Innoson Motors 2020 Prices, Specs, and Features

unnamed Innoson Motors 2020 Prices, Specs, and Features

Many Nigerian who wants to purchase an Innoson Motors has one question running on their mind. How much do Innoson cars cost? If you are one of the many people who asked this question, this guide is for you.

This article will show you the different Innoson Motors cars’ different prices, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. You will also learn the specs and the reasons why you must buy vehicles from Innoson Motors, brief background, reviews, and a whole lot more.

Innoson Fox: N3.85M

Innoson motors Fox: N3.85M
Innoson Motors 2020 Prices, Specs, and Features 9


The Innoson Fox comes with automatic folding mirrors. A 6.5-inch High Definition  LED touchscreen, 2 SBS airbags, USP port for iPod and MP3 integration. It is also integrated with BOSCH ABS and EBS or electronic braking systems. This is one of the most expensive cars from Innoson Motors today.


  • Length 4495mm
  • Variant: 4×2
  • Height: 1912mm
  • Number of seats: 5
  • Ground clearance: 4×2- 1.5L
  • Engine capacity: 5
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Fuel Efficiency: 15.9 Km/L

Innoson UMU: N3.63 to N3.96M

Innoson motors UMU
Innoson Motors 2020 Prices, Specs, and Features 10


This is one of the most expensive cars from Innoson Motors with its price ranging from N3.63 to M3.96M. It is integrated with automatic folding mirrors, a USB port for MP3 and iPod integration, a 6.5-inch High Definition touchscreen, and a Nova link security system. It also comes with state of automatic art start and stops features, 2 SRS airbags as well as EBS with German Continental MK100. It has an engine capacity of 4×4- 1.5L.


  • Variant: 4×2
  • Width: 1636
  • Length: 4495
  • Height: 1912
  • Number of seats: 5
  • Drive Train: Front Engine, Four Wheel Drive
  • Fuel Efficiency: 15.9 Km/L

Innoson Motors 5000: N5.58 to N6.93M

Innoson Motors 5000
Innoson Motors 2020 Prices, Specs, and Features 11


This is included in the highly sought-after cars manufactured by Innoson Motors, which is ideal for family use. What makes this apart from the rest is the amazing features integrated into it, such as a 2.4L engine, central lock, power window, cassette player, USB and radio, AC, a 5-speed manual transmission, 14 passengers, and one driver.


  • Length: 5000mm
  • Width: 1700mm
  • Height: 2066mm
  • Number of seats: 14+1
  • Engine capacity: 2.4L
  • Steering: Power
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Calibration Power: 110KW
  • Exhaust Standard: Euro II with Catalisator
  • Gearbox 5-speed manual transmission

Innoson G5: N6.38 to N6.2M

FB IMG 1500830518399 Innoson Motors 2020 Prices, Specs, and Features
Innoson Motors 2020 Prices, Specs, and Features 12


If you are looking for a sophisticated car, then this one is for you. Equipped with modern top of the line features, you will surely maximize your purchase. It comes equipped with a 2.4L engine sending power to two wheels, reverse sensor, five seats, power window, power steering, and automatic or manual transmission. It is also integrated with ABS, GRS, AC, power sunroof, central lock, TFT display screen along with MP5.


  • Variant: 4×2
  • Length: 4640
  • Width: 1815
  • Height: 1800
  • Number of seats: 5
  • Engine Capacity: 4×2- 2.4L
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 75L
  • Brake: ABS

Innoson Carrier 4×2 Pickup: N6.0m

1467597714 234 shd nupf5e5e44b3f3 Innoson Motors 2020 Prices, Specs, and Features
Innoson Motors 2020 Prices, Specs, and Features 13


This is also one of the best cars from Innoson Motors. The state of the art Innoson Carrier Pickup comes with features such as 2WD, power window, dual airbags, 1 70L gas tank, manual transmission, a 2.7L Mitsubishi engine, MP3, AC, reverse sensor, and revolving light or security gadgets.


