufacturing company is the first in Nigeria and stands out from the rest when it comes to quality and features. This has put the country on the map amongst other makers of cars in the world.

Like other countries, including the US, they manufacture cars that are complementary and favorable to their setting and environment; IVM company also makes their cards with consideration to the country’s environment.

Given the background, Nigeria has a place where many countries make cars and regularly deliver them to the growing need for foreign companies by the citizens. This step by the company has changed, which to a specific level.

IVM company has its manufacturing warehouse located in Nigeria that allows them to build and develop a good customer relationship through making a platform for clients to provide their reviews and feedback on the cars they purchased or experienced. Thus, it is easier for the IVM to know the pars to improve as well as make the car experience better.

How to Buy Innoson Cars?

Buying cars from IVM or Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing is relatively easy and simple. All you need to do is to go to their official website or call them through their phone numbers that can be obtained on the company’s website.

 How to Buy Innoson Cars on Installment?

If you are looking for further information on where to buy Innoson cars on installment, then keep on reading:

For many Nigerians, buying their preferred cars is hard due to little or no finance at this point. Even if specific cars ca finances platforms provide such service to clients to allow them to buy cars and pay for it monthly. However, the interest rates, as well as hidden charges, are higher.

This has made IVM to work with financial institutions and others to allow clients to get an auto they want and pay on a monthly basis. The monthly payment for the car is spread over a three-year time to enable the clients to pay for their cars comfortably.

Accessing the car-finance program of the company allows you to avail and get the car on an installment basis very easily.

So, what can you say about Innoson vehicles? Are they worth considering?


Innoson motor is an innovative brand in Nigeria, and they are making significant moves to disrupt the automobile market in Africa. You’ve just seen an updated rundown of the specifications and price list of Innoson motors in 2022. Happy purchasing.

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