Facebook & Global App Testing are unleashing Indonesia’s first “Testathon”

testathon photos 03 Facebook & Global App Testing are unleashing Indonesia's first “Testathon”

Noo not Hackathon but  Testathon for testers!

The latest series of testathon courtesy of Facebook and Global App Testing is coming to Indonesia on January 21st and 22nd! Guess what geeks? It’s also going to be the very first of its kind in Indonesia. Most times we hear of hackathon..hackathon all the time, but this bold step is truly amazing.

Noo not Hackathon but Testhaton

There are lots of great testers out there and this is a great opportunity to show your skills and socialize with those who share your passion. The idea was created because nobody ever invites testers to hackathons.

The Testathon event aims to bring together the best testers so they can learn from best practice, network and win prizes while trying to break real apps.

Noo not Hackathon but Testathon

Loads of prizes (smartphones, tablets, drones, headphones, etc) are up for grab in this amazing new initiative. Testhaton has been taken to various cities across the globe, ranging from London, Moscow, Cape Town and even Lagos in June last year.

For example, here’s a testathon with the Spotify team in Sweden:

The aim is to bring the very best testers together to:

  1. learn best practice
  2. connect and network together and
  3. win prizes by doing what they love

If you are an app tester or you think you’ve got the knowledge and skills to participate, simply visit www.testathon.co, and register for the event.

It’s completely free to attend

The event is by application only – please visit the Testathon website to apply: http://testathon.co

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