  • Variant: 4×2 and 4×4
  • Length: 5310mm
  • Width: 1750mm
  • Height: 1775mm
  • Number of seats: 5
  • Mitsubishi engine
  • Steering power
  • Transmission manual
  • Fuel tank capacity is 70L
  • Four-stroke

Innoson IVM Carrier 4×4 Pickup: N6.49M

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Innoson Motors 2020 Prices, Specs, and Features 14


This is one of the most expensive 4×4 pickups from Innoson Motors, but in spite of having a high price, this is one of the most sought after one. This is maybe because of its state of the art and groundbreaking features such as ABS +EBD, dual airbags, 2.4 L or 2.7L  Four-Cylinder Mitsubishi Engine, and it has a seating capacity of 5.


  • Five-speed manual transmission
  • Two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive
  • 70 liters fuel tank
  • 1600 X 1505 X 480mm cargo area

Innoson G6: N6.6m to N7m

IVM Capa AUTOJOSH 100 Innoson Motors 2020 Prices, Specs, and Features
Innoson Motors 2020 Prices, Specs, and Features 15


Innoson G6 has a price range of N6.6million up to N7million, making it one of the most expensive cars today in Nigeria. It is equipped with amazing features that you can never find in other models or brands with the same price range. Some of these features include GPRS, A/C, reverse sensor, power window, central lock as well as MP5.


Innoson G6 specs include:

  • Variant: 4×2
  • Steering Power
  • Length: 4640mm
  • Width: 1815mm
  • Height: 1800mm
  • Number of seats: 5
  • Engine Model: 4G59S4N ( 2.4L)
  • Exhausted Standard: Euro III with Catalisator
  • Fuel TypeL Petrol
  • Brake: ABS
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 75L
  • Calibration Power: 100/5250

Here is the complete list of Innoson Motors and the corresponding prices:

  • Innoson Fox: N3.52 to N3.96 million
  • Innoson G5: N3.63 to N3.96 milliom
  • Innoson G80: N27.825,000
  • Innoson Uzo 2: N1.76 million
  • Innoson Uzo 3: N1.54 million
  • Innoson Uzo 4: N1.54 million
  • Innoson Uzo 5: N1.54 million
  • Innoson 5000a: N5.28 million
  • Innoson 5000b: N5.28 million
  • Innoson 6540 ( 17-seater) : N7.15 million
  • Innoson 6540 ( 18-seater): N 8.03 million
  • Innoson 5000c: N6.93 million
  • Innoson 6601: N11.44 million
  • Innoson 6660a: N11.88 million
  • Innoson 6730: N12,65 million
  • Innoson G40: N17, 325, 000
  • Innoson 6601: N11.44 million
  • Innoson 6857: N24.2 million
  • Innoson 6800: N13, 31 million
  • Innoson 6850: N24.2 million
  • Innoson 6751: N11.55 million
  • Innoson 5003: N12, 65 million
  • Innoson 5251: N19.8 million
  • Innoson 5100: N21 million

Innoson Cars Review

The Innoson car is renowned for its high fuel efficiency. Thinking of the fact that petrol is expensive in Nigeria, Innoson makes its car to use less petrol or diesel than other cars by from 10 percent to 15 percent. Thus, its clients or owners keep on providing positive reviews on the cars’ fuel efficiency over other brands.


All cars from Innoso provide a 3-year warranty that covers gear, engine, and axle. What is more, no matter which dealer you purchase the car from, they would offer prompt and quality after-sale service to remote locations. The firm boasts the benefit of locally ready spare components. Innoson customers can access warranty service via:

Innoson IVM Mobile Workshop: Innoson IVM Mobile Workshop offers customers 24/7, high quality repair service is done by the expert and highly qualified technicians and mechanics. They are always available and ready to travel to diverse locations. The services can be performed with quality and promptness.

Innoson IVM Centers: The service centers conduct IVM service as well as other maintenance schedules. You can also purchase parts and components here. All Innoson cars come with a 3-year warranty that covers its gear, axle as well as gear.

Low or No Overheating: Owners of Innoson cars can experience additional essential features, which handle engine overheating. These amazing features take account of the following:

State of the Art Thermostat: The state of the art Innoson thermostat is situated between the engine and the radiator. It takes account of a metal valve with an integrated temperature sensor. The thermostat can open and close automatically. The coolant, when closed, is kept back in its engine. In the event the engine has reached a predetermined temp, the thermostat will open and allow coolant to circulate, thus stopping the engine from overheating.

Two or 3 Fans

This is the second exceptional features of Innoson vehicles that handle overheating. If you look into the country’s hot environment, the carmaker integrates two more fans to the air conditioning condenser in addition to one of the radiators. This superb feature is considered one of the main reasons that cars from Innoson like SUVs, Buses hardly overheat.

Car Financing

Car finance programs in Nigeria do subsist; however, their interest rate and hidden charges stop people from accessing one o them to purchase new autos. To address this issue, the company collaborates with Sterling Bank corresponding monthly amount for their auto within three years.

Eco-Friendly Cars

The industry of automotive keeps on growing. However, it brings unconstructive effects to the environment. So, clients expectation is changing to a more eco-friendly car that makes lots of difficulties to carmakers in general. Today, Innoson can manufacture its car based on the setting, environment, preferences of the consumer as well as local tastes in the African region, and Nigeria. It is obtained through:

Reinforced Shock Absorber: Coping with the terrible Nigerian roads, the company armed its cars with a reinforced shock absorber in order to assimilate shock impulses. This state of the art feature would boost car handling as well as the quality when traveling on rough roads.

Economic Effectiveness: Due to the world-class chassis and super lightweight body design, all vehicles from Innoson lighter, particularly lighter than other cars of the same type and class. It is able to provide high power results while obtaining low consumption of fuel as well as low exhaust emissions at the same time.

IVM can make products, which meet the specific demands of clients in Nigeria at the same time as other cars from other manufacturers. That is a main or key strength of Innoson vehicles. Additionally, this manufacturer car is about exclusive and special inputs at the manufacturing level so as to please and satisfy specific needs.

Why Innoson Motors

Nigeria has been renowned for importing cars of diverse brands and models into the country for a very long time. This has made the country a major importer of cars when opposed to many countries.

This has given popularity to the making of cars locally by the Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Limited or IVM for short.

The car manufacturing company is the first in Nigeria and stands out from the rest when it comes to quality and features. This has put the country on the map amongst other makers of cars in the world.

Like other countries, including the US, they manufacture cars that are complementary and favorable to their setting and environment; IVM company also makes their cards with consideration to the country’s environment.

Given the background, Nigeria has a place where many countries make cars and regularly deliver them to the growing need for foreign companies by the citizens. This step by the company has changed, which to a specific level.

IVM company has its manufacturing warehouse located in Nigeria that allows them to build and develop a good customer relationship through making a platform for clients to provide their reviews and feedback on the cars they purchased or experienced. Thus, it is easier for the IVM to know the pars to improve as well as make the car experience better.

How to Buy Innoson Cars?

Buying cars from IVM or Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing is relatively easy and simple. All you need to do is to go to their official website or call them through their phone numbers that can be obtained on the company’s website.

 How to Buy Innoson Cars on Installment?

If you are looking for further information on where to buy Innoson cars on installment, then keep on reading:

For many Nigerians, buying their preferred cars is hard due to little or no finance at this point. Even if specific cars ca finances platforms provide such service to clients to allow them to buy cars and pay for it monthly. However, the interest rates, as well as hidden charges, are higher.

This has made IVM to work with financial institutions and others to allow clients to get an auto they want and pay on a monthly basis. The monthly payment for the car is spread over a three-year time to enable the clients to pay for their cars comfortably.

Accessing the car-finance program of the company allows you to avail and get the car on an installment basis very easily.

So, what can you say about Innoson vehicles? Are they worth considering?

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